Top 10 Best Boots For Short Legs | Pick The Right Boots

If you have short legs like me, you probably have stopped buying boots. But if you love boots, go back and buy some more. But before buying, check out the best boots for short legs! 

The season for boots is not too far. And this time, you will wear boots and look absolutely stunning even with those short legs! I bet, this boot list for short women or short-legged women will change your perception. 

Take a look at the best boots that I have come up with. These will fulfill your dreams of wearing amazing boots, along with making your legs look extended. Have a look! 

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Before You Choose Boots For Short Legs 

  • Make sure you are going for the pointy boots 
  • Either go for high-calf or low-calf, there’s nothing in between 
  • Fill up the wardrobe with enough snug outfits 
  • Never look at the baggy boots 
  • Opt for the heels to feel tall 

Top 10 Best Boots For Short Legs

I know the disappointment when no boots suit you. But don’t worry, I will help you out. 

Going out every day with the perfect boot outfit will be easier from now on. Check my list to crowd your wardrobe this winter! 

1.Ankle Boots 

Ankle Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

The first option when it comes to boots for girls with short legs is the girl’s ankle boots. Yes, you might disagree with me, but if you ask people, they will blindly agree! 

If you are up for an elegant occasion or are just out with your friends this winter, you can wear ankle boots. 

These cover your whole feet, but on the other hand, it gives you little lift. However, you should never go for the flat bottom ankle boots. 

The best bet for you is medium to high heel boots. This will make your legs look a little longer and add up with your confidence! 

How to Wear Ankle Boots 

If you have short legs, you agree to us more than anybody on the fact that heels are mesmerizing. According to the petite women, these are the best boots for short legs. 

To give an illusion of long legs, ankle boots with high heels are always preferable. But if you wear baggy pants, the whole point of wearing heels will be of no use! 

So, the best you can do is get skinny pants for you. Skinny jeans can be the ideal deal. 

Wear it with a fitted outfit to make your legs look longer and better. If you prefer to wear a skirt, make sure it has a mid-length. 


  • Gives a little lift
  • Perfect with the skinny outfit 
  • Can be worn with skirts 


  • Looks odd with the baggy outfit 

2.Low Cut Booties 

Low Cut Booties,

If you want to bring some changes in the women’s boot, the low cut booties are now trending for a reason. 

But apart from the ongoing trend, women’s short boots are a different appeal for the short-legged women for these shoes. 

These booties have cropped sides to reveal a little more of your feet. So, the viewers see more skin. The more the revealed leg, the longer! 

How to Wear Low Cut Booties 

Pants that reveal some part of your legs are always in high demand with the low cut booties. Wear anything that has a snug fit. 

It is better to wear pants then short dresses. Also, try to reveal your ankle and go for little short pants. 


  • Reveals more skin 
  • Trendy and comfortable 
  • Available low to medium heel sizes 


  • Looks better with short pants only 

3.Pointed-Toe Boots 

Pointed-Toe Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

You might have small legs, or you might just be a little short, boots can always excite you.  If you want to give your petite legs some longer illusion, pointed-toe boots can be incredible.  

The front part of the shoes is tapered, and so, it is popular as short women boot. As a result, it gives a slimming vision to the viewers. Also, it has a little lengthening effect to it. 

Consequently, your feet look longer. These pairs of boots are great on any occasion. 

I never usually wear them on casual days because it looks better on special days. 

Also, it has some interesting traditional touch to it that fits with almost any party-wear. 

How to Wear Pointed-Toe Boots

I will always recommend you to wear these boots with your favorite traditional British dresses. 

Get these best boots to wear with short legs and a formal dress. Mid-length skirts on the formal occasion will go with the boots. You should wear a high-neck top to match with the formal outlook. 

Wear the same colored belt as your shoes to make it look even prettier! Always remember that you have to avoid the squared-toe shoes if you have small legs. 


  • Great for small feet women 
  • Designed for formal occasions 
  • Gives a slimming vision 


  • Not perfect for casual outings

4.OTK Boots 

OTK Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

If you have too short legs, your boots should cover up more than your knees. Yes, you are right, I am talking about over-the-knee boots for short legs. 

You might think that it will cover the whole leg and so your legs will be shorter. But the fact is on the contrary. 

The OTK boots can cover the whole legs and create a vertical line. As a result, your legs look straight and tall. 

How to Wear OTK Boots 

Pick up a sheath or over-the-knee dress. The shorter dresses will be much appreciated in such cases. 

When you wear these boots for petite women, make sure that two-three inches or so are revealed. The dress you wear should not be baggy rather fitted. 


  • Suits with party outfits 
  • Winter-friendly boots 
  • Legs look the tallest. 


  • You must wear skinny dresses.  

5.Cowboy Boots 

Cowboy Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

Another pair of boots for short legs is the cowboy boots. However, it is not always easy to get the right cowboy boot for short legs.

Like pointed-toe boots, these boots also have a pointed front part that makes your feet longer. 

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

You can get these in different lengths, but mid-length is better, trust me! The mid-length boots will not cover up too much of your legs. 

As it will show some parts of your legs, they will appear long. When choosing the right cowboy boots, ensure that you are getting the cowboy ankle boots. 

For skinny pants, you can go for the knee-high cowboy boots too. 


  • Great for selective parties 
  • Comes in different length
  • Available in fancy designs 


  • Not for formal occasions 

6.Low Heel Ankle Boots 

Low Heel Ankle BootsBest Boots For Short Legs

As I have told you before, you should never pick up the flat-bottom ankles boots. But the ankle boots that have a little block-heel on the bottom can be an amazing pick. 

Just like high heels, lower heels are also preferable for short legs unless the shoes are flat. These are the perfect shoes to wear with shorts

How to Wear Low Heel Ankle boots

Always pick up tights when you wear ankle boots. No matter the heels are low or high, tight pants can be the right deal. 

Go for brown or black ankle boots to make your body look taller. If you wear a skirt, you should keep the heel as low as possible (not flat.) 


  • Available in several heel designs 
  • Goes with pants and skirts 
  • Can be worn in formal and informal occasions  


  • Lower heels can make legs look short. 

7.Wedge Boots 

Wedge Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

If you are a person like me who hates high heeled boots for girls and has short legs, this can be the solution. 

On casual occasions, it will look trendy! There are wedge boots in high-heel. 

If you have pain in your legs or you just like to enjoy the attention, you can wear these boots in casual and informal sessions. 

How to Wear Wedge Boots

If you don’t know how to wear boots with a wedge design, I can help you. If you are wearing a knee-high boot, a jumper dress or an A-line dress can be incredible. 

Conversely, if you plan to wear a bodycon or sheath dress, it is better to keep the high a little above to the ankle. Go for the heels and never pick up the flats. 


  • Goes with formal to a casual outfit 
  • Available in several lengths 
  • Can be worn with both baggy and skinny outfits


  • Low-heel wedges are not worthy. 

8.Riding Boots 

Riding Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

No matter how much you try to like the low-length boots, knee-high boots have their appeal. 

And when it comes to plus-size thigh-high boots, these knee-high boots can change the game for you. The zippered riding boots will give the legs an illusion of height! That’s all you want, right? 

How to Wear Riding Boots 

Tall boots for skinny legs can be a savior. Pick up the high heel riding boots. It is always amazing to get the knee-high ones because it shapes up your leg. 

Don’t be too fancy with knee-high boots. In choosing the knee-high boots, keep in mind that you must need snug-fit boots to make your legs extended. 


  • Snug fit gives the right shape 
  • Goes with jeans, skirts, and dresses 


  • Only one colores shoe is preferable. 

9.Winter Boots 

Winter Boots,Best Boots For Short Legs

When it is winter, we cannot wait to layer it up every time we go out. If you have short legs, there are only some specific boots that can serve you well. 

However, you must be very precise while choosing the best bet. But if you are planning to get mid-calf boots this winter, your short legs will be shorter, I bet! And after winter, you don’t need to throw them away! Collect them and DIY crafts. To know more, check what to do with old shoes. 

How to Wear Winter Boots 

Never pick up the mid-calf boots. The ankle-length boots are preferable when it comes to winter boots. 

Stick to the basic fur materials. Never get too fancy. Too many colors hide the length.  


  • The simple design works for all
  • Gives warmth with fashion  


  • Only ankle-length preferable 

10.Sock Booties 

Sock Booties,Best Boots For Short Legs

If you want comfort and fashion together, sock booties are the gem! With these boots, you can join a party after an office meeting. 

One colored sock booties give your legs an elongated vibe. You can also get the perfect shoes to wear with a navy dress and go for formal occasions! 

How to wear Sock Booties 

Keep the length a little over the ankle. Don’t pull it upward. If you are short, you must try to go for skinny jeans. 

With that, you can keep a ½ inch gap between the pants and the shoes. Also, a pointy pair with high-heel is preferable. 


  • Available in different length 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Doesn’t require socks 


  • Too long booties are not perfect. 

Boots to Avoid for Short Legs 

Flat or Nearly Flat Boots 

You can never make something tall by adding something fat. That clears all! Flat shoes will keep your legs looking the same. Avoid flat boots. 

To get some lift. Pick up low, medium, or high heels. Even if you don’t wear high heels, try to go for block heels or wedges to get longer legs. 

Blunt-Front Boots 

As I told you earlier, the pointy shoes are always better; the rule applies here too. When something is blunt, it makes it look smaller. 

When you wear square-front or rounded-toe boots, your feet look compact. 

Mid-Calf Boots 

Mid-calf boots usually end on the widest part of your leg. As a result, the wide part looks odd. 

Also, it makes the outlook fat. For both the short and the plus size women, it is wise to ignore the mid-calf boots. Stick to the high-calf one as they are ideal shoes to wear with leggings and other outfits.

Fancy Boots 

Yes, you cannot ignore colors and fancy items. Go for colors, but it is better to stick to black and brown. 

If you pick up different colors, try to choose the one colored boots. Also, ignore stones. 

Too many laces or ribbons can create a jam and look fatter and shorter. Avoid horizontal design or laces while choosing the boots. 

Slouchy Boots 

Along with the pants, the boots should be snug fit too. No matter what happens, don’t wear baggy boots or slouchy boots. 

These make the upper portion of your ankle look fatter. As a result, it looks short. 


Now that you know which boot to get and how to wear it, you will never be afraid of wearing them, will you? Spend this winter with your favorite boots. 

All the boots here will help you fall in love with them. Also, let us know in the comment box about the best boots for short legs that work for you. Which one did you love most from our list? 

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