Best Jeans For Pear Shape Body | How To Find The Best Jeans in 2022

Jeans can never go out of fashion. But once you get to know that you have a pear-shaped body, you might be a little offended to wear your favorite jeans. But trust me, it is never the wrong time to wear jeans. All you need is to know the best jeans for pear shape! 

And today, I have come here to help you out in choosing the right jeans. It is not always all to choose perfect jeans. From the right size to the correct rise, everything is essential. So, you will also know how to pair them up and complete the outfit!

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Let’s go through the list of ideal jeans for pear-shaped women and never regret being overweight! 

What Should You Know Before You Buy Jeans?

  • All you need to do is balance your lower body and upper body. So, opt for the jeans that make your hips look less fuller. You don’t need to hide the curves. 
  • Instead, you have to create an illusion and can skim your body. When you settle for the high-rise jeans or pants, the waist is defined. 
  • You have to ensure that the smallest part of your body gets the limelight. If you have a gap at your waist, it will also reduce that. 
  • When I tell you to get a darker wash for your pear body, it is no joke! Darker washes look amazing. The only idea you have to understand is the best jeans for your pear-shaped body will make your lower part less prominent. 
  • For whiskering, go for the whiskers on the legs and not on the back. Go for large pockets at the back if you want the right jeans for big hips. Stretchy material for jeans makes your lower body look thinner. 

9 Best Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

If you ever feel that you cannot wear jeans for the pear-shaped body, we will change your thoughts today! 

Here, we have come up with the incredibly amazing jeans fit for the pear shape body. Once you get in, you will know what you were missing! 

1. Best High-waisted Jeans For Pear Shape Body

The best jeans for pear-shaped bodies are high-waisted jeans. When the waist is high, the legs already look taller. 

As a result, it looks slimmer too! Besides, for the high waistline, your belly looks flat, and your hips look perfectly shaped. 

In the high waist jeans, the curve from the upper waist to the hips creates an ideal physique. So, you can flaunt the bottom body curves with confidence! Also, this is the perfect jeans for big hips because it highlights your stomach! 

Best Jeans For Pear Shape Body,high waisted jeans for pear shape

How to Wear High-waisted Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Crop tops are fantastic to wear with high-waisted jeans. The women have loved high waisted jeans with crop tops since forever! 

Otherwise, you can also pair it up with a regular t-shirt. But it will look better if you tuck in your top! 

Buying Guide for High-Waisted jeans

For plus size pear shape women, high-waisted jeans are a blessing! When you buy it, make sure the RISE of the jeans is high. Also, it is always best to get a line of buttons on the waistline rather than just one button. 

Get the darker shades of jeans. Don’t forget to get the skinny fit. Also, you can go for high-waisted flared jeans to look even better! 

2. Best Flare jeans For Pear Shape Body

One of the most fashionable jeans for pear-shaped women is flare jeans. The flared jeans have a snug fit in the upper part of the pants. 

And in the lower area, the pants are wide. When you get wide-leg pants, the lower part of the jeans makes an illusion of symmetrical fit. So, the hips and thighs don’t look too fat!  

How to Wear Flare Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

When you are wearing flare jeans, you should get the right width of the bottom. Crop tops, tank tops, or off-shoulders go right with the flared jeans. 

High-waisted flared jeans look even better in with chubby women. For some more incredible ideas, check out how to wear flare jeans

Best Jeans For Pear Shape,Flare jeans for pear shape

Buying Guide for Flare Jeans

While buying flare pants for the pear shape, make sure you get a wide-legged one. This will help in making the right vision. 

The wide legs will make sure that your hips look good. Moreover, lighter fabrics are stretchy. It will give the curves the ideal outlook! 

3.Best Boot-cut Jeans For Pear Shape Body

The pear-shaped women highly appreciate the boot-cut jean. It doesn’t make you look fatter. Instead, it makes you look slimmer. 

So, all you need to do is get the best bootcut jeans women and rock the floor! The difference between a flare and bootcut jeans is the fit. 

The bootcut jean is tight on your hips, and it is a little loose from your knees to the feet. However, flared jeans have a wider fit than this one.  

Boot-cut jeans for pear shape jeans

How to Wear Bootcut Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Dressing the best bootcut jeans women can be tough. You can wear bootcut jeans with regular t-shirts. 

Go for a lighter colored t-shirt. Don’t forget to tuck in. You can also wear one colored shirt and tuck-in in for a semi-formal appearance. 

Buying Guide for Bootcut Jeans 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the right fit. If you want to dress for a pear-shaped body, you must settle for a too snug fit for the bootcut jeans.

So, keep it a little loose and make the gliding path smooth. You need to keep a balance between the upper thighs and your feet when you get the best bootcut jeans women.

4.Best Straight Jeans For Pear Shape Body

When you have to dress for a pear-shaped body, you cannot look slim. But there is a trick you can add to add some illusion in the visitor’s eyes. 

Yes, straight jeans can be the best way to make your legs and bottom part of the body look thinner. 

best Straight Jeans for pear shape body

How to Wear Straight Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Wear straight jeans with baggy tops. You can wear a t-shirt with it and tuck-in only one part of the t-shirt. Also, a sleeveless crop top with the same colored jeans jacket can make the look complete! 

Buying Guide for Straight Jeans 

If you want to buy straight leg jeans, it is always better to settle for darker colored jeans. 

Skip the faded ones. Besides, never settle for the lighter denim fabric when you are buying the pants for a pear shape. 

When you get a heavy fabric, it glides on the thighs. For this, you need to know the jean’s weight that is perfect for you before you buy it!

But if you wear lighter fabric, it will easily squeeze the thighs, which will make your body look more pear in shape. 

5.Best Skinny jeans For Pear Shape Body

In the list of women jeans style, skinny jeans have never gone out of fashion! However, you might be afraid of wearing skinny jeans for the curves you have. But there’s no reason to hide your curves! Show them off with some easy tricks. 

When you have curves and want to wear something tight, you have to be confident, and that’s it! 

skinny jeans for pear shape

How to Wear Skinny Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Boyfriend t-shirts are the ideal pair for skinny jeans. As your jeans are tight, you need to make the outfit balanced with something baggy. 

Skinny jeans having dark borderlines on the sides will make you look slimmer. Get a shirt and tuck it in! 

Buying Guide for Skinny Jeans 

All you need to do is get dark-colored jeans. And for the rise, never go for too high rise or too low rise. The medium-rise will suit the best on you. 

On the contrary, always remember that faded skinny jeans will make you look a lot curvier than you are. Skip it and stick to the stretchy tight jeans! 

6.Best Low-rise jeans For Pear Shape Body

We can never agree more to the high-rise jeans for the pear-shaped women. But, you cannot deny the lover for low-rise jeans in the crowd of women jeans style. 

If you are tired of the high-waisted jeans and you want some changes, go for low-rise jeans. 

With the low rise jeans, if you want to cover up your curves, go for the one that is not too low. Cover the curves as much as you can. 

Low-rise jeans for pear shape body

How to Wear Low-rise Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Wear dark-colored low rise jeans and pair with a simple t-shirt. Wear a belt if the rise is too low. Make sure the jeans can hide your undergarments. 

It is better if your jeans are a little short in length. If you have no idea about the length of the jeans, look at How long should Jeans be

Buying Guide for Low-Rise Jeans

When you wear low rise jeans with a heavy bottom body, you have to be extra careful. You should not choose the one that is too low from the belly button. 

Stop the rise when you slightly cross the belly button downwards. However, don’t forget to cover the hip area adequately. Make sure the undergarment is not visible. 

7. Best Capri jeans For Pear Shape Body

For any plus size pear shape women, Capri jeans are a blessing. These are usually short in length. The legs of these jeans are not too wide. These look comfortable. 

And with a pear shape body, your bare part of your legs gives an illusion to the spectators when you wear it. So, your bottom part doesn’t look overweight. 

Capri jeans for pear shape body, best jeans for pear shape

How to Wear Capri Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

It will only be the best jeans for pear shape body if you wear it correctly. With a high-rise, Capri jeans, add a comfortable light-colored t-shirt. 

If you are wearing wide-legged Capri jeans, get a snug fit top and tuck it in. If the pants for pear shape has a snug fit, the top must be a little baggy. You can add a shrug to look flawless! 

Buying Guide for Capri Jeans 

Buying Capri pants is easy for plus size pear shape girls. All you have to do is be careful about the rise. 

You can wear Capri jeans in both mid-rise and high-rise, but we don’t recommend you to wear Capri jeans in low-rise. 

Also, you don’t need to always go for dark colors with these jeans. You can comfortably wear a faded one too! 

8.Best Riding Jeans For Pear Shape Body

Who told you that you could only wear riding jeans when you are riding a horse? With a pear shape body, you can rock the riding jeans! To be honest, one of the best jeans for pear-shaped body is the riding jeans! 

As the bottom of the riding jeans is a bit wide (not too much), it narrows down the hip area. So, the middle part of the leg looks skinnier! And the hips and the foot area look equal! 

Riding Jean for pear shape body, best jeans for pear shape body

How to Wear Riding Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Never settle for crop tops or tank tops with riding jeans. You have to pair it with a t-shirt that covers your hip. 

If you want to plan for a tank top, you have to add a jacket. Leather boots and jackets look great with such jeans.  

Buying Guide for Riding Jeans 

Riding jeans looks stunning. Get jeans that are a little longer than your body. It will make the legs look longer and slimmer. Also, go for a darker shade of denim. 

The denim that you buy should also have pockets at the back. These jeans for big hips can tone down your hips a bit. You can also get a riding jean that has an extended cut at the foot area. This will make it look a bit wider. 

9.Best Trouser Jeans For Pear Shape Body

Trouser jeans can also help you look skinnier at the bottom. As there is a wide waistband, it makes your hips look appropriately shaped. On the other hand, it has a snug fit at the back. 

This has a straight line and glides to the bottom without any sort of squeezing. So, your thighs get the right outline! 

If you want to get the best jeans for pear-shaped body which is comfortable, get trousers! 

Trouser Jeans for pear shape body,best jeans for pear shape body

How to Wear Trouser Jeans for Pear Shape Body 

Full sleeve turtle neck tops are the best match for trouser jeans. You can try different designed shirts with them too. 

You can tuck-in only a part of the shirt. Or you can just tie a knock on the shirt or t-shirt to make the impression trendy! 

Buying Guide for Trouser Jeans 

The best way to get the right trouser jeans is to get your hands on the flat front pants. It makes the stomach skinny. 

Also, it is the best bet if you get the darker colors like black or dark blue. High rise trouser jeans will only contour the body parts that you want to flaunt! Now, get the best jeans for pear shape body and make it work! 

Pro Tips to select Right Jeans 

  • For the pear shape body, high-rise and mid-rise jeans are perfect 
  • Plan to pick up the darker colored jeans 
  • Get a lighter color top in comparison to the jeans
  • Opt for jeans with more button than only one button 
  • Try to settle for the wide ankle opening 
  • With loose jeans, wear fitted tops and vice-versa 
  • In substitute of darker washed jeans, wear whiskering jeans 

Final Thought 

Stop being disappointed about your pear-shaped body! The perfect pair of jeans will never let you down; trust me! So, get the right jeans and grab the attention of the crowd! 

And for this, all you have to do is check out the best jeans for the pear shape body I mentioned above. Follow the tips to make it even better! Don’t forget to comment below which one suits you the best for you!   

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