What To Wear With Denim Shirt For Male? Denim Shirt Outfit

When you do not know what to wear, denim is the key! Yes, you can wear denim on every casual and semi-formal occasion. Just like the denim pants, men’s denim shirt has never gone out of style.

As people are confused about what to wear with denim shirt males, I have come here to show you the basic ideas for wearing a denim shirt outfit.

You can go through the best outfit ideas for denim shirts and create your own amazing look! Let’s get right into the best denim shirt outfits now!

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What to wear with denim shirt male

What to Wear With Denim Shirt Male

# Black Pants

People often get into a catch-22 about how to wear denim shirts. BLACK is the answer for you! Keep it simple with black! With a blue denim shirt, take simple black pants and go out for casual days. You are never going wrong if you choose simplicity.

What to wear with denim shirt male, Black Pants with denim shirt
Black Pants with denim shirt

# Cool Outlook

Denim shirts men are always fun if you add a little spice. If you want to keep it casual yet a little cool, you can have faith in light colors. Here, you can add a white t-shirt under your denim shirt with black pants. This will lift up the COOL BOY attitude!

denim shirt outfit
denim shirt outfit

# Tan Pants

If you are ready to experience something different but still want to keep the casual look forward, you can try tan pants with a denim shirt. Khaki also compliments men’s jean shirt outfit perfectly.

What to wear with denim shirt male, denim shirt outfit
Denim shirt outfit

# Regular Patterns

As we have already said, black compliments denim shirt outfits so much. If you do not want to go for regular black pants, settle for the patterns. Checks, stripes and other patterns in black also go with denim shirts.

denim shirt with regular pattern pants
denim shirt with regular pattern pants

# Jeans on Jeans

This may sound wrong but it will look cool if you can carry it. You can wear light or faded denim shirt and to spice it up, pick up black jeans. The combination is to die for. You can go for blue denim shirts with dark grey jeans too!

denim shirt with jeans
denim shirt with jeans

# Grey Life

If you want to calm the color of the jeans, you can wear a subtle color. Grey can be the perfect color for pairing up with denim shirts. So, if you are confused about what to wear with a jean shirt, try out some grey-toned pants.

denim shirt with grey pants
denim shirt with grey pants

# Denim Cuts Denim

People that are confused about what to wear with denim shirts usually avoid double denim. But double denim is cool if you can wear it perfectly.

When you settle for a denim shirt, you can pair it up with dark faded grey jeans too. It will give you the trendy look you are searching for. For unique denim shirt outfits, you can check The Best Denim Shirts of Men in 2019.  

denim shirt denim pants
denim shirt denim pants

# Military Shorts

Denim shirt men are the go-to outfit for every man that are in a hurry. And shorts can be the perfect pair with a denim shirt in the summer.

If you love shorts, you can never go wrong with military shorts. Pick up a faded denim shirt. Settle for a lighter color as your denim shirt is bright.

denim shirt with military shorts
denim shirt with military shorts

# Greenish Grey

If you love denim shirt men, try out different colors that look exceptional. Some people love to style themselves up in a unique way.

If you want to be the unique guy of the crowd, you can try the hues of green. Greens are amazing for pairing up with denim shirts. You can try to settle for greenish-grey as pants.

What to wear with denim shirt male
denim shirt with Greenish Grey pants

# Black with Olives

If you love to try something traditional with something trendy, this combination will be just the right deal for you. To create a unique denim shirt outfit, try this out. Take out your traditional black denim and wear it with olive green pants!

black denim with olive pants
black denim with olive pants

# Semi-Formal Outings

If you are ready to go to any semi-formal occasions, you can pick up the off-white pants with a light blue denim shirt. Do not forget to tuck in!

Semi-Formal Semi-Formal Outings with denim shirt
Semi-Formal Outings with denim shirt

# Combine Colors

Denim shirt outfits are fun if you keep combining amazing colors. If you are hanging out with your friends and having fun, try this outfit! It is just the regular blue denim shirt and black pants with a twist of grey t-shirt!

Amazing denim shirt outfit
Amazing denim shirt outfit

# ​Wear the Fear

Men fear pink. What do you think about pairing pink with a blue denim shirt? I assure you, you will have fun! Take out the Levis denim shirt men’s and match it up with light pink shorts! You are ready to rock the stage!

denim shirt
denim shirt

Why should you choose a Denim Shirt?

When we talk about denim shirts, no one can deny that denim looks cool. No matter the occasion, you can use your denim shirt as your go-to outfit.

Jeans are easy to match with different outfits. Moreover, you can use a denim shirt all year-round. You can wear it in every season comfortably. Denim is very easy to clean also.

Denim shirts are long-lasting and low-maintenance. You can style a denim shirt in hundreds of styles! Denim shirts are the right choice for semi-formal and semi-casual occasions. You can wear it in the casual and informal sectors too! For semi-formal office meetings, you can rely on denim shirt outfits.

Tips for the Newbie

  • For summer, settle for chinos shorts, military shorts, camo shorts, etc.
  • Denim on denim is cool; try it out no matter what people say
  • Summers are the perfect season for light denim
  • In winter, try to settle for darker denim shades
  • In smart casuals, go for a denim shirt with a blazer
  • Avoid wearing a denim shirt in the formal parties
  • A denim shirt is good for semi-formal but not for formal office days
  • To create a cool look, get a tee inside the denim shirt
  • Never wear double denim when both of them are light in color


What do you wear a denim shirt with?

You can wear a denim shirt with different shades of denim if you want. You can pair it up with black pants. You can also settle for light colors if you are going for light-colored or faded denim shirts.

How do you wear a denim shirt in the summer?

If you want to wear a denim shirt in summer, have faith in the shorts. Wear colorful shirts to cherish the summer. Go for light-colored denim in the summer season.

Is denim shirt in style?

A denim shirt is also known as a chambray shirt. If you want to clean your closet, you should never throw away denim shirts because this always stays in fashion. They say denim is never going out of style!

Can you wear double denim?

Yes, you can wear denim on denim. In this case, always go for darker shades of denim. Go for black or dark grey denim shorts with dark blue denim pants.

Try to avoid lighter shades of denim as it will not look good. However, you can wear a light denim shirt with dark denim pants.

Parcel Up

Denim shirt will be the ideal choice for the whole year. And now you already know what to wear with denim shirt male, you can create your own style with these. You must pick up any of these denim shirt outfits and grab the crowd’s attention.

Before you select any denim shirt outfit, check out the tips and tricks I have mentioned so that you know what to do and what you should avoid. Pick up any style now and have fun!

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