Casual Wedding Outfits for Men: The Complete Guide for 2021

Women remain curious about weddings where men are not very nosy when it comes to casual wedding outfits for men. Not only for the groom but weddings are also important for the groom’s mate. But what if the wedding is a casual wedding? The first question is “What to wear to a casual wedding?”

I know you are always perplexed when the topic is CASUAL WEDDING! Don’t worry! From dresses to shoes to hairstyles, we are going to take you on a tour of the perfect casual wedding outfits for men. Are you ready for this?

Casual Wedding Outfits for Men

Casual Wedding Outfits for Men 

Are you invited to a casual wedding? What to wear to a wedding for men? What is the wedding guest attire for male? 

1.Classic Fit Tux

Some outfits are eternal. No matter what, you cannot change them. And yes. Classic fit tux in black color will never go out-of-fashion. Go for the same colored shoes and you are all set to go! 

2.Casual Wedding in winter 

Men’s casual summer wedding attires are not too tough to select. But what to wear as casual wedding attires in winter? No matter what, your health should be your first priority. When you are going for a casual wedding in the winter, you have to be extra careful. Go for a knit sport coat. It will look elegant with a turtleneck inner! 

 3.Casually Casual! 

Casual wedding attires are fun! You can wear anything, you know! When you are called in a casual wedding, if I go for the term CASUAL, you should avoid ties. In this case, get ready with a simple white shirt or grandad collar shirt. You can choose any patterns to look better if you want! 

 4.Seersucker for Warm Weather 

Are you in search of men’s casual summer wedding attire? If you are going to a casual wedding in the warm weather, you can settle for seersucker suits. If you want to cheer everyone up, go for the popular pink or blue colors. You can go for regular whites to make it simple but classy. 

5.Beach Wedding 

What to wear as men’s beach wedding attire? Yes, this section is for you! For the beach wedding, you can go for a blue hue blazer with a light-colored shirt. You are ready with your men’s beach wedding attire! 

6.Cotton Blend Suit 

If you want men’s beach wedding attire, you can select this up too! A classic and stylish solid cotton blend suit will make you look sophisticated! If you want to know more about men’s beach wedding attire, you can go HERE.

7.Summer Wedding 

How to design men’s wedding guest attire for a summer wedding? Are you searching for casual summer wedding attire? Here you go! Settle for a lightweight short sleeve shirt. I know you are amazed. But it is nice to be cool in casual weddings, right? 

8.Waist Coats Grace 

Selecting men’s casual wedding attire is confusing. Go for regular pants and shirts. Do not settle for the full suit look. Take out the waistcoat and wear it over the shirt. Add a tie and you are ready!  

9.Funky but Unique

What to wear to a casual wedding? Will a funky look go with a wedding? Alright, you might have issues with this funky look but there are people who look best in these outfits. Yes, go for something unique. Go for suits. Textures suits will look best. Now wear a printed shirt and that’s all! 

10.Bring on, Spring 

Happy moods are always on when the wedding is decided in spring. Do not wait to select the best men’s wedding guest attire from hundreds of outfits. Take out your royal blue suit and add a textured shirt inside. Follow this look up with a colorful tie! 

11.Pastoral Confidence 

How to dress for a wedding for the male in a unique way? I know you are dealing with confusion. If regular blues and black have been boring to you and you want some fresh air, pick up colors like forest green, teal, ochre, salmon pink, butter yellow. Go for a suit of these colors and amaze everyone! 

12.Forever Vintage

Wedding outfits for men are easy to select if you like a vintage look. This look is enough to attract the passersby! Trust me when I say this! Just take out the check or stripe pattern shirt. Add a waistcoat and a tie! Don’t forget to add some flowers. All you have to do now it impress everyone with your charm!  

13.Semi-Formal Braces 

When you want to look trendy yet classy, settle for braces. What to wear to a wedding for men if you do not like excessive casual? Go for a bow tie to gear it up. You can astound people in this look with any regular full-sleeved shirt!

Casual Wedding Outfits vs. Others 

People often get confused when it comes to dressing them up for a casual wedding. What to wear at a casual wedding? Is casual wedding the same as formal weddings? What’s different? Wedding outfits are not same like other outfits. Just like birthday outfit for men and wedding outfits for men are not same. 

Hold a little! I am here to answer you all! In a casual wedding, everything will go. Casual weddings are also called informal weddings. Just wear whatever you feel looks good. Try to avoid shabby or stained clothes. Casual weddings allow dress pants with any button-down shirt. You can go to polo shirts too. 

There are also wedding dress codes like semi-formal attire, dressy casual, themed wedding attire, formal attire, beach formal, white or black attire, etc. Casual weddings allow you to wear the most comfortable outfits where the other weddings only allow you to wear formals like suits, shirts, and tuxedos. 

Hair Style for Casual Wedding 

We are done with wedding outfits for men. What about hairstyles? Just like the wedding outfits for men, wedding hairstyles for men also is very confusing. Wedding guest attire for the male along with the hairstyle needs to be perfect. 

Hairstyles for men at a casual wedding should always be comfortable and simple. You can select the BUZZ as a hairstyle at a wedding if you have short hair. The messy look works great in casual weddings. 

Slicked back hair or undercut styles will also suit you. If you have curly hair, stick to that! Go for curl cream and keep it short. 

Shoes for Casual Wedding

Casual wedding attire for men usually puts less emphasis on outfits and more in comfort. But what do you think about casual wedding shoes? 

Wholecut Oxfords are mostly popular as wedding shoes for men. You can go for cap-toe-oxfords or loafers too if you feel comfortable. 

To be a little unique, you can wear double monk straps in casual weddings. Boots will also look great with slacks. 


What do I wear at Casual Wedding? 

What color suits the best for a wedding? 

Can I wear jeans for a casual wedding? 

Do guys wear tuxedos to a casual wedding? 

Tips and Tricks for Beginners 

  • The first rule is DON’T BE TOO CASUAL! 
  • Remember that you always have some restrictions. Do not select shorts for weddings. 
  • You cannot wear sandals in casual weddings. 
  • Do not wear long ties with a tuxedo. 
  • Always keep the look simple and not too much funky. 
  • If you go for a printed shirt, printed suit or blazer and printed tie, it will look horrible! 
  • Do not go for suits and blazers in summer casual weddings. 
  • Wear light and bright colored outfits in the day. 
  • If the wedding is at night, go for dark colors.

Wrap Up

In a world full of WOMEN SURROUNDED WEDDINGS, you might have forgotten you! We are here to make you remember that your existence matters. And on the note, you can never be confused about what to wear to a casual wedding! 

We are here to guide you with the best 13 ideas for casual wedding outfits for men. Select any one that suits your personality. Trust me; it will be YOUR DAY! And if you are interested to know about women wedding outfit, you can go for Nayri – Wedding Fashion Expert. 

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