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It’s your brother’s birthday, and he is stuck inside his room during quarantine. You’ve been going back and forth with what kind of gift to get him. After all, you want it to be meaningful but not too heavy since he can’t carry things for a while. What should you do? Well, there are great birthday gift ideas that will make him feel special and loved on his birthday. Let’s talk about some birthday gift for brother during quarantine.

What Type Of Gift Should Avoid For Your Quarantined Brother?

There are some birthday gift ideas that you want to avoid for your brother, who is currently under quarantine. These include a birthday card, flowers, and balloons, as these things will not be able to reach him and brighten his day. If you can’t make it over to visit him in person, consider one of the other birthday gift options below.

Best Birthday Gift for Brother During Quarantine

You want to get your brother a birthday gift that will make him feel like someone took the time and effort to purchase it for him. This is important because he might be feeling pretty down during this time, so you don’t want to add insult on top of injury by getting him something lame as a birthday present. Make sure to have not only good quality but also excellent design!


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1. Beard Grooming Kit- Best Birthday Present for Brother During Quarantine

Beard Grooming Kit, Best Birthday Present for Brother During Quarantine

There are many men out there who have been known to let their facial hair grow for months and years at a time. If your brother is one of these guys, then you might want to consider getting him some beard grooming kit so he can take care of his worn face. This birthday gift will lighten up his mood.

If your brother has ever grown a beard before, then the chances are that they’ve had to deal with some serious itching as well (ew). That’s why this present birthday idea would be an awesome birthday surprise- not just because it looks cool but because it offers relief from all those pesky itches too!

2.Noise-Canceling Headphones- Birthday Gift for Brother During Quarantine

Noise-canceling headphones, birthday gift for brother during quarantine

It can be really hard to get any sleep in a noisy environment, especially when you’re trying to keep your concentration. That’s why noise-canceling headphones are an excellent birthday gift for brothers who have been quarantined and need some rest! You don’t want them to catch whatever they’ve gotten sick with after all.

These types of earphones will also drown out background noises, so he’ll be able to focus better during his workday or at school if he needs it. They also help people feel less tired, which means more energy throughout

3.Kindle Paperwhite- Best Gifts For Brother During Quarantine

Kindle Paperwhite, birthday gift for brother during quarantine
Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift for any brother during quarantine. It’s a slim, light, and easy-to-use eReader with an integrated LED backlight. This makes it possible to read comfortably without eyestrain, even in low light conditions. The best part about the Kindle Paperwhite is that you can download books from Amazon and read them anytime, anywhere, with no wireless access needed.

You can also go online at your convenience, thanks to both wifi connectivity and 3G wireless coverage on AT&T’s network in over 100 countries around the world. 

4.Ring-Light Kit-Best Birthday Gift For Brother

Ring-Light Kit, gifts for brother during quarantine
Ring-Light Kit

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a second sibling? I’m sure this is something that’s on the minds of many people. Well, if you want to know what it’s like without actually having another kid or bringing home a puppy, then consider getting your brother one of these Ring-Light Kits!

With everything set up and ready to go in just minutes, this kit makes for an excellent gift idea for any occasion because it can take photos with natural lighting indoors. It also has an adjustable stand so that the light can be adjusted depending on where you are shooting from.

So whether he wants to take some selfies or family shots with all his loved ones, there’s no better way than with this fun little gadget!

5. Adjustable Dumbells- Birthday Present for Brother During Quarantine

Adjustable Dumbells, gifts for your brother
Adjustable Dumbells

I was looking for a creative gift idea to give my brother when he is in quarantine, and I came across adjustable dumbbells. They are small enough to carry around, easy to use, and adjusted according to your current weight goals. It’s the perfect present for someone who has a lot of free time on their hands! 

6.Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Hoodie

Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Hoodie, best birthday gift for brother
Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Hoodie

When it comes to birthday gift ideas for my brother, I always want him to be comfortable and feel like he can sleep in any position without worrying about his neck hurting. That’s why a memory foam pillow with a hoodie would make the perfect birthday gift!

A neck pillow is a great gift idea for your brother, and this Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Hoodie has everything he needs to get the perfect rest. It’s designed to mold around his head and neck, providing him the support he needs. The hoodie material is soft and cozy, so it feels like you are sleeping in a big hug- just what he needs!

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7. Red Wing Boots- Birthday Gifts For Brother

Red Wing Boots, birthday gifts for brother

We all know that the man in your life can be hard to buy for. I’ve been there, and it’s not easy! Here are some great gift ideas that are sure to please him this year. Red Wing Boots- The perfect birthday gift for your brother who loves the outdoors, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on them! These boots will last a lifetime, and he’ll love how they look with his favorite outfit.

8. Nintendo Switch Lite- Best Birthday Gifts During Lockdown

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect birthday gift for a gamer during the lockdown. This tiny and lightweight console has all of the features that make it possible to enjoy games on the go!

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. The battery life lasts up to six hours, so there will be no interruption in gaming time when away from an outlet. You can even use this console as a handheld- detach the Joy-Con controllers!

Get yours today and give your gamer brother everything they need for some fun while being locked down during their birthday week!

9. Food and Drink Smoker – Birthday Gifts for Brother

birthday present for brother during quarantine, Food and Drink Smoker

End the search for the best birthday present with this list of gifts that your brother will love! A smoker is great for anyone who loves to cook and wants a new adventure in their kitchen. It’s also perfect if they’re an avid outdoorsman too. This gift will be sure to make them smile all year long, so don’t miss out on these amazing presents!

10. Netflix Gift Card- Perfect Birthday Gifts For Your Brother During Lockdown

Netflix Gift Card

Get your brother the gift of entertainment this birthday! A Netflix Gift card will let them binge-watch their favorite shows and movies, so they’ll be able to keep themselves from going stir crazy in quarantine.

Netflix also has a section just for kids, which is perfect if you have younger siblings to spend some time with during his birthday week. After all, who doesn’t love spending quality time on the couch watching cartoons?

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11. Mini Projector- Best Birthday Gift For Brother

Mini Projector, birthday gifts during lockdown

It’s hard to entertain oneself during quarantine, so why not get them a mini projector? This birthday gift is perfect for those that need some light entertainment and will give your brother something fun to do while they’re stuck inside. It can be hooked up to a TV or their computer screen and will make the time go by much faster than it would otherwise.

When looking for a gift, try to find one with enough lumens, so he is not uncomfortable in his room without any sunlight. This is an excellent gift for brothers in isolation wards who are usually not allowed access to electronics. Ask him what type of movies/shows he would like to watch and find a device that can accommodate his needs.

12.Fitbit Charge 4- Birthday Gift for Brother During Quarantine

Fitbit Charge 4, gifts for brother during quarantine

The ultimate birthday gift for a brother during quarantine does not require them to leave their room. Give him something interactive like the Fitbit Charge, which tracks his activity and provides data on heart rate so he can monitor himself without having to visit a doctor’s office or lab. The bracelet has interchangeable bands in different colors as well as many display options- it even has an auto-sleep tracker and features more than 150 exercises!

13. Waterproof BlueTooth Speaker- Gifts For Brother During Quarantine

gifts for your brother, Waterproof BlueTooth Speaker

Another birthday gift for a brother during quarantine is the waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This invention makes it possible to amplify music and other sounds without being near an outlet or in a range of wifi. The device can go as far as 100 feet away from where you are, making it perfect for times when your brother needs some entertainment but isn’t allowed out of his room!


Above we covered the 13 best birthday gifts for brothers during quarantine. We hope you found the perfect birthday gift for your brother.

Share your ideas on what would make a good birthday gift for the brother who is quarantined.

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