Top 10 Best Shoes For Orthotics That Solve Your Orthosis Problem

If your muscles, joints, bones, or ligaments are not functioning correctly, you might be facing severe ankle pain or heel pain. The only way to bring your feet in proper function is by getting the best shoes for orthotics. 

Usually, podiatrists recommend orthotics if you have low arches or high arches. In such cases, standard shoes will not be able to support your feet properly. And for additional support, you have to use orthotics! 

Not every shoe supports orthotics. If you pick up the wrong footwear, your foot condition can worsen, and your pain might increase. So, I am here to help you out in selecting the right shoe for orthotics. 

Check out my hot favorites to see which one will support your feet better than your shoebox’s shoes! 

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Top 10 Best Shoes for Orthotics 

1.Skechers Men’s Cessnock Shoes

When you already have ankle pain, foot pain, or such pains and searching for the best orthopedic shoes, you must consider the comfortable one. 

When it comes to the best shoes for orthotics, you must pick up breathable material. These shoes by Skechers Store bring back the breathable mesh for your feet to breathe! 

The best part of these shoes is they have a rubber sole. So, moving with flexibility is not tough anymore. 

And if you are a person who is worrying about slipping issues, then don’t worry. The shoes are slip-proof. 

To comfort the sole, it has memory foam included. The relaxed fit will double comfort for sure! 


  • Made with breathable mesh
  • No slipping issues 
  • Relax-fit for comfort 
  • Rubber sole for flexibility 
  • Lightweight to carry 


  • Laces are a bit loose 
  • The grip is not excellent. 

Why Should You Buy It 

If you have sweaty feet, then this is the best shoe for Orthotics. Also, people that hate to carry heavy shoes will feel comfortable wearing this. 

2.Aleader Mesh Slip Shoes

Women, if you want some best orthopedic shoes for water, you can pick up this one, No other shoes can afford you the slip-free feature that this one can. 

The outsole of this accessory is made Water Grain. As a result, you get better traction in any slippery or watery place! 

Even if you go through water, this brand is promised to offer you a dry shoe environment. For this, the sock liner is added. 

The sock liner of these best shoes for orthotics contains ultimate cushioning for a cool yet dry environment. The construction material is breathable so that your feet remain healthy. 

On the contrary, these shoes with removable insoles have a back part that is bouncy. This lightweight shoe has a faster-drying facility too! 


  • Great for a slippery area 
  • Highly breathable 
  • Lightweight and bouncy 
  • Enough cushioning added 
  • Dries down fast 


  • The bottom part can damage the floor 
  • Discolors over time 

Why should you Buy this Shoes

People that work in the kitchen or spend time in the wet area can use these best orthopedic shoes. Also, if you want to put on something lightweight, you can try these. 

3.Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe

When it comes down to the synthetic sole of shoes for Orthotics, not every brand manufactures high-quality ones. But you can get them here! Get some fantastic orthopedic shoe inserts, and you are ready to go!

These Ryka walking shoes are incredible to help you if you have any pain in your feet. 

As this is the orthopedic walking shoes, you can quickly expect improved feet function after buying these. 

This has a lace closure for a trendy look. Though this is made of synthetic overlays, the mesh is highly breathable. 

So, you won’t have issues regarding sweaty feet. The built-in cushion ensures that your feet stay in comfort inside.


  • Has synthetic sole
  • Breathable mesh included 
  • Contains a comfort collar 
  • Includes synthetic mesh 
  • Minimal discomfort ensured 


  • Complicated size 
  • Too soft sole 

Why should you Buy this Shoes

If you have heel pain and your doctor suggested you pick up orthopedic shoe inserts with a soft pair of shoes, this can be the best bet. Also, for the lovers of breathable mesh and less sweat can order this one! 

4.DUOYANGJIASHA Athletic Casual Sneakers 

Travel freak women might go hiking a lot, and in that case, muscle pain is normal. This one by DUOYANGJIASHA has comfort with style! 

This is constructed with nylon but has an EVA sole. Also, there is synthetic fabric included for keeping pace with the quality. 

There are several colors available for these shoes. Also, these shoes with arch support have a lightweight design. If you want some shoes to wear with jeans, undoubtedly these are the right deal!

So, athletes will love to wear them! The sneakers are highly affordable but afford the highest support. 


  • Lightweight for athletes 
  • Combined material used 
  • Has an EVA sole 
  • Available colors 
  • Affordable price 


  • Not waterproof 
  • Sizes are tricky 

Why should you Buy this Shoes

For the athletes and travelers, this can be worth the money with your orthopedic shoe inserts. Women that are fond of affordable shoes with a fantastic color range also can get this one. 


People often ask what shoes work best with orthotics and also go with the trend. This can be your answer! Along with several sizes, there are also different colors available for the shoes by Saucony. 

These are entirely made of synthetic material. However, the sole is constructed with rubber. The rubber sole ensures proper grip so that you do not fall anywhere! 

If you have issues walking, you can try this one to fix it. As this has a large toe box, you can comfortably move your feet. 

On the contrary, to support your foot correctly, the heel elements are made of fantastic design. 

But in the case of the best running shoes for orthotics, SAUCONY has an impressive collection. This is the best one for the runners as it includes an ultra-plush footbed for your comfort throughout the running process. 

Even cushioning ensures you never get ankle or heel pain. 


  • Fully synthetic construction 
  • Rubber sole for grip 
  • Even cushion distribution 
  • Smooth landings ensured 
  • Ultra-plush footbed for utmost comfort


  • A little heavy 
  • Bulky in size 

Why Should You Buy Shoes

If you are a runner, you must get these best shoes for orthotics. Also, people having grip-issues can buy them for drop-free movement. 


With three different colors, this Mizuno shoes for Orthotics can amaze you with the design. 

If you are worried about what shoes work best with orthotics and want something colorful, check out this one. 

For all the people having any sort of foot pain or medical conditions regarding foot, the rubber sole can help. 

It has a fantastic quality of fitting in motion upper so that it can afford flexible support. For cushioning your feet with comfort, U4ic Midsole is used. 

While walking or working, you won’t feel unstable with these orthopedic walking shoes. It is because there is Cloudwave included for your plush stability. 

When you are searching for shoes with arch support, this brand can be highly beneficial for you. To offer you additional arch support, the brand has added anatomical sock liner. 


  • Has an incredible design 
  • Additional arch support included 
  • Provides stable feeling 
  • comfortable cushioning added 
  • Perfect fitment 


  • Gets dirty easily 
  • Highly expensive 

Why should you Buy thus Shoes

If you are here to get the best running shoes for orthotics or your foot pain or any medical issues, get this one! 

I hear people not finding the right fit when they search for their best shoes for orthotics. Trust me; this brand affords the ideal fitment for you! 

7.Hiitave Water Shoes

If you are a swimmer and your podiatrist has suggested you go for a non-slip shoe, have faith in these Hiitave orthotic shoes for women undoubtedly! 

Yes, this is the best shoes for orthotics I have used! The rubber sole is so amazing that you have a non-slip facility even in the water! 

The polyester fabric used here is breathable. So, no sweat at all! To let you move your foot with ease, the shoe is made in a five-toe box design. 

For the perfect fit, these shoes with arch support include an elastic band. Also, shoelaces are added. It is designed to keep your feet dry with the help of drainage holes at the bottom! 


  • Great for swimmers 
  • Non-slip technology 
  • Perfect fitment 
  • Roomy space for flexibility 
  • Keeps feet dry with draining water


  • Too wide toe 
  • The sole comes out after some years of use. 

Why should you Buy thus Shoes

For swimmers, this can be a fantastic deal. If you want a kitchen-shoe or want to get something roomy, you can try this shoe too. 

8. STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Shoes 

There are times when women like me don’t only want comfort but also want some styles. And in terms of orthopedic walking shoes, these are the ideal ones. 

And in those cases, this STQ walking shoe can be phenomenal. With a vast range of color choices, you can get the one that suits your outfit! Also, the shoes to wear with shorts should always be colorful, isn’t it?

The rubber sole of the STQ best shoes for orthotics the perfect grip will keep you stable while walking. Are you tired of putting on and off shoes like me? 

Then this is the perfect pair you must get! These include elastic cuffs for easy wearing! Also, these are highly breathable and lightweight for carrying! 


  • Lightweight in design 
  • Breathable mesh-made 
  • Easy to put off and on 
  • Range of colors available
  • Has a non-slip design  


  • Will not last forever 
  • Critical fitment 

Why should you Buy Shoes

Women who put off shoes anytime and put them on again in the next second will surely love them. If you like beautiful colored lightweight shoes for everyday walking, pick up these! 

9.Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker

With a synthetic sole, the sneakers by Dr. School can be great for you if you love colorful orthotic shoes for women. There are several colors and patterns available. 

For the perfect grip and stability, the sidewalls are also made of rubber. However, the soft lining at the collar of the sneakers will keep them cozy for you. 

The amazing fact is these shoes with removable insoles have three distinct zoned insoles. As a result, the utmost comfort is certified. The synthetic sole, along with the sporty design, makes it loved by the users. 


  • Has a synthetic sole 
  • Rubber sidewalls for the right grip 
  • Cozy fitment 
  • Range of colors available 
  • Sporty design 


  • Can make your feet hot 

Why should you Buy Shoes

If you are up for the slip-on best shoes for orthotics with the perfect grip for walking or running, get this one. 

For cozy fitment and sporty colors, you can try the shoes too. However, avoid it if you have sweaty feet.

10.STQ Breathable Air Cushion Sneakers

If cushioning is what makes you happy, don’t go anywhere, select these sneakers! If you are going for a run to the park near you, try these, and you will love its lightweight nature! 

The rubber sole of the best shoes for orthotics provide proper grip and flexible response. The sock liner included here is removable. So, you can customize it the way you want! 

Lovers tennis will also love the orthotic shoes for women by STQ. It has breathable material and versatile design. Try this one if you want something cozy.


  • Has rubber sole for perfect grip 
  • Lightweight in design 
  • Includes removable sock liner 
  • Has bouncy response
  • Perfect for a walk, run, and tennis  


  • Not non-slip in design 
  • You must get a size larger than yours.

Why should you Buy thus Shoes

This can be the perfect match for athletes, runners, tennis players, walkers, yoga trainers, etc. However, it is specially designed as the best running shoes for orthotics. If you like to wear a vibrant color combo, you can also try the shoes. 

What To Consider Before Buying Shoes for Orthotics 

# Foot Support 

When it comes to your shoes’ foot support for orthotics, I recommend you get the wide one. The wider the foot support, the better. You can be at ease if you get this one! 

# Toe box 

Nevermind, but the toe box is also better if it is wide. If you have any sort of heel pain or ankle pain, then a narrow toe box is a NO-NO! Otherwise, you will eventually increase the pain without reducing it. 

# Heel Details 

If you are using shoes for Orthotics to reduce your ankle pain, this is the first rule! To keep your best shoes for orthotics in the exact position, you have to avoid the too flexible heels. 

Pick up the stiff and firm heel counter for this. Also, low heels will give you more pleasure than the higher ones. 

# Midsole 

The midsole should be soft for comfort. On the contrary, also make sure that the cole is a little squeezy. Don’t settle for too hard ones; otherwise, it will hurt your feet. Also, don’t forget to get shoes with removable insoles to add the orthotics. 

# Bend 

You might think that too soft shoes are great, but trust me, they don’t keep your feet in the right position. 

And to keep your feet straight and perfectly shaped, get the best shoes for orthotics having the slightest bend or torsion. 

Question That Asks Our Readers

1.Do I need bigger shoes for Orthotics? 

No, you don’t need to buy the bigger version of shoes even if you want to insert orthotics. In this case, remember that not all the shoes go with orthotics. 

So, get the one designed for it, and you can use it without getting the larger version. 

2.Why do my orthotics hurt my feet? 

If you try to insert orthotics in regular footwear, this can be problematic. Make sure that the orthotics fit the shoes properly. 

Also, if they are worn out, they will hurt your feet. Check the foot shape before you buy orthotics not to get hurt! 

3.Do custom orthotics hurt at first? 

People make custom orthotics to make themselves comfortable. However, at first, they complain that the orthotics are hurting them. 

As I have tried wearing many orthotics, I have seen that all the orthotics are a little uncomfortable at first. 

So, it will hurt a little at first, regardless of the store-bought orthotics or custom-fit ones. Gradually, you will start feeling comfortable. 

Wrap Up 

No one can suggest you better orthotics than your podiatrist. However, when you understand your problem and want to take care of it yourself, you can pick up according to our selection. 

The best shoes for orthotics I have mentioned here are based on my experience. They worked fantastic for my feet and made me feel comfortable. I assure you, you will get the same comfort. 

However, if you ever feel that it is worsening your foot condition, you must consult your doctor. 

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