Perfect Wedding Reception Dresses For Bride 2024

Wearing a second dress for the wedding reception has become popular lately. The brides don’t stick to the traditional wedding dress through the whole reception anymore. For different reasons, they prefer wearing different dresses for the ceremony and the reception.

Wedding reception dresses don’t need to be as formal as the ceremony dress.

Wedding Reception Dresses Should be like

The reception dress for the bride can differ a lot from the wedding dress. Although it depends on the bride’s choice and comfort, there are some criteria for how a reception dress should be. The wedding reception dress-

  • It can be shorter than traditional wedding attire.
  • It can be white or any other color.
  • Less formal and comfier.
  • Can be looser and have fewer beads.
  • Can be theme-based.

15 Wedding Reception Dress Ideas

You can always be creative with your reception dress because any formality does not bound you. Reception dress for the bride can be as the bride wishes.

The following section introduces you to some stunning wedding party dresses.

1.Off-the-Shoulder Satin Beauty

it’s very much likely that you’ll stick to white. An off-the-shoulder satin dress will look beautiful on any wedding setting. You can let your hair openly flow on one side with this dress.

Wear white heels. Long earring looks beautiful with off-shoulder dresses. You can also wear a stone bracelet if you like.

Wear subtle makeup and go with a nude lipstick.

off shoulder dress for wedding reception dress,Wedding Reception Dresses

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2.Short Burgundy With White Lace- Perfect Wedding Reception Dress

If you think about comfort, short dresses are best. If you feel like changing color from traditional white, try burgundy. Mix it up with white laces.

Wear stone jewelry. Match your lipstick and shoes with your dress. Keep your hair open.

Short Burgundy dress for wedding reception,wedding party dresses

3.Short Tulle With V-Neckline Wedding Reception Dress

You can also choose a white tulle dress because the fabric is soft and comfortable. Moreover, it’s appropriate for weddings. Wear nude lipstick, white jewelry, and white shoes.

4.Open Back And Beaded Bodice.

If you step back from the white color, you can also go for royal blue. As for the design, you can choose an open back beaded bodice with a high front slit. This works great as beach wedding attire too.

Wear pearl earrings. Choose heels with thin straps. Curl your hair to match with the outfit.

reception dress for bride


5.Long Chiffon With Gold Lace Applique Is Another Classic.

A mixture of gold and white in a long dress is a classic choice for the wedding reception. Tie a bun to make your outlook more gorgeous. Wear only earrings and a bracelet.

Wear heavy eye makeup but light lipstick. If the dress is long enough, you can wear any shoes you’re comfortable in.

Long Chiffon  dress for wedding reception

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6.Red, Short, And Sleeveless Wedding Reception Dress

You can go for a short red dress too. Make sure it’s a deep V-neck. Keep your hair open. As for accessories, you can wear a ring, a bracelet, and matching earrings.

7.High Neck White And Nude Halter Dress

If you choose a white satin or tulle fabric, you can wear a high neck halter dress. As for the color combination, you can mix white and nude. Loop earrings will look best with this outfit.

Don’t wear any other jewelry. Wear nude makeup matched with your skin tone.

High Neck White And Nude Halter Dress,Wedding Reception Dresses

8.Emerald Is A Bold Choice.

A high neck emerald slit dress will be a different and bold choice than the others. If you want to try out something unique, you can try this color.

Wear matching earrings and bracelet. Choose your heels wisely. High slit dress requires the shoes to be gorgeous.

Wedding Reception Dresses


9.Try Metallic

A long V-neck metallic dress can be one of the best wedding outfits. This is a perfect wedding dress for short women. Wear long earrings.

You can wear a simple stone necklace if you want. You can also wear a simple bracelet on your hand. Try low heels with this outfit.

10.Indigo Sequin Wedding Reception Dress

An open back sequin dress should be in your consideration list too. It’s a beautiful and unique wedding reception dress. You can wear matching color bangles and earrings with this one.

Choose thick strap high heels. Make your hair straight. A gorgeous outlook is in order.

Wedding Reception Dresses

11.Off-shoulder Two-Piece

You can wear a high waist long skirt with a matching color off-shoulder blouse. Nothing is more gorgeous than a high-slit long skirt for women.

A white two-piece is going to be one of the best wedding outfits without any doubt. Wear all white: white earrings, bracelets, heels. Go with smoky eyes. Wear nude lipstick.

Wedding Reception Dresses

12. Beaded Illusion Corset Bodice

A burgundy corset bodice will look good if you are a blonde or a read-head. It’s better if the dress has a low cut back.

Wear burgundy lipstick, curl your hair, and wear matching shoes. Avoid heavy makeup.

Wedding Reception Dresses


13.Gathered Waist Glitter Dress

Glitter dresses never go out of fashion. Especially for a wedding reception. The gathered waist will also be a different choice for the reception.

If you go for a slit dress, wear thin strap matching heels. You can wear a stone necklace if you want.

reception dress for bride


14.Flutter Sleeve Long Dress

Flutter sleeve is more of a comfort cloth. The whole idea of ‘two-dress’ comes from comfort. So, this might be your smart choice. As for the color, choose something wedding.

You can curl your hair if you want. It’s better if the dress is high-waist. Wear large earrings matched with your dress. No other jewelry is necessary.

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Flutter Sleeve Long Dress for wedding reception

15.Strapless Formal

A long strapless dress is one of the most preferred dresses for weddings. You can mix black and burgundy for a change. Wear black jewelry and shoes.

Keep your hair open. Don’t exaggerate your makeup.

Strapless Formal for wedding reception

Why Wear a Wedding Reception Dress?

The idea of two different dresses for the ceremony and the reception comes from different sources. It can be either because the traditional wedding gown is not comfortable enough. Or, the bride fell in love with two equally beautiful wedding outfits. Regardless of the reason, it’s good to have photos in two different outfits at the same wedding.

Bottom Line

The truth is, choosing a casual wedding outfit for men is far more comfortable than choosing the bride’s gown. No matter how difficult, you have to pick a dress from a thousand wedding reception dresses. It can be intimidating and time-consuming. That’s why these ideas were put together for you. Choose the one that fits you the most.

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