Girls in Short Skirts | Best Way To Styling With Short Skirts

The idea of girls in short skirts is very flattering. It is undoubtedly one of the most tempting outfits one may have in their wardrobe. Nothing is more able to bring out the flourishing side of you than short skirt outfits.

We all have skirts in our closets, but we often get confused about how to wear them. Styling an outfit, especially with short skirts, is not as easy as it seems.

But skirts are that one piece of clothing which comes in handy on any occasion. From corporate meetings to a college party outfit, skirts can save your day every time. You only have to get the right type of outfit for you.

It is true that skirts indeed are one of the most feminine clothing pieces, but not all of them are going to flatter your figure. That is why I want to assist you in choosing the right sort of skirts for you.

How do you choose the best short skirt types for you?

Rocking an outfit mainly depends on your confidence level. Whatever you choose, wear that in no doubt. But if you consider the factors given below while picking an outfit, you will get the best out of it.

Mainly, you have to keep two things in your mind while styling your short skirt outfit:

  • Body type
  • Occasion

Body Type:

Understanding your body shape is the first crucial step of making some dazzling short skirts outfit. If you are bold enough, you can pull off any outfit. But all of them may not be able to compliment your physique.

For instance, tall and lean girls should avoid very short skirt because it will make their legs look longer then they are.

Girls in Short Skirts ,body type



Maintaining a dress code is essential. Otherwise, you will steal the spotlight but in the wrong way. And we don’t want that, do we?

Do not select skirts with too many flares for a business meeting or do not wear a tight little black leather skirt to a family picnic at Central park! Sequined skirts maybe a good idea for nightlife events, but to a college interview, a mono-color pencil skirt would be a perfect choice.

Some Minor Things To Consider:

· Fabric

Choose the fabric that makes you comfortable. Avoid wrinkly fabrics for formal occasions.

· Colour and pattern

Do not get something too flashy or dazzling for business events. Mono colors, geometric, and animal patterns are suitable for a formal occasion. Go crazy for the casual gatherings!

Girls in Short Skirts – Outfit Idea

The best way to wear short skirts is to wear them according to your physique. There are so many alternatives to style an outfit with short skirts. But some of the styles may suit you better than the other.

That is why my guide will help you to choose the best one for your stature.

# For The Hourglass Body:

If you have an hourglass figure with a defined waistline, pencil skirts are the best type of skirts for you. It will compliment your gorgeous waist and smooth out your legs. You can pair a crop top with your pencil skirt to get that signature Kim Kardshian look and stun the people around you. If you want to wear something fun, don’t hesitate to go for a tight mini skirt with an off-shoulder top.

girls in short skirts For The Hourglass Body

Curvy girls in short skirts are a bold statement. But we have a world to conquer, don’t we?

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# For The Apple-Shaped Body:

Having an Apple-shaped body means you carry more weight in the middle than the rest of your body part. The best part of having an apple-shaped physique is the gorgeous legs that you have. So, focus highlighting on those stunning pair of legs.

Short Skirts  For The Apple-Shaped Body

You can go for skirts that go right above your knees. But if you are feeling a bit flirty, go for a very short skirt outfit! As long as we are showing off those stunning legs, nothing can go wrong!

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A-line skirts are a great outfit choice for this type of body if you are going for a formal look. For a casual outing, choose a flared flirty mini skirt and pair it with a tank top and you are good to go!

# For The Pear-shaped (Triangle) body

If you have hips broader than your shoulder and bust with a slim midriff, you have a pear-shaped body like Shakira or Rihanna. Pegged skirts are a perfect choice for this type of figure.

Short skirts For The Pear-shaped

Do not get any tapered short skirts. It will just ruin the balanced chic look that you desire. You can also get some A-line skirt from time to time. Choosing a dark color will help you to create an illusion of slim thighs.

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# For The Rectangular-shaped (Athletic) body:

If your hips do have the same width as your shoulders, you have rectangular-shaped on an Athletic physique. With this figure, you can try out anything from menswear for women to tight miniskirts.

Short skirts For The Rectangular-shaped

Get a body-hugging pencil skirt and pair it with a shirt. This outfit will make you look sophisticated and sensual at the same time if you are going for a proper look. For a casual one, go for a mini denim skirt and pair it a strappy heel or you can dare to wear sneakers with that! You can also wear a belt to define your waistline.

Style yourself with as many short skirts you want. After all, we must show those seductive legs!

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# For Petite body shape:

I don’t know who spread that tale, but some people think that petite means short and slim girls. But petite women come in all shapes and sizes. In the fashion world, a woman who is 5’3″ or under-considered petite and weight has nothing to do with that.

short skirts for For Petite body shape

Supposing that, if you thought that if you don’t look like Carrie Bradshaw you are not petite, you were wrong, my dear. There are tons of short skirts outfit choices waiting for you to grab them.

A high-waisted skirt is an outstanding choice for a petite figure. Tuck your top under the high-waisted skirt, and this will create an illusion of long legs. You can experiment with very short skirts like wrap skirts or tight miniskirts that hug your posture.

Petite girls look gorgeous in skirts. Well, at least that’s what I’ve heard!

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Ideas For Formal Short Skirts:

Most of us choose to wear Mid-length skirts for a formal occasion. But you can style some short skirts outfit to rock that professional, sophisticated looks if you want. Here are some suggestions that you can use while choosing a business outfit.

# Pleated skirt with a long-sleeved top:

From a college interview to take a class in a school, this outfit is an excellent choice. Girls in miniskirts like this look very adorable.

girls in short skirts, Pleated skirt with a long-sleeved top

# Pencil Skirt With A Floral Blouse:

Whenever I think of a woman in a formal pencil skirt, my mind automatically goes to the picture of a woman with a long black skirt and a long-sleeve buttoned shirt. But let’s change that and make something fun to wear at work. Get a mono color pencil skirt and wear it with a cute floral top!

Pencil Skirt With A Floral Blouse,girls in short skirts

# Black leather flared skirt and Sweater:

There is something extraordinary about black miniskirts. So you can wear a black flared miniskirt and style it with a matching sweater to snatch that semi-formal look.

Black leather flared skirt and Sweater,girls in short skirts

# Tube skirt with turtle neck top:

A tube skirt with a turtle neck or simple tee will never go out of style. Just get a blazer on top of that, and you are good to go.

Tube skirt with turtle neck top,Girls in Short Skirts ,Best Way To Styling With Short Skirts

# Black button skirt and white Sweater:

Here is another black miniskirt idea for you. A black button miniskirt with a white full sleeve sweater is always a plain yet elegant wardrobe choice.

Black button skirt and white Sweater,Girls in Short Skirts

Tips For Wearing Formal Skirts:

  • Do not over accessorize your outfit.
  • Mono color outfits are always elegant for formal an occasion
  • Do not wear tight miniskirts if you have to walk a lot

Ideas For Casual Short Skirt Outfits:

Sometimes I get tired of wearing pants and trousers, but I don’t like to wear dresses at all. And that is where skirts become the rescuer.

Here are some of my ideas you can use to style your wardrobe.

# Jean short skirt with a floral top:

This jean short skirt and floral top will help you achieve that classic “Girls in short skirts” look. You can wear this to picnic, movies or on a road trip. This is also a cool college party outfit if you are looking for one.

Jean short skirt with a floral top

# White denim skirt with a tee:

Looking for a white skirt outfit? Here is your perfect trendy look with a white denim skirt and a striped tee. You can also go for crop and tank tops with this skirt. This look is really great for a country-rock concert outfit.

White denim skirt with a tee

# Leather mini skirt and vintage tee:

If you want to do something out of the box, get a leather mini skirt of any color and pair it with a vintage tee. Throw in some knee-length boots and a black leather jacket. This is also a perfect rock concert outfit.

Leather mini skirt and vintage tee,short skirts

# Floral Pleated Mini Skirt With Chambray Shirt:

Nothing screams more summery than a cheerful floral printed skirt. Wear that with a chambray shirt and rock every casual occasion you want to. It’s a perfect casual summer outfit for your wardrobe.

Floral Pleated Mini Skirt With Chambray Shirt:

# A-line skirt with halter neck top:

This A-line skirt paired with a halter top is a seductive yet sophisticated outfit. You can also pair your a-line skirt with a lace top to make it more elegant.

A-line skirt with halter neck top

Tips for wearing short skirts:

  • Always pair your skirt with comfortable and casual tops
  • Choose a fabric like cotton or denim instead of silk
  • Wear laid-back shoes like sneakers


The fashion statement of girls in short skirts is very appealing. But if you end up with the wrong skirt outfit, your experience may not be as pleasing as you thought it would be. So, get the right outfit for you and conquer the fashion world. And don’t forget, whatever you do, do it with poise.

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