How To Clean White Leather Shoes and Keep The Shoes New

Cleaning white leather shoes might be quite challenging, especially if you mostly wear them. Besides, it can even get harder since if you use chemicals, they might end up discoloring your shoes. This is why you need to know some effective tips on how to clean white leather shoes correctly.

Luckily, there is the best way on how to clean white shoes, and it comprises of natural household substances. Besides, leather is one of the most comfortable materials to clean since it does not absorb so much water, unlike other materials. This article consists of tips that will help you effectively clean white leather shoes.

What things you need to know before cleaning white leather shoes

  • White leather shoes consist of a durable material but tend to lose its shape if you soak it wet
  • If you want to clean white leather shoes, ensure that you have a shoe tree for excellent storage
  • Do not the shoes upside down or facing direct sunlight as it might cause yellow stains
  • White leather vans or shoes get dirt quickly, so you need to clean them anytime you spot dirt on the shoes
  • You should protect the shoes and gently clean the shoes using mild detergents to avoid discolouration

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Which Things Do You Need For Cleaning Leather Shoes?

If you want to know how to clean white Leather Shoes, then you need a couple of items that will be handy. These tools are essential to enhance and make cleaning effective. Below are some of the critical things to consider:

How To Clean White Leather Shoes

How To Clean White Leather Shoes: Step By Step Process

When it comes to how to clean white leather shoes, you should consider step by step process to ensure that you wash the shoes correctly. Washing leather shoes should be a question that comes first in your mind anytime you consider removing the shoes. Besides, below are some of the simple steps you need to follow to ensure that you successfully clean your white leather shoes:

# Gather all the required equipment

This guide, we have given you a detailed list of all the things you will need when it comes to cleaning white leather shoes. It is always the first thing that comes first before you go down into the cleaning process.

# Clean the surface

It is essential to note that you need to start by carefully wiping the surface of the shoes using a clean cloth. Start by wetting the paper towel and then you gently squeeze it to ensure that you remove excess water then wipe the outside of the shoe.

How to clean white leather shoes,clean shoes surface

Besides, if you want your shoes to get sparkly clean, then ensure that on this step, you remove all the big pieces of dirt that are on the shoe. Then leave the shoe to dry for about 10 minutes.

# Clean the sole of the shoe

After the shoe is dry, wet your magic easer and squeezes water out of it then carefully wipe the sole of the leather shoe. Run the eraser up and down until all the dirt and stain is gone. However, ensure that the eraser does not drip on the surface of the shoe.

Clean the sole of the shoes with eraser

# Wash using soap

The best way to clean white leather shoes is by wetting your cloth and lather it up and down on the shoe. You should consider making circular motions and keep the pace of washing as gentle as possible.

Clean the part of the shoe until you notice that it brings back its initial fresh shiny colour. Then wipe off any excess soap with clean water and ensure that you rinse the cloth thoroughly.

# Dry the shoe

When you are cleaning the shoes, let them dry for about 10 minutes. It is essential not to put shoes in direct sunlight as it might damage the material.

Expert Tips

  • Remove the white leather shoelaces and soak them differently in a dishwashing liquid
  • Rinse the laces and place them flat on a clean paper towel and let them dry
  • Brush the entire sole of the white leather vans or shoes to remove the dirt
  • Use a clean cloth with the soap mixture to wash the shoes
  • Ensure that you perfectly mix the dishwashing soap with warm water to get an effective mixture
  • Use a ball up white paper towel to help retain the shape of the white leather vans or shoes
  • Always consider treating the shoes with a leather conditioner to maintain their outlook
  • To remove stains, clean white leather shoes with effective detergents that will quickly get rid of stains

Frequently Asked questions

1. What method is best in cleaning leather shoes?

There are many ways you can consider to make cleaning effective. It depends on your preferences and what you feel is best for you when it comes to cleaning of leather shoes. Besides, always ensure that the method you use does not damage the material.

2. What can I use to clean leather shoes?

There are several detergents you can consider when it comes to cleaning leather shoes. For instance, you can use toothpaste, vinegar, or mild soap to remove dirt off the leather shoes.

3. Are baby wipes best in cleaning leather shoes?

Yes, they are useful in cleaning leather shoes as it entirely removes stains.  Wondering which is the best way to clean White shoes? Then try and consider using baby wipes. Wipe in circular motions as they are safe on leather and do not damage the material.


Well, above are some tips you need to consider when it comes to how to clean white leather shoes. If you decide to follow the right procedures from time to time carefully, then you can be sure to keep your shoes looking brand new all the time. Additionally, you should consider getting the right items needed for the cleaning procedures. Let’s keep our leather shoes looking new. I hope you find this helpful!

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