Perfect Wedding Dresses For Short Women That Will Make You Tall

When it comes to picking the right bridal gown, there are so many things that you need to consider to help you get the right one. You need to consider your body type, style, and budget, among other things. In this guide today, I will help you pick the wedding dresses for petite brides.

Picking the right wedding dresses for short women can be tough. The good news is that you don’t have to go through many fashion magazines to find the right one. Since you want to look your best on your wedding day, it is essential to select a dress that you love, and that gives you a nice feel.

Wedding Dresses For Short Women
Wedding Dresses For Short Women

I have a comprehensive guide on the top 6 ideas for petite wedding dresses. I will also give you more tips that will help you pick the right wedding dresses and what you should avoid. Read on for more details.

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What is Petite Sizing?

Before we get into details, it is important to understand petite sizing. In simple terms, petite size refers to standard clothing sizes made for shorter women than the average height (5 feet 5 inches) or 165 cm. You can check this Petite Size chart to help you choose wisely.

6 Best Wedding Dresses For Short Women

After doing extensive research, the following are short bridal dress ideas that you can consider. Regarding fashion, the following are amazing silhouettes that provide short women with a long and attractive look.

#1: Sheath Wedding Dresses

There are so many wedding dresses for petite brides. But if you want to pull a sexy look on your wedding, sheath style, wedding dresses are the right for you. These dresses display your figure pretty well and have a design where the seams run from the shoulders to the hips vertically.

Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath wedding dresses are lightweight and blend well in a wide range of settings. You can wear them for a beach wedding or traditional chapel; they offer short women with a perfect fit.

#2: A-Line Dresses

A-Line Dresses

These are petite dresses for a wedding for people who do not know the right silhouette to select. These dresses provide a universal look for various body shapes. Just like the letter A, the style is fitted on the hipline, broadening up to the ankle. The dresses work well for a different wedding setting.

#3: Mermaid and Trumpet Dresses

These types of wedding dresses are perfect for people who prefer some drama. They are designed with an elongated waistline which gives you a taller appearance. They also have a nice flare below the knee that balances the frame. These dresses are not only ideal for petite women but also other body types.

Mermaid and Trumpet Dresses

Get these dresses if you want to show your curves because they emphasize the hips and bust more. And if you want your legs to look longer, get a dress with a higher waistline than your normal one.

#4: Cocktail Dresses

If you love simple short wedding dresses, cocktail dresses can be a great investment. The dresses give you a fluffy look without hindering your petite look. Cocktail wedding dresses are flirty, fun, and suitable for a casual wedding ceremony. Short wedding dresses allow you to add laces and embellishments, which gives you a nice look.

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies, and you don’t have to think about dragging the dress on the grass as compared to long dresses.

#5: Empire Waist Dress Design

Empire Waist Dress Design

These are dresses that feature a high waistline that cuts across the body horizontally. This type of waistline provides a nice slender look making it perfect for petite women. The dress can feature skimming on the tummy and hip area, offering shorter brides with a flattering look.

#6: Short Style Wedding Dresses

Short Style Wedding Dresses

Short-fitted wedding dresses provide petite ladies with a gorgeous look. These dresses are perfect if you want to try something different from the traditional wedding dress. These wedding dresses are fabulous for short women, especially if you choose a good designer. They show off some parts of your legs which makes you look taller

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How to Choose Petite Dresses for a Wedding?

With the many designs, styles, and sizes of wedding dresses available, it can be hard to choose the wedding dress for women. You need to know some tips that will help you select a quality wedding dress that suits your needs. You should know the following when picking the right wedding dress.

1.Research Well

Yes! You need to do extensive research to get the best gown ever. Check magazines, bridal boutiques, Pinterest, online reviews, and what other celebrity brides wear on their wedding. This will help you make comparisons and choose what you like. For instance, you can check the connecting theme, whether the dresses have open backs and other ideas.

2. Get the right size

Shopping for the right sized bridal gown is important. You don’t want to end up with a smaller or bigger size. It should fit you perfectly, and the feeling should be comfortable. Even if you are planning to shed off some weight before the wedding, a general rule is to buy a gown using your current size instead of shopping for a smaller wedding gown.

3.Shop Early

Don’t rush the last minute to buy your wedding gown. You need to buy it early. Sometimes it can take up to eight months to produce the wedding gown. And even when it arrives, you might need to make some adjustments or add other accessories. Therefore, make sure that you shop early.


Of course, you need to consider your budget when shopping for a wedding dress. Wedding gowns come at various prices. Determine whether it is you, your family or partner who will be paying for the gown. The most important thing you should remember is to remain within your budget and get a nice dress that you will love.

5. Wedding Theme

Before buying a wedding dress, you need to know the wedding theme. Are you planning a formal or a casual garden wedding party? Make sure you keep them and the venue in consideration when you are choosing a wedding gown. After all, you don’t want a dress that will not get along with the whole wedding style.


You should also consider the type of fabric because it affects your looks. A gown with a structured and heavier material like thick silk, shantung or guipure lace holds your figure and shape perfectly.

Things You Should Consider When Picking a Wedding Dress for Short Brides

When shopping for wedding dresses for short women, the first thing that you should consider is the material. In this case, avoid wedding dress that has excess materials. In as much as every lady looks forward to a Cinderella-like wedding gown, they might not be the right for petite women.

You need to pick a simple dress that doesn’t overwhelm your figure. Another thing that you should put in mind is to avoid dress with large bows and beading. Get a simple dress with a shorter veil to look stunning.

When you are buying wedding dresses for short brides, the length is not the only essential thing that matters. The dress proportions should match with your body too. As you know, the height of the dress can be hemmed to fit your height. But when it comes to the bodice, if it is designed for a person with 5 feet 6 inches might not fit a person with 5 feet 1-inch height.

Which Is the Right Wedding Dress For Petite Brides?

If you have a petite frame, a narrow waits and small stature, you need to look for wedding dresses for short brides that lengthen your figure. You can buy several silhouettes, including trumpet, sheath, and A-line, among others.

Wedding Dress that Works Well For Petite Brides

Wedding dresses short are also an excellent selection for short women. Unlike tall dresses, these dresses show off some legs, and this makes you look taller. Besides, short wedding dresses have a simple design and are easy to clean. They also give you a more modern look compared to other traditional wedding dresses.

Another type of wedding dresses for short women is a sleeveless dress. It allows you to show off your shoulders and neck and there are so many styles that you can choose. Some of them include off-the-shoulder sleeves, illusion necklaces, strapless, spaghetti straps, and halter, among others. If you choose a dress with sleeves, make sure the hemline is shorter to enhance your look.

You can also choose a dress with a tea-length because it gives your upper half and bottom half a nice balance hence a taller look. Another type of dress design that you should pick if you are a short woman is a close-fitting sheath dress. Not only does it give you a clean look but it also looks well on smaller brides.

Wedding Dress that doesn’t work?

Petite ladies should be keen when selecting wedding gowns since not all of them work well for them. I know many ladies love big puffy princess-like gowns, but they don’t give petite ladies a nice look. The dresses have more material, and you will look like you are drowning in it and therefore hide your beauty.

Also, wearing a long dress overwhelms ladies with petite frames. You should also avoid large full skirt princess wedding dresses because they can overwhelm short brides.

You should also avoid wedding dresses that have too many details like big bows and beading. In as much as they are beautiful, they can hide your elegant look. Just keep it simple for a flattering look. You should also avoid chapel-length because they have too much fabric that is not suitable for a small frame.

What You Should Avoid

When picking your wedding dresses, there are several things that you need to avoid. Some of them include the following:

  • Avoid wedding gowns with lots of fabric
  • Excess details and long veils
  • Wedding gowns with dropped waist
  • Avoid scheduling your wedding dress appointments late during the day.
  • Focus on getting the right silhouette to suit you first before other details.
  • Avoid ball gowns because the added skirt volume makes you look shorter.
  • Don’t pick a dress simply because it is trendy.
  • You should not worry about trying too many wedding dresses.
  • You don’t necessarily need to carry an audience when trying wedding dresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can short brides wear ball gowns?

A: The right wedding gown is a personal preference, but the look also matters. If you are a petite woman, you don’t need a dress that will make you look shorter. This is why ball gowns are not suitable for petite women. You want a great dress that will not overwhelm your petite frame.

Q: Can short girls wear lehenga?

A: Yes, they can. These are nice dresses for short women. You can select an A-line lehenga because it suits petite frames. Also, I would advise you to choose a vertical instead of a horizontal work on the lehenga. Avoid the ones that have fish-cut styles because they give you a shorter look.

Q: Which dress is suitable for short ladies?

A: There are so many wedding gown ideas for short ladies. We have provided you with top ideas like Sheath Wedding Dresses, A-Line Dresses, Mermaid and Trumpet Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Empire and Short Style, which all look nice on petite women.

Q: What is the best wedding dress for a short bride?

A: The best wedding dress for short brides is the one that doesn’t overwhelm the petite frame. You don’t want a dress that wears you. A good dress should fit you nicely and give you some height. Some of the ideas we covered above are the best choices for short women.

Q: What type of wedding dress makes you look taller?

A: If you are short and you would love to add some height, several wedding dress ideas will help you achieve a taller look. First, you need to look for a dress that falls slightly below the knees for a taller look. You should also consider a short dress with heels that offers an added length to your feet.

Some Pro Tips

There are several tips that you need to have in mind when picking a wedding dress for short women. For instance, you should pay attention to the bodice. Some wedding dresses can shorten or lengthen your body proportions. Selecting dresses with shorter bodices can be a great way to balance your body proportions.

When it comes to straps, you can choose spaghetti straps because they are nice for petite frames. Selecting wider straps can make the upper body not proportional to the small waist. There are different types of straps that you can choose, depending on the one that offers you much support. Other tips you need to know include:

  • Try different types of wedding dresses
  • Don’t select a dress that divides your figure visibly from the waist
  • Don’t be afraid to wear short dresses
  • You can have a long dress for the wedding and a short one for the dances
  • Show off some skin
  • Instead of wearing heels, you can choose wedges or wedge sneakers for added length and comfort.
  • You can try your dress with heels or flats. You never know if you will like flats.

Another important tip that you should consider is to pay attention to the seaming. Vertical seaming elongates your body while horizontal likes offer a shortening effect. You should also consider the fabric. Wedding dresses with bigger prints or larger lace fabrics are not ideal for small frames. Instead, opt for a dress with patented laces, beading or intricate sequins.


The above ideas will help you pick the right wedding dresses for short women. Depending on your style, preference, and taste, I’m sure you can pick the right one to suit your needs. Each of these dresses works well depending on your body type. The dress should give you a nice fit as long as it has the right measurements.  Max Azria is the best petite fashion designer who can help you pick the best wedding dress silhouettes to suit your petite look. You can follow her website for more bridal collection wear and other ideas.


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