All Smart Way to Wear a Dress Shirt With Jeans

Who doesn’t love to get ready with a cool outfit? But don’t you like creating a unique outfit that prepares you for every semi-formal occasion? This is where the idea of a dress shirt with jeans comes in! 

Dress shirt with jeans is a common idea; however, there is still confusion because a dress shirt and pants are the perfect combos. If I keep away the complexity and diversities of opinions, we all will say that the fusion of formal and casual makes it the right outfit for both day and night.

Still, some people don’t understand how to dress up jeans and how to make them work. And so, I am here to help you out! Don’t miss our recent post-about-How To Style Crew Neck With Collared Shirt.

Rumors about Dress Shirts with Jeans

There is always confusion about pairing up jeans with a dress shirt. A dress shirt is a perfect outfit for formal occasions. These shirts are of natural fiber. These shirts are usually made in a slim-fit design and worn with a tie. And most people still believe that dress shirts can only be worn with formal wear!

But things have changed, and people are developing newer outfit ideas. These days, The young generation loves wearing a dress shirt and jeans. It gives them the semi-formal or casual look that they want every day.

There will always be positive and negative opinions about the jeans and dress shirt, but all you can do is wear them and flaunt them!

Easy Ways to Wear Dress Shirt and Jeans Combo

1. White Dress Shirt

When it comes to the dress shirt with jeans, the first thing that comes to our mind is a white dress shirt. Yes, denim goes right with a white shirt. Take out the best white dress shirt and pair it with jeans.

In this case, try to settle for dark-colored jeans so that the white color of the shirt is more visible. This “blue jeans white shirt” idea with go right with every informal event.

White Dress Shirt - Dress Shirt With Jeans
White Dress Shirt

2. Black Shirt with Denim

Just like the “blue jeans white shirt idea, there are blue jeans and a black shirt idea too! In a world full of colors, the only color that will go with every occasion is black. And so, this is a must-hair pair in your closet.

Settle for the blue jeans to ensure that both colors look good together.

Black Shirt with Denim - Dress Shirt With Jeans
Black Shirt with Denim

3. Blue Hues

If you don’t like to go for the best white dress shirt, you can go for the blue hue shirts too! Blue hues are great for pairing up with jeans. Go for dark blue jeans and pair them with a light blue dress shirt.

You can try dark brown leather loafers to make the look casual.

 Blue Hues
Blue Hues

4. Check the Pattern

You can never go wrong with the check pattern when it comes to the dress shirt with jeans. Go for a formal dress shirt that has check patterns. Red or blue checks will look the best.

Go for some sneakers or ked to make them look a little more casual. This is the perfect outfit for hangouts or dates.

Check Pattern - Dress Shirt With Jeans


5. Blue and White

Only the shirt can make you look amazing! How? Have a look at this dress shirt with jeans. The stripes on light blue and white colors make the look neat.

Also, ripped-off jeans and perfect sneakers can complete the look. This one!

Blue and White  - Dress Shirt With Jeans


6. Neat Check Pattern

When the topic is men’s dress jeans, the perfect combo can be with a check pattern shirt. You can rely on black and white if you agree to settle for check-pattern dress shirts.

It becomes unique when you pair up a black and white check shirt with jeans. Also, go for white shoes. Sneakers will be the best choice here. You can go for light blue jeans in this case.

Neat Check Pattern  - Dress Shirt With Jeans


7. Jeans Shirt

When you are settling for dress shirts, go for jeans shirts. These are comfortable, and you can take it anywhere.

If you want to settle for a dark blue denim shirt, go for black-colored jean. The ripped-off jeans look better here.

Jeans Shirt  - Dress Shirt With Jeans

8. Tucked in Striped

Truck in your stripe dress shirts with a perfect pair of denim. Make sure that you are going for dark-colored jeans.

In this case, the dark blue and white stripes look amazing. Go for loafers to keep the look trendy yet sophisticated.

Tucked in Striped  - Dress Shirt With Jeans


9. Olive Tones

If you are a fan of olive things, you can pick up an olive green shirt for yourself. Take out the nice dress shirts in olive color. For pairing up, you can try the faded jeans.

With this, you can select the loafers. If you love boots, go for leather boots to make them look attractive. 

Olive Tones  - Dress Shirt With Jeans


10. Grey Jeans

Best Menswear Fashion Designer, Charlie Casely-Hayford, said, “Invest in jeans which reflect your age and style.” He also mentioned that if you wear faded jeans, the faded areas should match your body parts.

Grey denim is the life savior for people tired of blue and black jeans. To flaunt amazingly, you can wear a navy blue dress shirt with grey jeans.

Go for a loafer to make it look casual. Also, wear a watch to keep it semi-formal!

Grey Jeans - Dress Shirt With Jeans

11. Unique Mustard Colors

If you want to go for something unique, light mustard yellow can be your best bet. With men’s dress jeans, wear shirts of vibrant colors.

Also, ensure that the denim you are wearing is faded dark blue. Loafers or regular sneakers will make you look even better. With this shirt, try to tuck in!

Unique Mustard Colors  - Dress Shirt With Jeans

12. Black Jeans

If you still love black jeans, you can try this look. All you need to do is get a rough pink colored dress shirt for you.

Now get a pair of dark black jeans and a Tuck-in shirt, and you are ready! Also, don’t forget to add fancy shoes here!

Black Jeans  - Dress Shirt With Jeans


13. Fancy Shirts for Men

If you want to get a dress shirt but want something fancy, go for the printed dress shirts. Get a fancy dress shirt and wear them with dark-colored jeans.

Go for the ripped-off jeans as these look better with fancy shirts. This can give you the perfect beach look even in the winter!

Fancy Shirts for Men - Dress Shirt With Jeans

Dress in Shirt with Jeans Dos and Don’ts

  • Always keep one part of your dress lighter and the other darker to keep balance
  • Don’t wear the same colored dress shirt and jeans
  • Wear dark colored jean dress shirt with light-colored denim pants
  • Don’t wear dark color jeans with a dark color dress shirt
  • Go for the perfect length of dress shirt if you plan to keep it un-tucked
  • Don’t go for tucking in if you wear a short dress shirt
  • Don’t settle for an un-tucked dress shirt if it is too long  
  • Wear belts if you tuck-in shirt

Tuck-in or Un-tuck Dress Shirts with Jeans!

There are several opinions about wearing jeans with dress shirts. Also, people are confused about tucking-in dress shirts if they wear denim.

Let’s be honest; a dress shirt is not made for denim. A dress shirt is made for wearing with dress pants along with suits. So, people get confused about how to dress up in jeans.

  • However, if you plan to wear a dress shirt with jeans, you must follow some basic rules for tucking in. Tucking your dress shirt ultimately depends on your opinion. If you are going to settle for a long dress shirt, tuck the shirt in. Long shirts don’t look good with jeans.
  • On the other hand, if you are going for a short shirt, keep the shirt un-tucked. But if you are tucking in your shirt, you have to go for the right belt. Dress shirts don’t look good tucked in with jeans without a belt. So, go for a belt in the color of your shoe.
  • If you keep it un-tucked, ensure the shirt is not too short or long. Always remember that if you wear a dress shirt with jeans, it is better to keep it un-tucked. It makes you look casual and relaxed.

So, before you wear a dress shirt with jeans, know how to tuck your shirt. This will help you look good in the crowd!

FAQs on Dress Shirts and Jeans

1. Do dress shirts go with jeans?

A dress shirt is made for dress pants. So, pairing up a dress shirt and pants is the best idea for formal situations. On the other hand, formally, it is worn with a suit too. So, you can say that this is an official shirt with a slim-fit structure.

However, if you want to make a fusion and want to make a dress shirt look casual, you can go for dress shirts with jeans. It is a great outfit idea for hangouts, dating, outings with friends and family, etc.

2. What shoes go with a dress shirt and jeans?

When you wear a dress shirt and jeans, you should be very careful about your shoes. If you wear a pair of oxford shoes with a dress shirt and jeans, it will never look good. However, loafers go perfectly with a dress shirt and jeans.

You can also try out sneakers to make the look complete. Chelsea and chukka boots are great with a dress shirt and denim when you are out for a trip

3. What color shirt goes with jeans?

If you are settling for dark-colored jeans, make sure that you keep the color of the shirt light. And if you want to wear dark-colored jeans, settle for a light-colored shirt.

With dark blue or black jeans, go for white, blue hue or olive green shirts. With faded jeans, pick up the black shirt. Or you can also go for the check or stripe pattern shirts here.

Parcel Up

So, I have mentioned the best ideas that you can pick up and dress well for every occasion. Go through any of them and look at how people praise you for your outfit sense!

Now that you know how to deal with a dress shirt with jeans, you will never wear boring outfits. You know that jeans and dress shirts look good together. All you need to do is make the combo perfect for going out.

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