How to Defeat of Your Dry Skin Under Beard Once and For All

If you are having a problem with your dry skin under beard, you must be annoyed. Dry skin is very uncomfortable when your skin is flaking.

You cannot ignore the itchiness. When you scratch you feel pain.

This is a symptom of beardruff also. It makes your beard dry. The skin flakes make beard look terrible. Here I am giving you some information for you to defeat your dry skin under the beard.

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Why Is Your Skin Getting Dried?

Dry skin is a common condition of the skin that happens when your skin layer has a lack of water than it needs. Sometimes skin also gets dried because of dry weather and lack of moisturizer. Dry skin under beard happened because the beard soaks the natural skin moisture.

Dry skin,dry skin under beard

Skin gets dried during winter. But the peoples who have dried genetic skin in every season they always need to moisturize their skin. Here is some reason why your skin gets dried:

  • If you wash your face too often
  • For unbalanced pH level in your skin
  • When you wash your skin with hot water
  • If you are applying the wrong moisturizer for your skin
  • For taking medication that can dry your skin
  • Not drinking enough water that the skin needs
  • Exfoliating your skin more than it needs

These are some reasons that make your skin dry. Dry beard or irritated skin under a beard may happen from them. Dry skin causes dandruff sometimes, and it also causes the skin flakes to fall over the beard. 

How To Get Rid off Dry Skin Under Your Beard

If you are having problems with your dry skin under your beard, you can easily take care of them as you take care of your hair. Dry skin and the flakes of it can affect you if you want to have a shiny beard like others.

Bald man with beards is more sensitive about their beard. If they have dry and flaky skin, it makes their looks worst. And if you have a chin strap beard, your skin is more showing. It is awkward if you have dry skin under your beard.

get rid of dry skin under beard, beard,

Flaky skin under beard makes your beard messy too. It is embarrassing to have skin flakes all over your beard. Here we are informing you nine tips that can help you to get rid of dry skin under your beard.

1. Say No To Use Facial Soap:

Guys always use the same soap on their skin and beard that they use on their bodies. The bar soap goes under the beard and makes your skin dry and flaky. You don’t use bar soap for your hair. So, stop using it for your beard especially, if you have stubble beard.

2. Take a shower with cold water:

In cold weather, we love to take a hot shower. But hot seize skins natural oil and make it dry. Dry skin under your beard and mustache leads your skin to itchiness and gives skin flakes. Do a shower with cold water.

dry skin under beard, shower with cold water

3. Do a facial scrub twice in a week:

Our skin cells naturally die over time. That causes dandruff and itchiness. You have to exfoliate your skin so that the dead skin cells ward off, and your skin stays fresh.

4. Dry your beard after you wash them:

If you leave your skin wet, the extra moisture will cause problems to your skin. Always try to dry your beard properly. Otherwise, you might have an itchy beard. Here you find How to Stop Itchy Beard?

5.Control your diet:

Control your diet with the right foods. Skin needs proper nutrition to build up the natural oil for skin. Specific food provides the right vitamins and acids to your skin. It’ll work as a natural beard moisturizer.

6. Make sure your skin is breathing:

When your garment doesn’t let your skin breathe, your skin forces out extra oil from skin cells. Irritated skin under your beard causes dandruff and rash under the beard. So, let your skin breathe.

7. Do exercise regularly:

Eating the right foods is not only a solution to improve your skin health. You have to do exercise regularly to boost your testosterone levels. You’ll have smooth skin.

8. Use beard oil and clean it properly:

To keep your skin better under your beard and mustache, you need to apply oil and wash them properly. The oil will moisturize the skin under a beard of yours.


If you have sensitive skin and any tips of above are not working for you, visit a professional dermatologist. May be your skin need something else for itself. Take medications for dry skin under your beard.

Natural ways to cure Dry Skin Under Your Beard and mustache

We will show you the natural ways to cure your dry skin under your beard and mustache. Especially, if you have a stylish beard.

# Brush your beard and mustache:

This the first rule to keep your beard healthy if you are brushing your beard and mustache before cleansing that makes your cleaning easy.

Brush your beard and mustache,beard

# Wash Your Beard With Natural Beard Shampoo:

Natural beard shampoo saves your skin from harmful products and cleans gently. Try to use vitamin E containing shampoo. Do it two or three times a week.

# Avoid Hot Water:

Hot water washes off natural oils from your skin and makes your skin dry. Your dry skin causes dry beard. Always use cold water. This is more important for the Vikings Beard Style.

# Dry your beard:

Dry beard after you wash it. Wet beard will irritate your skin under the beard. 

# Do not stress:

Stress is one of the leading causes of skin irritation and beardruff.  Try to avoid stress.

# Moisturize:

Moisturize your beard twice in a week. Moisturize is an essential part of taking care of your dry skin under your beard.

# Use a homemade pack:

Homemade packs best solution to cure dry skin and beard. Mix one ripe banana with yogurt and apply for 15-20 min. Wash it with cold water. This is how to get rid of beard dandruff.


Maybe your skin is extremely dry and flaking, but the reason is different from the above problems. You might have oil or balm irritation, or fungus, or shampoo that doesn’t suit you.

As like the way you need to maintain a clean shave, you need to manage your beard too. Dry beard and your dry skin under your beard need proper maintenance to heal. 

If any of my methods are not making any change to your beard and dry skin, consult a dermatologist.

What you Should avoid for Your Beard

There are some things that we usually do to your beard, and that is harmful to it. Here I am giving you five causes that you need to stop doing.

dry skin under beard, itchy beard
  • Not keeping clean: Cleaning is the first rule to maintain a beard. When you are not cleaning your beard, it affects your skin and beard.
  • Letting it grow uneven: Uneven beard looks terrible. So, don’t let your beard go uneven. It makes your beard messy.
  • Shaving too high of a neckline: Shaving too high neckline is no for your beard. It makes your beard uneven and looks terrible.
  • Trimming without care: Trimming without care is bad for your bread. If you have stubble, you have to be very careful. Without care, you will have an uneven beard.
  • Uncontrolled stubble: When you are maintaining stubble, you have to trim every day. Not only trimming, but you also have to moisturize them. It is hard to maintain them regularly.
  • Dye beard: Coloring beard is really bad for your beard. Color has harmful products. That soaks up all your moisture from your skin and beard.

Your Dried Out Skin Is Cured – Now What you lack to do?

If you dried-out skin is cured, do not think you don’t need any responsibility now. If you don’t care about your beard now, your dry skin can come back. Try to follow a regular routine for your beard.

  • Wash your face with cold water
  • Clean it every day
  • Use natural shampoo
  • Use homemade packs
  • Trim your beard evenly
  • Use an authentic beard oil

Try to maintain this routine every day. Don’t forget to moisturize your beard and skin.

Four Steps For a Better Beard

Everyone wants a nice and thick beard that makes them look stylish.

Step-1: Keep it clean: Maintaining the cleanness of your beard is really important. Everyone hates a dirty and smelly beard. Use an authentic beard shampoo and conditioner. Dry them properly and brush them.

Step-2: Let your beard grow: It might look ugly and messy, but you have to give time for your beard growing. Don’t trim because of the awkwardness. After some time, you will have your favourite look.

Step-3: Follow a routine: If you want a perfect beard, you have to follow a routine. Beard is special, like your hair. Find out what suits you. Use your favourite products according to a routine.

Step-4: Invest in your products: Don’t hesitate to invest your money on your beard products. It can be a comb or oil or shampoo. Always choose the right product. Don’t go for the price.

These are the four steps that will help to get a better beard.

Few questions that ask the reader about Dry skin and beard

1. What is a good way to treat dry skin under my beard?

Ans: The best way is keeping your skin from getting dry and using the best quality of beard oil.

2. How can I treat dry, flaky skin under my beard and mustache area?

Ans: Try to use a facial cleanser that contains vitamin C.

3. What is the best way to care for the skin under your beard and mustache?

Ans: Always clean your beard nicely and use authentic products.

4. How to prevent dry and flaky skin under your beard?

Ans: Always keep your skin and beard clean and moisturized. Eat healthily and drink enough.


People love to keep a beard nowadays. But maintain a beard is a really tough thing. If you have dry skin, it is tough to keep your skin and beard healthy. Flaky and irritated skin caused dandruff, rashes. But above, I discussed a few methods for you if you have dry skin and beard. I hope my article will help you to defeat your dry skin under the beard.

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