Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves? Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Court Fashion

In the fast-paced world of volleyball, where split-second decisions can determine the outcome of a match, every piece of a player’s uniform is carefully chosen.

One often wonders, “Why do volleyball players wear long sleeves?” In this blog post, we’ll dive into the evolution of volleyball uniforms and explore the multifaceted reasons behind this design choice.

Evolution of Volleyball Uniforms

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Evolution of Volleyball Uniforms

Before we explore the specific reasons for wearing long sleeves, let’s take a brief journey through the evolution of volleyball uniforms.

From the sport’s early days, where participants wore essential attire, to the modern era of advanced materials and design, volleyball uniforms have undergone significant changes.

Practical considerations, technological advancements, and evolving fashion trends have influenced these changes.

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Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves?

There are several reasons why volleyball players, especially liberos, might wear long sleeves during games and practice. Here are some of the most common:

1. Protection Against Floor Burns

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Protection Against Floor Burns

Long sleeves protect against dreaded floor burns – abrasions caused by the friction between a player’s skin and the court surface during dives and slides.

These burns, though minor, can be painful and take time to heal.

By donning lengthy sleeves, players add an extra layer of protection, reducing the likelihood of such injuries and allowing them to focus on the game without fearing painful aftermath.

2. Protection from Sun

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Protection from Sun

Under the scorching sun, outdoor volleyball brings a new challenge – sunburns. Long sleeves are a natural barrier, safeguarding players from harmful UV rays.

This prevents short-term discomfort and contributes to long-term skin health, aligning with the players’ commitment to their sport and personal well-being.

3. Compression Benefits

 Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Compression Benefits

Long-sleeved jerseys often incorporate compression technology, providing players with added benefits.

Compression sleeves aid in better blood circulation, reducing muscle fatigue during prolonged matches.

This design choice goes beyond aesthetics, actively contributing to players’ physical well-being and performance on the court.

4. Enhanced Grip and Ball Control

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Enhanced Grip and Ball Control

The texture of long sleeves can enhance grip and ball control. Volleyball demands precision; even the slightest advantage can make a significant difference.

The fabric of long sleeves creates a tactile surface, allowing players to handle the ball with finesse better, contributing to the overall skill and strategy of the game.

5. Regulation and Uniform Standards

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Regulation and Uniform Standards

Uniform regulations set by governing bodies like FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) contribute to the prevalence of long sleeves. 

Compliance with these standards ensures a level playing field and upholds the professional image of the sport.

Understanding the necessity of uniformity sheds light on why volleyball players opt for long sleeves.

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6. Cultural and Team Traditions

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Cultural and Team Traditions

Volleyball teams often adopt specific traditions and cultural nuances, and uniform choices become a part of this identity.

Long sleeves may be a nod to the team’s history or represent unity and shared values. Exploring these cultural aspects adds depth to the simple choice of long sleeves.

Personal Preferences and Player Choice

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Personal Preferences and Player Choice

While there are several practical reasons for wearing long sleeves, personal preference also plays a significant role.

Like athletes in any sport, volleyball players have individual preferences regarding their attire.

Some may feel more comfortable and confident in long sleeves, while others may opt for short sleeves or other variations.

Ultimately, the choice of attire reflects the player’s comfort and style, contributing to their overall on-court performance.

Expert Opinions

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Long Sleeves: Expert Opinions

Let’s turn to the experts – coaches, sports scientists, and renowned players to gain further insights.

Dr. Jane Davidson, a sports medicine specialist, emphasizes the importance of injury prevention through proper attire.

With years of experience at both amateur and professional levels, Coach Alex Rodriguez highlights the psychological impact of uniforms on player confidence.


In the intricate tapestry of volleyball, every element, including the choice of long sleeves, weaves a story of functionality, tradition, and personal expression.

As we unravel the mystery behind why volleyball players wear long sleeves, it becomes clear that this seemingly simple choice results from careful consideration, evolving standards, and the dynamic nature of the sport.


For those eager to delve deeper into the world of volleyball uniforms and sports science, here are some recommended resources:

  1. FIVB Official Uniform Regulations

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