How Long Should Jeans be | The Ultimate Guide For Jeans

Denim is all time favorite but nothing can be more uncomfortable than jeans if you do not choose the pair of jeans that fit just right. No matter you choose your denim from the best Jeans brand Levi’s Jeans or you pick up one from the local market, if the length is not perfect, you can never shine in the crowd! So, how long should pants be? How are jeans supposed to fit? How long should jeans be? 

The solution to all your queries is here! Yes, you can know about men’s jeans size along with women’s jeans size here and choose the perfect length that fits you! 

Have a look, amigos!

Right Length for Men’s Jeans vs. Women’s Jeans

For selecting the perfect length of jeans, women and men can follow the chart mentioned below. 

Men’s Jeans Sizes Chart

Men’s Jeans sizes are not very complicated. This is a proper men’s jeans fit guide that will deliver you the best fitting jeans. This chart will help you to know men’s jeans sizes easily. 

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Women’s Jeans Selection Chart

I have talked a lot about men. What about the women? How should jeans fit women?Let’s know! 

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how long should jeans be,how long should jeans be,how should mens jeans fit,how should jeans fit men,


How long should jeans be? 

While choosing jeans, body type or body shape is imperative. Let’s know about the best fitting jeans for men by body type.

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Jeans Length for Body Shape 

The length of your jeans also depends on body shape. Usually, different body shape goes with different length of jeans. If you want the best fitting jeans, you should be careful about your body shape.  

# Short and Slim 

Searching jeans for short men is really tough! You can easily look good with a pair of skinniest if you are short. It will kind of elongate your body and legs in the eyes of the viewers. Keep the length of your jeans to the shoe. If you want, pass the ankle length, it will make your legs longer.  

# Short and Bulky

People get into the dilemma while searching for the best jeans for short legs. Never turn up the bottom of your chosen pair of jeans if you are short. Otherwise, the streamlined material will make your legs will look shorter. 

If you are short yet bulky, you should avoid tight jeans. Go for slim fit tapered jeans to show off the streamline but do not squash in! 

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Tall and Slim

Yes, I am here with the jeans for tall skinny guys! If you have slimmer legs then you must go for the small jeans. Never pass the ankle-length of your leg. If you go for something that’s excessively baggy, it will emphasize your slim legs. 

That’s not what you want, right? If you are slim and tall then you can take advantage of being tall! Yes, you can pick up a pair of slim-fit jeans. It will never weigh you down!

Tall and Bulky  

The best jeans for big guys are very easy to find, I know! Tall bulky people already know that if they have muscles to their legs, they will look horrible in the skin-tight jeans. You will look top-heavy if you swipe right for the skin-tight jeans. So what should you choose? 

Go for the straight leg jeans, this can cure every problem if you are a BULKY personality. Select longer jeans that pass your shoe line or ankle line. It will reduce the attention on the extra bulk and will make you look slim.

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Jeans Length for Different Designs 

People are confused about the length and weight of jeans. Denim usually weighs high. Usually, jeans weigh less than 12 ounces but some of the jeans may weigh more than 16 ounces. These are usually heavyweight jeans. All things about how much do jeans weight

When people talk about the “proper jeans length”, the most common answer is known to all of us. The jeans should be short enough to shoe the shoes but long enough to hide the ankles! This method delivers you a neat finish.

Skinny Jeans

These jeans are of a tighter fit. If you want to pick up a pair of these, you should keep the length above the ankles. 

Slim Jeans

The slim jeans are jeans that are not too loose but these are not excessive tight too. It has a narrow leg opening and so, this pair of jeans is also great if you keep it short. Keep it above the show line. 

Regular Jeans/ Straight Jeans 

These are the straight leg jeans and usually, have a moderate-large opening. You can keep the length a little below your shoe line. 

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Relaxed Jeans

These jeans have a loose fit from your waist to your leg opening and comfortable for you. You can keep them a little longer than the shoe line. 

Loose Jeans 

Loose jeans come in a baggy fit and keep you comfortable. You better keep the jean below your ankle so that when you sit, it does not show your ankles. 

How to select your perfect length? 

For picking up the right length of jeans, you have to know why you are wearing jeans. Jeans are worn in both casual and formal occasions. It’s a hard nut to crack if you do not know where to wear what length of jeans. 

# Casual Days

When you are wearing a pair of jeans in your casual, take a look at your shoe. You have to ensure that the jeans are long enough that it touches or reaches the shoe. To be more specific, I will tell you to keep the jeans a little longer than the ankle of your shoe. 

Why? It’s because when you sit, the jeans will ride up a little. If you do not keep a little bit of bouncing (the extra fabric or extra length) then the jeans will go up more and your ankles will be visible.

# Formal Occasion

If you are getting ready for a summery look or you are interested to go for a formal occasion, pick up a little short jean than the one. It will also reach to ankle or top of the shoe. But remember to keep little bouncing. In this way, it will expose the sock and look formal. 

What Most Guys Get Wrong

How are jeans supposed to fit if you don’t even know where are you going wrong? Yes, choosing the pair of jeans that fit just right is not easy at all. And in this process of how long should pants be everyone does some mistakes. Let’s know what the mistakes you do in choosing the best fitting jeans for you. 

  • Many people ignore the hem while choosing jeans. The shoe is very important while choosing jeans. 
  • People also forget than denim has a feature of loosening after wearing it for a few hours. 
  • Men also buy jeans that are trendy but they forget to provide importance to the comfort and appearance of the jeans. 
  • People are less likely to provide importance to the material of the jeans. Guys, CONSTRUCTION IS IMPORTANT! 
  • While wearing formal, guys forget to get a pair of jeans that are long enough to hide the ankles. But, you need to show socks when you are in formal, my friend!

Tips for Proper Jeans Length

  • If you are going to buy tight jeans, go for a tighter one. Jeans loosen up!
  • If you are wearing flats or converse gal, ensure that your heels are away from the legs of your jeans
  • Jeans too long are never good and nor jeans that are really short.
  • While wearing high heels or platforms, go for longer jeans
  • Keep it comfortable rather than providing importance to trend 
  • Do not go for shopping jeans after eating, it will never fit you!


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Wind Up 

No day can be worse than a day getting out with a bad pair of jeans. A pair of jeans that do not fit you properly will never make you feel comfortable. 

Excessive long or extreme short jeans will never make you look superior. So, how long should jeans be? Yes, you can follow all my tips and tricks to get the best out of a pair of jeans! 

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