What Color Goes with Maroon Pants? Maroon Pants Outfit Inspiration

Hey there, fashion enthusiasts! If you’re wondering what color goes with maroon pants, you’ve come to the right place. I’m your resident fashion expert, and I’ve been rocking maroon pants for over five years.

In this blog post, I’ll share my insights and expertise to help you create stunning outfits with maroon pants. Get ready for some fashion fun!

The Basics of Color Theory

What Color Goes with Maroon Pants

Before we dive into the world of maroon pants, let’s brush up on some color theory. Understanding how colors work together is critical to creating stylish outfits. Here’s a quick crash course:

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Primary Colors: These are the foundation of all colors – red, blue, and yellow.

Secondary Colors: These are created by mixing primary colors. For instance, red + blue = purple.

Complementary Colors: These are opposite each other on the color wheel and create high contrast, making outfits pop. Maroon’s complementary color is a shade of green.

Analogous Colors: These are adjacent to the color wheel and create a harmonious look. For maroon, consider deep reds and purples.

Now that you have the basics down let’s explore the exciting world of maroon pants and their color companions.

What Color Goes with Maroon Pants?

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – what colors go best with maroon pants? Here’s a list of fantastic color options to complement your maroon bottoms:

  • Crisp White: A white blouse or top is a timeless choice that pairs effortlessly with maroon pants. It’s a fresh and clean look that’s perfect for any occasion.
  •  Navy Blue: Maroon and navy create a sophisticated combination. A navy blazer or sweater will give your outfit a refined touch.
  •  Soft Pink: If you want to add a touch of femininity, pale pink or blush tones work wonders. They provide a lovely contrast to the deep maroon.
  •  Olive Green: As mentioned earlier, green is a complementary color to maroon. An olive green top can create an exciting and balanced look.
  •  Mustard Yellow: For a bold and trendy appearance, mustard yellow can be a real showstopper when paired with maroon pants.
  •  Denim Blue: Denim jackets or shirts are versatile and look great with maroon. It’s a casual, yet chic, combination.

Trendy Ways to Wear Maroon Pants

Indeed, let’s delve into more detail on trendy ways to wear maroon pants. Here are some fashion-forward outfit ideas that will help you make a stylish statement with your maroon bottoms:

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1. a tailored black blazer and Maroon pant

1. Office Chic

Maroon pants can be a fantastic addition to your work wardrobe. Create an office-appropriate look by pairing them with a crisp white blouse and a tailored black blazer. This combination exudes professionalism and style. Complete the look with black pumps, and you’ll be ready to conquer the boardroom.

2. Casual Comfort

2. Casual Comfort

For a relaxed and comfortable outfit, consider teaming your maroon pants with an oversized gray sweater. This cozy combination is perfect for a casual day out, whether you’re shopping or meeting friends for coffee. Finish off the look with white sneakers for a laid-back vibe.

3. a black lace top with maroon pants

3. Date Night Glam

When it’s time for a romantic dinner or a night out on the town, you can’t go wrong with maroon pants. Pair them with a black lace top for sophistication and allure. Add some statement jewelry, and remember the red lipstick to complete your dazzling date night ensemble.

4. a denim shirt and ankle boots with maroon pants

a denim shirt and ankle boots with maroon pants

Embrace a relaxed yet stylish weekend look with your maroon pants. Combine them with a denim shirt and ankle boots. It’s a chic and effortless outfit perfect for running errands or enjoying a leisurely day.

5. a flowy floral top with maroon pants

5. Boho Beauty

If you love the bohemian style, maroon pants can fit right in. Match them with a flowy floral top and a pair of comfortable sandals. To add some extra flair, top it off with a floppy hat for a whimsical and artistic touch.

6. Beach Vacation

Planning a beach vacation? Your maroon pants can be part of your travel wardrobe too. Pair them with an off-shoulder top in coral or teal and espadrilles for a breezy and tropical feel. You’ll be ready for both sandy shores and beachside dinners.

7. Garden Party

Whether it’s a bridal shower or a lovely garden party, you can create an elegant look with maroon pants. Opt for a mint green blouse and add a wide-brim hat to complete the outfit. Strappy sandals or ballet flats will keep you comfortable while enjoying the festivities.

8. maroon pants with a black graphic tee

maroon pants with a black graphic tee

If you’re heading out for a day of outdoor activities, you can achieve a sporty look with your maroon pants. Team them up with a black graphic tee, a denim jacket, and white sneakers. This combination is perfect for hiking, biking, or just having fun in the sun.

9. Classic Elegance:

Maroon pants can also work for more formal events. Combine them with a black silk blouse and accessorize with statement jewelry. This traditional ensemble will make you the epitome of elegance at weddings, galas, or other upscale occasions.

10. Color Block Craze

Experiment with color-blocking by matching your maroon pants with a mustard yellow top and cobalt blue accessories. This bold and eye-catching style is excellent for making a statement.

11. Monochromatic Magic

For a sleek and elongating effect, consider going monochrome with maroon. A maroon top paired with maroon pants can create an incredibly stylish and visually exciting look. Add a belt to break up the color and create a more defined silhouette.

12. black and white striped top with maroon pants

black and white striped top with maroon pants

A black and white striped top with maroon pants is a classic and timeless choice. The contrast between the stripes and maroon creates an effortlessly chic look that is perfect for various occasions.

13. Day at the Museum:

If you’re planning a cultural outing or a visit to the museum, maroon pants can be a stylish choice. Pair them with a teal turtleneck and comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be both fashionable and comfortable for your day of exploration.

14. Cocktail Hour:

Elevate your maroon pants for a cocktail party by pairing them with a metallic gold top and strappy heels. You’ll be ready for a night of celebration and glamour.

15. Artistic Flair:

a patterned top featuring various colors

Embrace your creative side with a patterned top featuring various colors. The vibrancy of the pattern will be a great conversation starter and showcase your unique style.

With these detailed outfit ideas, you’re sure to make the most of your maroon pants and create a variety of stylish looks for any occasion.

Shopping and Styling Tips for Maroon Pants

Shopping and Styling Tips for Maroon Pants

Now that you have a better understanding of what colors go with maroon pants and have some stylish outfit ideas, let’s delve into some shopping and styling tips to make your fashion journey even smoother:

  • Consider the fabric of your maroon pants. Cotton or linen pants are perfect for casual looks, while silk or satin maroon pants can add a touch of luxury for special occasions.
  •  Get your maroon pants tailored to ensure the perfect fit. Well-fitted pants can elevate any outfit.
  •  The choice of shoes can transform your look. Heels are significant for a formal appearance, while sneakers or flats are perfect for a more relaxed style.
  •  Accessories: Remember to accessorize. Belts, scarves, and statement jewelry can add personality to your outfit.

Where to Buy Maroon Pants?

Where to Buy Maroon Pants

Wondering where to find the perfect pair of maroon pants? Don’t fret; I’ve got you covered. You can find maroon pants at:

  1. Zara
  2.  H&M
  3.  ASOS
  4.  Nordstrom

These popular retailers offer various maroon pants to suit your style and budget. Happy shopping!

Are there any situations where maroon pants would be out of place?

Are there any situations where maroon pants would be out of place

Maroon pants are incredibly versatile, but there are a few situations where they might need to be put in the right place. For example:

  • Formal Black-Tie Events: Maroon pants are generally not suitable for black-tie events. Opt for a classic tuxedo or evening gown instead.
  •  Corporate Dress Codes: Some strict corporate environments might frown upon colorful pants. Stick to traditional business attire in such cases.
  •  Outdoor Activities: If you’re engaging in activities like hiking or gardening, there may be more practical choices than maroon pants.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so feel free to break these rules if you’re confident in your style choices.


Maroon pants are a fabulous addition to any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe. With their versatility and rich color, you can create many stunning outfits for various occasions. Remember to experiment with colors, fabrics, and accessories to find the perfect combination that suits your style.


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