What To Wear To A Baptism? 11 Unique Baptism Dresses

Choosing an outfit for any occasion is one of the toughest jobs to do for any woman. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding ceremony, a birthday, a college party, or a funeral. Picking up a dress is a crucial part of the visit. Clothing and accessories reflect your personality.

People who don’t know you often analyze you by your appearance. Deciding what to wear to a baptism ceremony can be tricky. The occasion is neither formal nor informal. So, what types of outfits would you go for?

A Quick Guide to What to Wear to a Baptism

Here are some of the most simple and elegant ideas for a baptism outfit-

  • Try wearing a simple cotton dress of a light color.
  • Go with a floral print.
  • All black is always one of the quickest and best ideas.
  • A black and white dress also works as effectively as the others.
  • Spice up plain outfits with unique colors to stand out in the crowd
  • All white is ideal for most of the occasions.
  • Try mixing up shades of blue in a dress.

What To Wear To A Baptism – 11 Unique Baptism Dresses

To be smart about your outfit in a baptism ceremony, you have to categorize how you’re related to the kid. Baptism dress for mother holds a lot of responsibilities. Another person who needs a special dress is godmother.  Dresses for baptism godmother also hold a lot of responsibilities.

Let’s check out the following ideas for a baptism ceremony-

1.Time To Get Creative With Old Classics

wear white dress to baptism,What To Wear To A Baptism

You can always pull off a white suit. This may be one of the most elegant dresses for a ceremony. Adjust your hair, shoes, and bag with the dress and see how perfectly it comes out.

You can wear this in winter and summer as well. Let’s just say, it’s a proper outfit for any time regardless of how you are related to the child.

2.You Don’t Need a Reason to Wear Skirts

baptism outfits,skirts for baptism outfits

Give your long skirt a try to the baptism. A light-colored skirt is always a good idea. Don’t exaggerate it. Keep it simple and classy.

Lacy skirts are also a good choice in this matter. In the case of colors, you can go for light blue, light pink, or ash according to your preference. whichever suits you the best.

3.No Reason to Waste the Summer Outfit You Bought

What To Wear To A Baptism,baptism outfits

Try your casual summer outfit for the ceremony. Sometimes being casual brings out the best in you. If it’s a summer-season ceremony, a casual outfit will do its trick.

4.White is Always Better

white outfit for baptism,baptism dresses

White baptismal dresses have a lot of scopes to bring some innovative touch in them. Lacy white dresses are accepted and welcomed everywhere when it comes to baptism. If you’re not trying to be too much different, and appreciate subtlety, you must try this one.

5.You are Never too Old for Floral Prints

Floral Prints dress for baptism,baptism dresses

Get innovative with a floral printed top. Floral dresses are common and worn everywhere and on every occasion. The trick is to make yours one different from the others.

Choose a unique print and make the dress in a different style.

6.Why Throw Away the College Party Outfit?

college party outfit for baptism, What To Wear To A Baptism,

You can also try your college party outfit if it fits your age. This may sound a little too much for a baptism ceremony. But if you’re a teenager or you’re too young to go for any other dress, try wearing your college party dress.

If the dress is not too much funky, it’ll perfectly fit in the ceremony.

7.Comfort Comes First

What To Wear To A Baptism,,jeans for apple shape

Try jeans if you have an apple-shaped body. There are available a lot of jeans for apple shape bodies.  Wearing jeans is uncommon for a baptism. If the ceremony is too strict, you better avoid wearing jeans.

8. You Know What Never Gets Old? Black.

black dress for baptism,What To Wear To A Baptism,

Black is always a classic choice for any occasion. A full-black outfit has never gotten a bad reaction anywhere. Moreover, it’s formal and classy, which is perfect for an occasion like baptism.

Accessorize accordingly to look classy yet glamorous.

9. Who can say no to an off-the-shoulder white dress?

off-the-shoulder white dress,What To Wear To A Baptism,

If you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress, keep in mind that the dress must be long. Short dresses with exposed shoulder may seem inappropriate in a church.

10.Black and white is always a smart choice

Striped dresses are a common choice. So, if you’re going with a striped dress, try to be innovative with the accessories. For example, if you are wearing a black and white stripe dress, wear yellow shoes with it.  

11.Belted Dresses are Always Trendy

Belted Dresses,baptism outfits,

If you’re into belted dress, it can be a good choice for you. Of course, it all comes down to your comfort. If you feel comfortable enough, belted dresses are perfect for spring or summer time baptism ceremony.

Baptism Dresses for Summer and Winter

Most of the dresses are appropriate for a summer season ceremony. If the ceremony takes place in winter, spice up your dress with a beautiful and glamorous overcoat. You can also extend the short dresses and turn them into winter dresses.


What accessories you should use depends on the dress you choose. Most dresses look elegant with small jewelry if you wish to wear one. If you are not comfortable with jewelry, that’s okay too. A beautiful bag and gorgeous heels will do their magic too.

What to Avoid to a Baptism

  • Try not to wear anything too bright or shiny.
  • Too much-exposed skin can be seen wrongly in a church.
  • Too heavy jewelry is frowned upon for a baptism ceremony.
  • Avoid wearing heels that are too bright in color.
  • Avoid low cut dresses.
  • Do not wear anything funky.

Bottom Line

It’s always your choice what you will choose to wear. But remember that knowing the right get up for the right occasion is extremely important. How you dress also reflects your thinking and personality.

Baptism is one of the most common ceremonies you can get invited to. It’s always sensible to be prepared for any situation. Knowing what to wear to baptism is part of it.

Next time you attend a baptism ceremony make sure you look perfectly appropriate considering your body shape, age, and relation to the kid. Baptism dresses for mothers would be different from baptism dresses for godmother. Know your style.

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