How To Fray Jeans Easily | Step By Step Process

Are you bored with your regular jeans and want to turn them a fashionable and trendy ones? Then you are at the correct place. Today here I will teach you a simple cost useful trick to turn your boring jeans into a cool pair.

Frayed jeans have made their place on top of the latest trends list. Starting from the Top-notch brands like Calvin Klein, every famous brand is designing it due to the immense customer demand. Both teenagers and adults love this style and going crazy over it.  So if you are one of them, then the piece of writing is for you as here we will demonstrate how to fray jeans.

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Required Things To Fray Jeans:

You can get a pair of frayed jeans at home without spending thousands of bucks on expensive clothing brands. You just need a little bit of time, effort, and the tools mentioned below:

  1. A pair of jeans.
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Chalk
  5. Tweezers

There you go. That’s all you need to give the hem of your jeans the most stylish look. Now when you are done with collecting all the tools, you are good to start the process.

Step By Step Process Of How To Fray Jeans:

Step 1:

First of all, you need to wear jeans, then to cut off jeans, chalk mark the line of your preferred length. If you wish to wear the fringe jeans as a cropped one, then you should mark it 2-3 inches above the ankle. But if you do not want cropped style jeans, then just above the ankle is fine.

chalk mark the line of jeans,How To Fray Jeans Easily

Step 2:

After you are done with marking the length, wear it off. Then lay it flat on your bed or floor and cut the hem according to the marked line.

How To Fray Jeans Easily

Step 3:

Now retake the chalk and mark it where you want your fringe hem jeans to start. The best way to start is two inches above the new hem. There is always an option to get more fringes again.

Step 4:

Here comes the need for scissors. Take the scissors and start cutting the hem horizontally. The width of horizontal strips should be 1 inch. It will look somewhat look like thin slices of potatoes.

scissors cut jeans

Step 5:

Pick one of the few flat pieces, and with the tweezers, now start working on the edges to lose it.  Then to make sure that do you are doing it in the right way, look at the back of the jeans. Now, if you see small white threads running horizontally throughout the fabric. Then you are on the right track. And this process is known as fraying.

Step 6:

When you have completed fraying both the hem of your jeans. Wear it again and see how cool your new frayed jeans look on you.

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Tips and Tricks to stop your frayed jeans from further fraying:

Do you know your jeans can also fray from everywhere, even when you did not fray them? So now think about what can happen to those pair of jeans which you have intentionally frayed.

There are several types of jeans available in the market industry, as well as their qualities. But the self-fraying process of the jeans mainly depends on the quality of your jeans. The fraying also depends on how you treat your pair of jeans. Even if you buy expensive and quality full jeans, it can start fraying badly if you do not take care of it properly. So here are a few essential tips for maintaining your pair of frayed bottom jeans.

  • Avoid long legs – A simple way to stop your jeans from fraying more than it is necessary is to get the right length. Yes, you have to make sure that the length of your frayed hem jeans is not very lengthy. Because when the length of the jeans is too much longer, it will come into contact with the floor, road, etc. This contact will cause friction and further fraying of the bottom of your jeans.
  • Right pair of shoes- If your jeans are still fraying even when you have cut it at a good length. Then the reason behind this issue could be your footwear.

Footwear like sandals and sponges often drags in the bottom part of the jeans, and when it continues for a long time, it results in fraying.  Thus when you are wearing fringe hem jeans, get the right pair of shoes on your feet such as boots to make it more long-lasting.

  • Don’t wash too much- Another great way of preventing your jeans from fraying is not washing them too frequently. The more you will wash the fray jeans, the more they will fray.  In easy words, if you do not wash jeans more often, then you can save them from additional fraying.

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There you go. That’s all the instructions, tips, and tricks regarding how to fray jeans. I hope by the time you finished reading this article, you will be an expert in turning your own jeans into stylish fringe jeans. But also make sure to focus on the tips and tricks to maintain your fray jeans. As in cutting hair or jeans, there is no coming back.

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