Privacy Policy is a safe and sound website that envelops a solid but compact privacy policy. You have to know about how this website deals with your personal information and privacy. And thus, you should be very careful about delivering any personal information. This is why; you have to learn about the privacy policy.

Log Files: is a website that has log files. If you want to look for the lucid description, you can check out the records of our website. The files include a range of information about the website. The information regarding clicks rate, duration of a user, exit page, demographic data, etc are added there. We have the capability of analyzing the trend of the users too. The work of the log files is to ensure that no personal data is included here to certify your privacy.

Along with the aforementioned details, the log files incorporate an assortment of fundamental information. And these are:

  • Internet Protocol Addresses or IP Addresses
  • Date or Time Stamp
  • Administer the Site
  • Internet Service Provider or ISP

Cookies and Web Beacons: collect cookies so that we can gather the necessary information. With the help of cookies, we can know about user preferences too. Cookies help us to learn why the users visit our website and when the users leave. We also get to know why the users leave along with the reasons behind the bouncing rate. In short, we recognize all the positive and negative aspects with the assistance of the cookies.

In accompanied by this, we are also able to decide on the major attraction of the visitors. As we get to know all these data, this help is to support the users and put our best to keep the clients contented.

Links to Third-Party Websites:

When you visit our website, you will get to know that there is a range of references along with links available here. The major fact here is we use the links and references on the authority of our users.

On the contrary, we have to state that we are not responsible for the activities of our clients. We are not liable for any of their actions. The policy of our clients may vary from us and so, we do not take any accountability of their deeds.

Your Data Security is must:

We have stored the user’s information in our database. We are also determined to keep the data protected. We commit to our clients to keep their personal data secure. No authorized person is given the accessibility to the user’s information on our website.

We do not include any sort of hidden policy and we determinedly declare it. We have also included an option for unsubscribing. If any of our users feel insecure about their data or do not want to stay connected, they have to utmost right to unsubscribe right then and there.

The right of modifying the privacy policy

We also mention that our authority reserves the supreme right of bringing any changes in our privacy policy. If any changes occur from our side, we are promised to let our audience know about the changes in the information.

We will convey a message about this to our users and clients via email. We are firm about not using any of your data for any illegal purpose. You will have all the detailed information about us and if you have any queries or confusion, you can email us to have a better understanding between you and us.