Winter Capsule Wardrobe: Ideas for a Flawless Winter Closet in 2023

Welcoming new season may be motivating outside but when you come home and deal with your wardrobe, is it that fun? Evidently not! Reducing cloths hurt more than an injection and thinking of not wearing your summer shorts and sleeveless can make you cry! 

And after that, when you think that you have to wash so many clothes this winter, you surely do not want any new season to knock your door! But guess what! You can mix and match and wear the same dress with different styles to keep this winter alive! 

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This is where the name of Winter Capsule Wardrobe comes in! I am here. To take you on a trip on how you can manage to wear less dress and still be in style this winter! Have a look at the next segment! 

What is a Winter Capsule Wardrobe? 

Do you have any idea about Winter Capsule Wardrobe? Yes, exactly what you are thinking! Capsule Wardrobe is several pieces of dresses in your wardrobe that you can interchange and make creative outfits! When you are with a capsule wardrobe, you do not need to increase the number of dresses rather you can wear the same thing again and again but in a different way! 

winter capsule wardrobe

In shivering winter, do you want to clean hundreds of clothes? No one would be eager to do that. To minimize the number of clothes, a winter capsule wardrobe is the best option to settle on! 

Many people may think that a capsule wardrobe will end up repeating the same look. But this is not the case if you are a little tricky.  All you need to do is be a little creative and the game is yours! 

Chart of Wardrobe Capsules: How many Cloths for winter? 

We love wearing different dresses different day but when it is winter and there are a lot of clothes in the washing machine, anybody will get annoyed. To avoid this, simplify the wardrobe when winter comes. 

Women are never too decent about keeping clothes in the wardrobe, they keep whatever they love! But behold because this may create hassle! Make a list of how many clothes you are going to keep and this may save you this winter! 

Pieces of Cloths and Accessories

Numbers of Cloths
Tops1-3 Long-Sleeved Blouses1-2 Long-Sleeved Shirts
Pants/ Leggings2-3 Colored Pants (1 black and 1 white/funky color)2-3 Leggings
Jeans2 Dark-washed Jeans 2 Light-washed Jeans
Outerwear2 Jackets1 Coat (Winter Coat)
Layers2 Blazers2 Sweaters or Cardigans
Dresses2-3 Fancy Dresses or Skirts1-2 Casual Dresses or Skirts
Outfit for Home1-3 Tank Tops1-2 Short-Sleeved Shirts

10 Best Capsule Wardrobe Ideas


Get a cardigan that is comfortable yet trendy. Always go for the neutral color! It suits all! You can wear any cardigan of any neck. Choose anyone that goes with your style. While selecting the cardigan, remember to choose something that’s a little loose. 

winter capsule wardrobe,girls wear cardigan

2.Draped Wool Dress:

For the formal sessions, this can be your Holy Grail dress this winter! Keep you stylish yet warm! Go for the draped wool dress in the basic colors. Black, red, white or regular colors like that will make it easy for wearing it anywhere you want!

winter capsule wardrobe,women wear draped wool dress


It will save you from the cold and make you look fashionable. Wear it with any sweater of crewneck or cardigan, you are ready to go! The high turtleneck cloths will help you stay away from cold and will give you a different style too. 

winter capsule wardrobe,girls wear turtleneck

4.Cropped Woolen Pants:

To look cool and stay warm, this must be on your checklist! These is my go-to pants for casual and formal winter evenings. Woolen pants are a savior in the extreme winter. What is better than things that keep you warm yet fashionable? 

winter capsule wardrobe,women wear woolen pants

5.Faux Knit Vest:

Take a shirt and wear it over the shirt! Fashion and sophistication, here you go! For super winter times, these are lifesavers. Keeping one will save you from terrible winter attacks. 

6.Thick Ponte Leggings:

Leggings will work in the winter but go for the thicker version only. Go for black or any neutral color to wear it with everything! If you select the thin leggings then you will not be able to avoid the cold. So, before choosing, go through the construction material of the leggings. 

winter capsule wardrobe,women wear thick ponte leggings

7.Knit Dress:

Workplace or late-night party, keep this! This works everywhere! Add layers as it is winter! This can be your go-to dress for the parties in the evening. Only an extra cardigan will help you keep the winter away! What else do you need! 

winter capsule wardrobe,women wear knit dress

8.V-Neck T-shirt:

V-neck structure can make every winter layer work! Go for t-shirts, they can work well with the layer over it! Also, keep some round necked t-shirts in your capsule list. You can wear these inside the house and outside. 


It works will every casual day! Trust me; it fits in the less cold days. In extreme winter, layer it up! Add some shorts in the fewer winter days or go for thick leggings in the extreme winters. You will fire the stage up with the tunics in the winter. 

women wear tunic, winter capsule wardrobe

10.V-Neck Sweater:

Grant my apology for being partial for V-neck clothes but you agree that they work, right! Wear any t-shirt or top under it and you are ready. Select the oversized sweaters for being comfortable. Oversized stuff makes you feel comfortable yet keeps you warm. The best part is they make you look fashionable!

women wear v neck sweater,winter capsule wardrobe

11.Leather Boots

Boots are a hot favorite when it comes to sophistication. And leather has no age! Just like wines, leather stays trendy no matter how much it ages. Always remember to keep one leather boots in your winter capsule list. You can wear them in every place! Go for black or leather color to match it with every outfit. 


Pumps are amazing if you can flaunt them with an interesting outfit. If you have chosen the neutral colors for the boots then go for a red pair of pumps. It will add color to your dull winter life!

winter capsule wardrobe,women wear pumps

13.Plaid Skirt 

Plaid skirts are something which you can wear in any formal sessions. If you are going to have a formal party or you are going through hectic office days, wear your plaid skirt with a sweater and have fun! Add a jacket if needed. 

17.Wedge Sneakers 

If you like to keep up your COOL attitude even in the winter, settle for the wedge sneakers. It will afford you incredible warmth and lift up the dull outfit! 

18.Regular Flats 

Jack-of-all-trades, the regular flats will never go out of style! Yes, you must keep a pair of flats to go for regular outings. On the grocery run or meeting any friend, flats are versatile!  

winter capsule wardrobe,women wear regular flats

19.Dark Blue Wash Skinny Jeans

Jeans are an all-time favorite of people that love to be stylish even in the excessive cold. You can keep on dark blue wash skinny jeans. You can flaunt your jeans with an oversized top or cardigan. 

20.Tall Boots 

Boots are always cool but with the regular boots, add one tall boot too. Keep the colors different. Keep one black boot and one leather color boots. Tall boots will give a look of classiness and you will feel that you are out to have adventures! 

women wear tall boots,

21.Jean Jacket 

Popular as denim jackets, the jean jackets are just the right deal for everyone. Go for any colored jeans jacket and keep it a little short. Wear a t-shirt under it and add up black pants or leggings. You are ready to go for any casual sessions! 

How to Build a Winter Capsule Wardrobe 

# Go through the Wardrobe 

To complete the mission of the winter wardrobe, the very first work for you is to take out all your clothes from the closet. Spread it all over your bed and watch carefully. For a basic capsule wardrobe for winter, you have to divide the warm clothes from the regular dresses. 

If it was not a winter capsule wardrobe then you only needed to select the items that you usually were and put the rest into a different place. 

I recommend you to divide the clothes into 3 different sections. Keep all of the unloved clothes in one section that doesn’t fit you and you are never going to wear them. Add the damaged, ripped and stained clothes here. And finally, the most desired section of clothing will be for wearing this winter. Keep your favorite clothes here that suit you and that you feel comfortable wearing? 

dress color matching

# Colors are the Key 

Now that you have divided the clothes for winter, let’s talk business with them! There are clothes for winter that you do not like because the color may be too pale or too vibrant. When you are lessening the clothes, you have to keep in mind to keep some base colors in your capsule wardrobe checklist. 

People are often confused about the neutral and so, here are some capsule wardrobe examples that will help you out in choosing the right one!  

So, the base color is important. Here are some neutral colors that are a must in your capsule wardrobe checklist. As a base color, you can go for the black and navy blue. Ensure that these colors suit you properly. 

Now, you have to think about the capsule wardrobe essentials that are called complementary neutrals. If you are choosing black as a base color, you can undoubtedly go for grey or white as complimentary neutrals. Creams and beige will be the perfect complementary neutrals for the color navy blue. 

# Accent Colors for Dimensions 

To add dimension over the neutrals, accent colors are important. You have to make sure that the accent colors synchronize with the base colors you have chosen. 

According to seasons, accent colors change. This winter, you can set fire to the stage with Red Pear, Valiant Poppy, Nebulas Blue, Martini Olive, Russet Orange, Ultra Violet, Crocus Petal and Limelight. These are the hot favorites of this year! 

# Texture and Pattern to Grab Attention 

If all you wear is one colored, who will notice you! Just to grab the attention is not at all, you have to feel confident in your outfit. Once Harry Winston said, “people will stare, make it worth their while.” And to make it worth their while, you have to add patterns and texture to the one colored boring outfits. 

Floral print to tiger pattern, stripes to checks, dotted to tartan, BIRDSEYE to twill, select some of them that you find interesting. 

# Go for Shopping 

Add all the chosen clothes to your wardrobe and have fun. While selecting the colors and textures, there might be some required clothes that are missing in your wardrobe. Can you spend the winter without those? If you cannot stay without these, make a list of these pieces. 

While making minimalist wardrobe women should always keep a notebook with them to take note. Usually, people forget a thing if they try to remember it after completing the winter wardrobe. 

If you need more information on how to put together a capsule wardrobe, go for the How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe and check it out! This piece of writing will help you in making a year-round capsule wardrobe. 

Maintenance of Capsule Wardrobe: Tips and Tricks

  • Make a promise to yourself for only keeping the necessary cloths
  • Use the cloths in different styles. Go for the same tops with different leggings or pants to create a difference
  • Try to make a list of what you need before opening up the wardrobe for reducing cloths. 
  • Try to stick to the capsule list
  • Never go shopping for if it is not required. Try to settle on the clothes you have. 
  • Be choosy about colors that suit you
  • Try to keep some neutrals and then reduce the other clothes. Try to skip the same colored clothes even if you love them
  • Go for oversized dresses because they are comfortable yet trendy
  • Make sure the dress you select fits you well

Wrapping Up 

Mix and match anything you want and wear it with your own style. The founder of V-Style, Vanessa Valiente said, “Style is not about fitting in your clothes. It’s about making your clothes fit you.” And this winter capsule wardrobe is all about making your clothes fit and work throughout this winter! 

Everything is in your wardrobe, you have to find new tricks and make new styles that make you look different in the same old dress! Be your own designer and design your outlook!  

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