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ifashionguy.com provides the user with all the necessary information about fashion and trends. If you are interested to know about fashion and eager to follow the trend, you will be glad to know about the website. Fashion comes and goes, and the idea of this site is to let you know about the trend going on.

Besides, you will get to know about tips and tricks for the improvement of your fashion intelligence, and you will be able to make them useful in your regular life.

Our eagerness

We have experts to provide you updated information related to fashion on our ifashionguy.com website via email. If you have any queries regarding the dressing method along with hairstyle solutions, you can ask your queries to our specialists.

They are devoted to replying and provide needed answers to your queries. We are determined to afford a response to any questions related to fashion. No matter which part of the world you reside in, we are always at your service.

Our role on the web

We have a team of experts, and we are here to serve you each and every piece of information concerning the fashion and fashion world. If you are a person who is confused about what to wear or which outfit will suit you perfectly, we are here for you.

We have incredible outfit ideas along with hairstyle schemes for you so that you get everything wrapped in one place! The readers visit our website to expand their knowledge about outfits, hairstyles and other sectors of fashion.

The purpose of ifashionguy.com

The solitary purpose of ifashionguy.com is to aid thousands of people that are confused about the trend. We believe that there are still people who get into a dilemma when it comes to wearing a piece of dress. Cutting hair and styling it is a perfect way also requires advice.

We walk in these sectors and afford you expert advice so that you never go wrong when it comes to styling yourself up. We agree to provide you with the best ideas to get ready. You will find your best bet here. If you go through our website, you will never walk without style!

Feel curiosity about our aim

There is a range of intentions for crafting this website. The major purpose that we stick to is to afford you the basic knowledge about fashion and trends. If you go through our suggestions and recommendations, you will surely find them praiseworthy.

And if you feel you like our recommendations, stay tuned with us. Our intention is to bring back your style, and if you are a fashion-concerned person, you will definitely be benefited from the information we have included on our website.

Our Team

1. Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a distinguished name in the realm of men’s fashion, and his expertise shines through his renowned blog, iFashionGuy.com. With an unwavering passion for menswear, Paul has dedicated his career to transforming men’s fashion into an art form that exudes style and confidence.

As a seasoned menswear designer, Paul Smith’s insights go beyond the ordinary. Through iFashionGuy.com, he not only provides invaluable guidelines on men’s clothing and outfit ideas but also delves into the nuances of grooming, hairstyling, and more. With an acute understanding of the modern man’s sartorial needs, Paul’s advice resonates with individuals seeking to elevate their fashion game.

Paul’s journey in the world of fashion began with his graduation in Fashion Designing from the esteemed Ohio State University in Columbus. Armed with a deep understanding of design principles and a keen eye for trends, he embarked on a path that led him to become a trendsetter himself. His creative prowess has been recognized and celebrated through numerous fashion awards, solidifying his position as a true authority in the industry.

The inception of iFashionGuy.com was a testament to Paul’s vision of democratizing fashion knowledge. With the blog, he aimed to bridge the gap between runway trends and everyday wear, making high-end fashion accessible to all men who aspire to refine their personal style.

Join Paul Smith on iFashionGuy.com as he navigates the diverse facets of men’s fashion, imparting wisdom that empowers men to express themselves through their clothing, grooming choices, and overall demeanor. With Paul’s guidance, discovering your signature style and embracing your inner fashionista is just a click away.

2. Rachel Zoe

Meet Rachel Zoe, the creative force behind exquisite fashion designs and the go-to advisor for personal style. Armed with a Fashion Design Bachelor’s degree from the London College of Fashion, Rachel’s fashion intuition is unmatched.

With over a decade in the industry, Rachel has reshaped fashion, fusing classic elegance with modern trends. Her designs aren’t just clothes; they’re statements that empower.

But Rachel is more than a designer – she’s a style confidante. Her savvy advice has ignited confidence and self-expression in many, diving deep into the psychology of fashion and identity.

Rachel’s journey is defined by innovation, quality, and authentic love for helping others navigate the world of fashion. Her runway, red carpet, and global closet impact have touched diverse women.

Through her blog, Rachel invites you to explore the fashion world through her sharp lens. She’s here to inspire and guide, celebrating how clothing amplifies our uniqueness.

Join Rachel as she continues shaping fashion narratives with her educated eye and seasoned expertise, making style accessible and exciting.

3. Janice J. Craven

Hello there! I’m Janice Craven, a seasoned fashion designer specializing in women’s fashion with a keen focus on fabulous ladies over 50. My journey revolves around empowering older women to embrace their style and exude confidence through their fashion choices.

Passion and Expertise: With years of experience, I possess a sharp eye for detail and a natural sense of style. My creations are tailored to the desires and needs of women embracing their golden years. I excel in understanding mature fashion nuances and crafting designs that amplify age’s inherent beauty.

Achievements and Qualifications

  • Showcased collections at prestigious fashion events, acclaimed for blending classic and contemporary elements.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Cornell University, Ithaca.
  • Years of hands-on experience in the fashion industry.

Sharing Insights: Through my blog, I share valuable knowledge with women worldwide. From practical tips to curated outfit ideas, I aim to make the fashion journey enjoyable and empowering.

Join me in celebrating the elegance of age with grace, panache, and wardrobes that echo our souls.

Elegantly, Janice Craven


Our whole team is working devotedly to afford you a perfect service that is related to fashion and its branches. We are interested in presenting every important detail of fashion here so that you get to know more about it. We only include ideas that are highly approved and attractive to you. We do not include anything moderate in terms of fashion.

We also want to mention that we are keen so that we can improve our blog and develop it by offering trendy data and ideas along with the latest information related to international fashion. If you love our website and our work, do not forget to let us know about it via mail. Also, let us know if you want us to improve anything or you have any suggestions for us.