10 Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body | Review and Buying Guide

You will agree with me that getting jeans for apple-shaped figures is not so easy. But if you know how to choose the best jeans for apple shapes, you will never worry about it. 

The apple-shaped women get into difficulties because the middle portion of the body is heavy. In this case, you have to get jeans that balance the whole body! 

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So, I have come up with some renowned jeans that go right with the apple-shape. Let’s get in and know why they are the best and how to wear them! 

Before you Pick Up Your Jeans 

  • The middle part of your body is heavy when you have an apple-shaped body. Make sure that the jeans you are going to buy are not too baggy for your body. 
  • High-waist jeans are a no-no for the apple-shaped figure. These can make your waistline look slimmer. All the curvy-cut jeans are made for the rounder hips. These will be too loose around your hips. 
  • When you are in search of the best jeans for apple shapes, stick to the simple designs. Straight designs are a better fit for your shape. Too flared janes can make your body shape look imbalanced. 
  • You must know that the midsection of your body is heavy. So, you have to select a top that doesn’t make the upper part too revealing or too baggy. 
  • It is always better to give your jeans a trial. This will make sure if the pants are the right fit or not. Keep the upper part of the jeans tight to give your body the perfect shape. 

10 Best Jeans For Apple Shape Body

I have selected some perfect jeans for apple shapes. If you are one, get in and see how perfectly they shape your body! 

1.Levi’s Women 711 Skinny Jeans 

When it comes to choosing tight jeans, you have to be careful. These skinny jeans by Levi’s can give an incredible shape to the body. 

When you have an apple-shaped body, you usually have narrow hips. But all the skinny jeans will not suit you! 

You have to settle for a jean that is slim through your hips and thighs. As a result, it can hold your lower body properly. 

Best Jeans For Apple Shape Body,jeans for apple shape

If you are searching for the best jeans for apple shaped plus size, these jeans will perfectly fit you. 

The inseam of the jeans come in short, medium, and long sizes. You can pick up one according to your body shape! 

The material of these jeans is cotton and Viscose. Also, for the right fit, polyester and Elastane are added! 

How to Wear

The perfect outfits for apple shape are not easy to find. As this one is skinny jeans, it is better that you wear it with a baggy top. Otherwise, you can try the off-shoulder top. 

Your bust will be a little heavy when it comes to the apple-shaped body. As your jeans are too tight, to balance it, don’t wear something too tight tops. 


  • Comfortable material construction 
  • Elastine for a perfect fit 
  • Available colors and sizes 


  • Too skinny for thick legged women 

2.Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans 

As you know, a bootcut can be a very comfortable design for apple-shaped women. As the legs are skinny, you need something that can make the legs look a little curvy. 

But if you wear full baggy jeans, you will look worse! Thanks to this Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut pant. 

The middle part of the pant is narrow, but the lower part of the pant is a little wide. So, the wide leg balances the skinny gesture and gives it a fuller outlook! 

Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body,curvy bootcut jeans for apple shape body

This best plus size jeans for a big stomach has a 32-inch inseam and five different pocket styles. Go for small pockets in the back to make the hips look full. 

These will give you a vintage look. As this one is mid-rise, it can match well with the apple-shaped women! 

How to wear

A shirt can be the right choice for these pants for an apple-shaped body. As these bootcut jeans have a whiskering effect, you can settle for the light-colored top. 

Bootcut jeans and flared jeans are of the same family. Check how to wear flare jeans to know how you can wear the bootcut ones. 

Full sleeve shirts with tucked-in pants will amuse the viewers. Slim Fit full-sleeve tops can match it too! 


  • Has a mid-rise waistband 
  • Doesn’t lose the shape 
  • Super stretchy construction material 


  • Only two colors available 

3.Levi’s Women Classic Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans 

If you have an apple-shaped body, you cannot deny how amazing skinny jeans look. But the waistline is a factor here. 

When it is about an apple-shaped body, the RISE of the pant is always better if it is a mid-rise pant. If you are a slender apple shape, you are going to love this! 

Pants by Levi’s never makes you sad. For the apple-shaped body, skinny jeans with a mid-rise waistline can be the best deal a brand can offer! 

Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

With a zipper closer, these pants for apple shape are slim on the thigh and the hips. So, the fabric will not be uncomfortably loose. Also, three different inseams are available for your convenience. 

Spandex, as a material, is added to ensure the elasticity. But for your comfort, the basic material is cotton. 

How to wear

Pair it up with a regular half-sleeve t-shirt. You can rely on tees for the right outfits for an apple shape. Also, full sleeve t-shirts will suit well. 

When it comes to skinny jeans, you can always trust in the tees. You can tuck in the front part if you are up for casual outings.  


  • Several inseam designs 
  • Spandex for elasticity 
  • Several colors are available.


  • The button part is a bit tight

4.NYDJ Women’s Plus Size Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans 

The first favorite of all the apple-shaped body women is straight cut jeans. This straight-legged jean is designed for curvy women, but it will fit incredibly with the small-hip women. 

The classic fit ensures that it is tight on the upper portion while straight from the middle to the end. 

Women’s Plus Size Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans,Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

As a result, the skinny legs don’t look too skinny. The leg opening of these jeans for an apple shape is 16 inches, and the inseam is 32 inches. 

However, if you want the right fit for your apple-shaped body, try to pick up the size smaller than yours! And I promise you won’t regret it! 

How to wear

With the straight-legged jeans, you can wear almost all sorts of tops. Tank tops and straight jeans make the best combo. 

But I cannot ignore the appeal of a regular full-sleeve baggy tee. Yes, these best plus size jeans for big stomach look good with regular t-shirts too! Tuck it in, and there you go! 


  • So many sizes are available 
  • Comes with light and dark both colors
  • Mid-rise design  


  • Can be a little snug on the tummy 

5.LEE Women’s Flex Motion Regular Fit Bootcut Jeans 

I have already talked a lot about bootcut jeans. Women with the apple-shaped body, you must have a bootcut one in your closet. 

This pair of jeans has a regular fit. More than the high-rise jeans, apple shape bodies go right with a regular fit. High-rise pants will make your tummy smaller. 

egular Fit Bootcut Jeans Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

Whiskering on the legs usually makes the legs look a bit fatter. And if you have skinny legs, this is a blessing. 

Out of all the jeans I have mentioned so far, you will get the most available sizes in these jeans. Also, this one is the best jeans for apple shaped plus size. 

Also, there are available rises here. For elasticity on the hip and tight areas, spandex as a material is included. The jeans are highly flexible for anybody. 

How to wear

Take a jean in dark color and pair it with a light-colored top. In selecting clothes for apple shape, you can settle for whiskering jeans with a lighter top. A shirt will look better than tees. 

Tie a knot on the front, and you are ready. If you want comfort, you can also settle for tube tops or any V-neck tops. 


  • Incredible range of sizes 
  • Light and dark colors available 
  • Has a flexible waistband


  • Little short in size 

6.NYDJ Women’s Barbara Boot-cut Jeans 

When you have smaller thighs, you need a pair of jeans that fit the hips and the thighs. But it is not interesting to wear the same skinny jeans again and again. 

And to make a change, wide-legged bootcut jeans can help you out. The Barbara boot-cut jeans have several designs. The darker shades have no whiskering; however, the light ones do. 

Barbara Boot-cut Jeans,Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

You can pick up the whiskering one to make your legs wider. But it is better to settle for the darker one. 

Also, try to pick up the short one from these jeans for an apple shape. You will get five different pockets in these best jeans for apple shapes. So, it will give you a traditional look. 

The best fact is it has a completely gap-free rise design. So, even if you are an apple-shaped woman, your legs will not look bad. You get the proprietary slimming panel, and so, it fits amazingly! 

How to wear

Formal shirts are the ideal match for these bootcut jeans. However, if you tuck in the gypsy top, it will suit perfectly. 

For picking up the perfect clothes for apple shape, have faith in t-shirts. Slim Fit t-shirts with long sleeves can be interesting to look at. But don’t forget to pick up the opposite-colored top from the pants. 


  • Gives a traditional outlook 
  • Gap-free design for perfect legs  
  • No closure design 


  • Must order one size smaller than your size

7.Wallflower Women’s Juniors Classic Legendary Stretch Bootcut Denim Jeans 

If comfort is your first choice, you must settle for the cotton jeans. But here, the design is very important. I always recommend the bootcut denim for the apple-shaped body. The wide part of the legs will easily balance your slim thighs. 

This bootcut pant is designed with a stretch fabric. So, you don’t need to worry about baggy hips anymore. It will give you a snug fit and comfort with 81% cotton. 

Stretch Bootcut Denim Jeans, Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

If you are fond of darker wash jeans, these jeans for apple shape are the best option out there. You will get whiskering too to make your legs look wider!

There are five different pockets added so that your body doesn’t look texture-less. The 30-inch inseam, with a medium rise, is the perfect size for a body shaped like an apple. 

How to wear

Go for colorful tops. Baggy tops will look better than snug fit tops. But if you want to go for tight fit tops, get the one with a medium fit. 

Never pick up the too tight ones. When you have an apple-shaped body, it is always better to tuck-in. 

Pick up a boot or high-heel with it. You have to go through what shoes to wear with jeans for apple-shaped women! 


  • Made with stretchy material 
  • Highly comfortable to wear 
  • Has a short inseam 


  • Might be too snug in the waist

8.Pajama Jeans Women’s Bootcut Stretch Knit Denim Jeans

Different colored jeans might be your forte. And for that, the Pajama Jeans can be the right choice. 

If you have an apple-shaped body but want the comfort of your home when you are outside, pajama-style jeans can be comfortable. 

Pajama Jeans,Best Jeans For Apple Shapes

The material of these jeans is very soft and stretchy. With such a body, you don’t need to make your waist look too slim. So, this has a medium rise.

Also, to fit your waist, the pants are made of drawstring waist design. It also has a flared hem so that the slim legs don’t bother you! 

How to wear

Pair your bootcut jeans with a sweetheart neck top. This can make your upper body look slimmer. Also, you can pick up regular tank tops or wrap neck tops. If your top is short, you don’t need to tuck in, 


  • Includes flared hem for balancing 
  • Stretchy thigh and hips 
  • Available sizes and colors 


  • The drawstring is short.

9.Wrangler Women’s Q-Baby Mid Rise Bootcut Ultimate Riding Jeans 

Like the bootcut jeans, riding jeans can be your perfect fit if you have an apple-shaped body. 

The riding jeans have a bottom that is less flared than the bootcut ones. However, riding jeans include an almost straight cut. So, your waist doesn’t look too slim, but your legs get a hint of width. 

Mid Rise Bootcut Ultimate Jeans,Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

Available in several sizes and colors, this pant has extreme comfort as it’s made of cotton. The knees are full-flex and easy to move. If you are a plus-size woman, you can wear these jeans as the plus-size flare jeans

Another astounding fact is it has a no-gap design. So, it gives a medium rise at the front bit a little higher rise at the back! 

How to wear

Get darker wash jeans with a lighter shirt. Jeans shirt can fit even better. With riding jeans, check pattern shirts look just right. It is always best if you get a belt with it. 

If you think that only high waisted jeans with crop tops look amazing, you are wrong! You can also wear these mid-rise bootcut jeans with a crop top! 


  • Ultimate comfort with cotton material 
  • No-gap design 
  • Has a straight cut 


  • The sizing is tricky. 

10.Calvin Klein Women’s Skinny jeans 

I recommend you to go for jeans with pockets. However, don’t go for bigger pockets. Medium to small pockets can make your hips look fuller. 

Also, as your thighs are slim, pockets can make it look properly shaped. There are numerous colors available for these jeans by Calvin Klein. As this is skinny jeans, you can wear them with anything! 

Women’s Skinny jeans,Best Jeans For Apple Shapes Body

These skinny apple shape jeans have a button closure. It has a mid-rise design. Medium rise makes your waist look a little chubby, and it balances your body. This stretch-pant gives you a snug fit and gives your body shape. 

How to Wear 

Wear skinny jeans with any type of tops. If you want to look perfect, go for a little baggy top. Keep the jeans a little short. For this, you must know how long should jeans be

However, if you don’t mind showing off your curves, wear a tank top! You will look pretty, anyway! 


  • No fur added 
  • Mid-rise design for balancing 
  • Skinny at the ankle 


  • Complicated size selection 

Buying Guide for Jeans for Apple Shaped Women 

Medium Rise 

With a medium rise, you can easily hide the muffin top. But if you go for the low rise, your muffin top will be visible. 

On the other hand, if you pick up the high rise jeans, your waistline will look bad!

Pick up the one you are comfortable with. Get a jean that weighs less because it will give you comfort. And so, you should understand how much do jeans weigh

Short Jeans 

The shorter the jeans, the better! Trust me, when you wear jeans slightly above the ankle line, it gives the vibe of long legs. Even if you have shorter legs, it will create an illusion! 

Stretchy Jeans

When choosing a jean, get the one that has a stretchy material with a snug fit. Often, stretchy jeans tend to hug your curves. 

Even if you have fewer curves, it shows off. As a result, your figure looks attractive. 

Darker Wash 

Denim in a darker wash and easily highlights your specific body parts. When you have an apple-shaped body, the dark denim can shape the hips. 

Also, it can easily highlight the legs. No matter if you have skinny legs, darker wash looks better on everyone. 

Whiskering on Jeans 

Whiskering on jeans can make your legs look longer. Also, it can give you an illusion of fatter legs. Also, your thighs get a tint of chubbiness with whiskering pants. 

Tips for Selecting Right Jeans

  • The slimmer the jeans, the better 
  • Go for small to medium-sized back pockets
  • Try to avoid the light wash denim
  • High heels look better with an apple-shaped body 
  • Pleating below the waistline of the jeans will give a better shape to the body 

Wrap Up 

If you pick up the perfect jeans and pair them up in a stylish way, you will never miss the attention of the crowd! Go through the methods I have explained for apple-shaped women and choose the right pants. 

After selecting the best jeans for apple shape, you can wear it the way I mentioned. Also, try your fashionable ways to wear them too! Don’t forget to comment below which jeans you loved the most!

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