Long Skirts For Women: How to Style With Long Skirts 2024

Skirts that go with office, informal outings, formal meetings, and parties are “long skirts.” And so, you cannot ignore the appeal of long skirts. But there are questions regarding how to wear long skirts for women. What shoes do you choose? Which top should you prefer? 

There are hundreds of questions, and I am going to answer them within minutes! From your top selecting to shoe, I will talk about the details of long skirt outfits! If you are interested, stay tuned!

Tips for Wearing Long Skirts For Women

  • Go for the right shoe while wearing a long skirt
  • Never go for both printed skirts and top at the same time
  • If you are confused, settle for a neutral-colored skirt
  • Don’t wear a revealing skirt at the office or formal sector
  • If you are healthy, go for high waisted long skirts
  • Don’t wear skirts that are too tight or too baggy
  • Try to keep the top simple and go for minimal accessories

Elegant Long Skirts Outfits for Women

1. Olive Green Hint

When you are ready for the upcoming winter, you can pay attention to olive green. This is one of the most used colors in the winter.

On the other hand, nothing can look more perfect than black with olive green. Go for a long skirt that has a thick beltline! If you wear skirts and tops of the same color, you will look full. So, try a black top, and with black boots, you can complete the look! Long skirts with boots are the perfect outfit for winter.

Long skirts for women, skirts and tops, Long skirts with boots,black top

2.Camisole with Long Skirt

If you are ready to wear long skirt outfits on the beach, the perfect pair up you will get is a camisole and long skirt. Here, go for a white camisole with lace that will help you show off your tattoo and have fun in the summer! Wear this with a long skirt in pine green or sea green color.

Here, wrap-around skirts will look amazing. Keep the top sleeveless to have fun and get a little tan this summer season!

long skirt outfits,camisole and long skirt,Skirts for beach


3.Long Maxi Skirts for Parties

If you are going for an informal party, long skirts can make you look different. To flaunt the stage, you can settle for long maxi skirts. The black maxi skirt is an outfit that you can wear with every color!

On that note, if you wear a black maxi skirt, you must settle for something bright on top. Yellow, mustard yellow, orange, or red can be the perfect match for this one. Look how beautiful the combination of yellow and black looks when it comes to maxi skirt outfits!

long skirts,long maxi skirts , The black maxi skirt,maxi skirt outfits


4.Cozy but Warm

People that want to wear a skirt still want to stay warm can rely on skirts too! No matter you are going through the cold weather, or you need just a little warm, a sweater can heal you!

Wear a skirt and pair it up with a sweater. Baggy sweaters will look amazing. Long skirts plus size people always include baggy sweaters. 

Settle for the printed long skirts in a light color. On top, wear a sweater of neutral color, and you are done!

Long skirts for women,printed long skirts ,skirts with sweater


5.Springy Floral

If you are into the floral outfit, bring it on in your favorite season! Think about the black floral printed long skirts that will suit you. It is better that you wear some printed skirts and tops must be in a neutral color.

This will add attention to the skirt individually. Don’t forget to wear minimal jewelry and nude colored shoes!

black floral printed long skirts,skirts and tops


6.Neutral Bodycon Skirt

If you love to try different types of long skirt outfits, you already know about Bodycon skirts. These are best for informal and formal parties.

You can go for neutral Bodycon skirts that are great for parties. Pair it up with a white t-shirt. Tuck the t-shirt in!

Bodycon skirts, Bodycon skirts with white t shirt,Long Skirts


7. Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

Women that always prefer to look out of the box can go for asymmetrical ruffle skirts. The ash or grey long skirt outfits will be complete with black tops. It can never be wrong for outings and functions! Go for neutral shoes and the same colored bag!

grey long skirt,grey long skirt with crop top. black crop top with long skirts


8. Box Pleated Skirt

The list of long skirts for women includes a different position for box pleated skirts. These are perfect for all formal occasions. Box pleated skirts are great if you want to have a flared body!

In any event, you can wear this printed box pleated skirt with a white shirt. Tie a knot on the front part of the skirt and wear heels! You can add some jewelry if you want!

Box pleated skirts,box pleated skirt with white shirt,white shirt with long skirts


9. Green Tulle Long Skirt For Women

Tulle skirts can be the best bet for wedding seasons! Yes, you can wear a tulle skirt in green color and catch the attention of the viewers. You can also try the long flowy skirts at weddings if you want.

If you want some long skirts for fall, this is the best deal. Go for the same colored top. Here, you will look better if you wear a crop top!

Green Tulle Long Skirt For Women


10.A-Line Plaid Skirt

A-line plaid skirts are fashionable for formal sessions. These are usually long high waisted skirts. And to keep in line with the high waisted skirts, you have to select a one-colored top. A long A-line skirt looks beautiful with black colored top. Go for a black t-shirt. With that, settle on black shoes and minimal jewelry.

A Line Plaid Skirt,high waisted skirts,Black top


11.Modest Long Skirts

If you want some modest long skirts, keep the color basic. Black, white, grey, etc. can be perfect for any season and occasion. Go for a white off-shoulder top. Wear a dark grey, modest winter skirt. Wear silver heels with a silver bag!

modest long skirts, white off-shoulder top with long skirts


12.Beach Babe

Is that summer out there, and you want a beach outing? Go for a full long white skirt with some beach prints on it. A white maxi skirt can be in your preference list too!

Also, don’t forget to add a white Bandeau top to make it look beach-perfect! A watch and shiny legs will make you look like the deities!

long white skirt,skirts for beach,beach print long skirt


13. Jean Skirt

There are hundreds of questions on how to wear long skirts for women. Before you get in, you have to choose the right skirt for you. And denim must be the first choice!

The list of long skirts for women will never be completed without a jeans skirt. Denim is not only perfect as pants, but denim skirts look great too! Wear it with a black color top, and you will know how you glow. Also, you can go for other bright colors like pink, yellow, green, and navy! 

long skirts, jeans skirt, denim skirt,black top


How should you Wear a Skirt?

Wearing a Skirt in summer

When you are wearing skirts in summer, make sure that you are wearing a skirt that is made of soft cloth. Clothes that can easily pass air to the body or materials that are breathable will also be helpful here. Go for floral skirts or beach-perfect skirts if you can! You can try any long flowy skirts too, look beautiful! 

Wearing a Skirt in winter!

If it’s winter, you will surely have fun wearing winter skirts. Go for jeans skirts if you are up for informal meetings. Skirts with thick materials are preferable with full-sleeved tops or sweaters. The list of long black skirt outfit can never be completed without leather skirts. So, you can go for leather skirts too!

Wearing a Skirt in spring!

Long skirts for women are great for spring, and you must wear colorful skirts this season. However, you can keep it simple too! 

In the spring, you can wear a camisole with long floral skirts. Also, skirts with a shirt will go right. Go for a red printed long skirt too.

Wear it with a white skirt to keep it look trendy and cool! You can wear this as a concert outfit too! All you need to do is make a knot on the front of your shirt! 

Wearing a Skirt for Office!

They used to say; the skirt is not formal wear. But things have changed now! Now people often wear skirts as formal wear. However, you have to keep in mind that there are differences between official skirts and informal skirts. Go for a clean and minimal-in-design skirt.

Slim fit yet modest skirts are preferable for the office. Wear it with a skirt or suit, whatever you like! However, I recommend that you be careful about your hairstyle. You should tie it up to look formal. Also, ties look great with a suit so you can wear it!

Wearing a Skirt for Party!

For the party, you can wear something trendy and flirty. Go for colors. You can settle for glazy long skirts outfits that include glitters. Just like Natalie Portman, wear gloss all over your body! Get the charm by creating a long black skirt outfit that consists of a black skirt and a black colored top. 

Natalie Portman wear skirts

Wearing Skirt as a Dress!

People are already so much into skirts that they are wearing skirts like a dress! Yes, skirts are not for wearing only on the lower parts. Now, you can wear skirts as your dress if you can pull it off!

Look at Meghan Markle carrying her long black skirt outfit correctly as a dress. If you want to wear your skirt as a dress, you only need to pull it up and make it look like a dress. 

To make it look charming, you are free to add a jacket or an extra layer of cloth. If you are trying the maxi skirt outfits and you are alright with no-straps, you can have faith in belts too! Only a waist belt can make a huge difference in your look!

Wearing a Skirt for Different Body Type

Girls in short skirts look amazing. But nowadays, long skirts are getting popular, and you cannot stay out of trend! Before getting in, you have to think about some facts. 

Different body shapes go with different types of skirts. Here, I will tell you which skirt you should prefer for your body shape!

Short Body

If you have a little body and fewer curves, you must settle for miniskirts. If you love long skirts, you can go for pleated; knife pleated and layered skirts. You can also settle for a draped skirt as it will add dimension to your body. 

Curvy Body

For curvy bodies, box pleated, high-waisted, yoke-waisted, etc. long skirts for women are great. Also, you can try A-line skirts. Keep the waistline upwards to make you look slimmer. The high-waisted maxi skirt is perfect for you too!

Tall Body

If you are tall, you are free to wear any type of skirt! Go for Bodycon, flared, or box pleated skirts. Just like the flared jeans, flared skirts can give a great shape to the tall shaped bodies. You can also settle for mermaid skirts or layered skirts.

Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-shaped bodies look great with flared skirts. You can also wear wrap around skirts or pencil skirts if you want to flaunt your body perfectly. Wear a crop top or baggy top.

Apple Shaped Body

If you have an apple-shaped body, it is tough to select the type of skirt. However, you can try Bodycon skirts. On the other hand, tulle skirts will look good too!

Inverted Triangle Body

If you have an inverted triangle body, you can wear box pleated skirts. Conversely, asymmetrical skirts will add a kind of flared lower part to your outfit!

Shoes that Suit Skirt Best

When you are selecting footwear for a skirt, you have to be very careful. Go through the tips to choose shoes.

  • If you are going for a skirt that has flared bottom, try to settle for shoes that are covered on the front part like high heel boots, stiletto, or scarpin shoes.
  • If you are settling for a skirt that has thin or tight lower parts like pencil or Bodycon skirts, go for knee-high boots, flat boots, scarpin shoes or flat sandals. 
  • A-line skirts look great with ankle boots, Lita boots, scarpin shoes, and sneakers.
  • With maxi skirts, pick up the stiletto, laced boots, cone heels, and high heel boots. 

Expert Answer: People Ask Question

What tops to wear long skirts?

Go for simple tops if you are going for a printed or floral skirt. If you are wearing one colored or neutral colored top, settle for a colorful or laced top. For the office, go for the full-sleeved top. You can wear shirts or t-shirts as a top!

What do you wear with a long floral skirt?

If you are settling for a floral skirt, try to keep the top simple. Wear a round neck or V-neck top. Go for one colored t-shirts as tops. Pick up a color from the skirt or go for the neutral colors for wearing the perfect top for the skirt.

What do I wear with a maxi skirt?

For maxi skirt outfits, you can try some vibrant top. Colorful tops go right with a maxi skirt. You can also try shirts and tuck them in. If the maxi skirt is one or two colored, you can go for floral or printed tops too!  

Wrap Up

So now that you know how to wear long skirts for women, you can try the outfits I have mentioned here. Not all the outfit ideas will suit you, and so, you have to be a little picky. 

You have to go through the ideas and try them at home. I can bet, if you wear them outside, you are going to make people amazed by your charms!

I love the neutral Bodycon outfit along with the camisole one. Let us know which one is your favorite and why! So, now, try them out and let us know in the comment box how you looked!

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