Why Do Women Wear Thongs? When You Should and Shouldn’t Wear

Who doesn’t love to be perfectly shaped? In my opinion, every woman does. But if you are a person who is dealing with unwanted attention from the crowd, you should know that it’s your panty lines! But how should you hide these lines?

THONGS TO THE RESCUE, my girl! But why do women wear thongs? To reduce that unwanted attention and to look sexier!

I know thongs are very complicated and you don’t understand the reason for wearing this. And so, I am here to tell you the necessary details of thongs and why you must wear them! Are you excited? Let’s just get in!

Why Do Women Wear Thongs

Thongs were designed for men and worn by them. But just like menswear for women, now thongs are more popular among women.

The first thing girls wearing thongs will tell you is regarding their panty lines. Yes, the most popular reason for wearing thongs worldwide is to hide panty lines.

However, thongs for women are also famous for making the body well-shaped. It gives the butt an attractive shape. This can make you look beautiful and sexy. 

No matter you are settling for G-string thongs, C-string thongs, bent-over thongs, or skirt thongs, thongs will boost up confidence level. When your body looks good, you feel positive from inside!

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Why Do Women Wear Thongs , women wearing thongs, different between before wearing thongs and after wearing thongs

The best part is, with the right thongs, you will never face the unwelcome attention of unwanted people. Yes, women wearing thongs can easily avoid unwelcome attention. 

People often ask why women wear thongs. This is because thongs are comfortable in some factors. Women in thongs stay comfortable because there are no seams at all! The seams of the regular underwear can annoy you, but thongs will never do that!

The Pros & Cons of Wearing Thongs

Things I like about Thongs 

  1. Thongs can hide panty lines while wearing tight outfits
  2. Thongs can hide panty lines while wearing thin fabrics
  3. It helps to explore the body and love it more
  4. Comfortable to wear (thongs made of breathable material or cotton fabric are comfortable)
  5. Makes a woman look well-shaped and sexy

Things I don’t like about Thongs

  1. Thongs can be the reason for some vaginal infections
  2. Can be uncomfortable and tight (many women feel uncomfortable)
  3. Clothing too close to the skin might cause allergies

When you SHOULD and shouldn’t wear a Thong: Ideal Time to wear Thong

Just like all the dresses can’t be perfect for every occasion, you cannot wear thongs daily! You can wear thongs in parties while wearing tight dresses, but you can’t wear it every day. And identical to this, there are factors that affect when you should wear thongs and when you shouldn’t!

Perfect time for Wearing Thongs

# Comfort Zone

Whenever the name of a thong comes in, you must prefer your comfort zone. Now, if you are uncomfortable wearing thongs, you don’t need to. But if you think the occasion is right for thongs and you feel like wearing it, go for it!

No one is stopping you from wearing thongs! So, wear thongs anytime you like! Thongs for women are great for making you feel confident. So, go for it whenever you want to be confident in your favorite outfit!

women wearing thongs, women wearing thongs for comfortable
Perfect time for Wearing Thongs

# Slim Fit Outfit

When settling for tight outfits, the first thing you have to ensure is that your panty lines are hidden! Yes, this might sound a little weird, but this is the reason why women wear thongs! Imagine a party you are hosting, and everyone is gossiping about your panty lines. Not cool!

You love to show the sensuousness when you wear your party outfit or any skinny pants. But when there are awkward curves that don’t need to show up, these might ruin your sensuousness!

And to hide the discomfited and uncanny lines and curves, all you need is perfect thongs. Girls wearing thongs are never uncomfortable in their tight outfits, I swear! From your regular summer outfit to the wedding outfit, thongs can be a game-changer for you!

Slim fit outfit with thongs, women wearing thongs, thongs for women

# Enhance Attractiveness

Feeling sexy is not a crime. And even if it is, who doesn’t love to be a criminal? Wearing the perfectly shaped Bodycon dress or the new-fashioned fitted jeggings is up to you. But if you want to keep all eyes on you and your curves, you must get your thongs ready this time!

Whether wearing shorts or your favorite faded flare jeans, wear thongs, and all the attention will be yours! Who likes to mask your artistic body when you were born to stand out? If you want to enhance the sexiness, you must never go out of thongs!

women wearing thongs Enhance Attractiveness
women wearing thongs Enhance Attractiveness

# Thin Fabric

Alright, so now, if you are not wearing anything tight, it doesn’t mean you are ready to face the audience. You can go wrong Even if you pick up the baggy outfits from the closet. Yes, any thin fabric might be the reason for making you feel embarrassed in the crowd!

And thongs for women are always on the rescue! Even if you are wearing a thing and a baggy silk skirt, you are never going wrong if you out on your thongs!

women wearing thongs, thongs for women

Wrong time to wear Thongs

  • The first thing you need to notice is your underwear material. If you are wearing any silk fabric as your underwear, never try to wear thongs. Thongs are great if you are choosing cotton underwear only! When it comes to cotton, air circulation is ensured. However, other fabrics don’t provide proper air circulation. So, it might push you towards vaginal infections.
  • If you are up for the long skirts, go for the skirt thongs. However, if you wear a short skirt, try to avoid thongs. Whenever you sit down, your short skirt will hike up. There are always issues regarding bent-over-thong. And in this case, don’t wear thongs. Go for the regular bikini brief to avoid any uncomfortable situation.
  • No matter if you are admitted to the local gym or you are just there to do your everyday jogging, never wear thongs! Yes, I repeat, never wear thongs when you are doing your exercise. Even if you have plans to wear the clothes of a workout the whole day, avoid things.
when you should not wear thongs,
  • If you are going through your menstruation and you are relying on sanitary pads, thongs are a NO-No for you. This can make you go through the bacteria encounters. Some pads are specially made for the thongs. But I still do not recommend you wearing thongs while wearing pads. If you still need to wear thongs, you can try the other way and wear menstrual cups!
  • If you are pregnant, NEVER WEAR A THONG! In most cases, when you are pregnant, your immune system is weak. Thus, there are possibilities for vaginal infections. On the other hand, yeast infection can risk your baby too. So, if you can carry a heavy baby in your womb, you don’t need to wear thongs to hide the lines of your outfit, trust me! Wear loose dresses to avoid panty lines.

How safe are the Thongs?

There are several health issues regarding thongs. Women wearing thongs are usually marked as unhealthy because thongs can cause a vaginal infection. There are women in thongs who have also suffered itching and allergies.

On the other hand, women wearing thongs must know how to wear a thong. This can be the reason for vaginal diseases! You must see how this sexy underwear can put you at risk of infection!

If thongs are not healthy, why do women wear thongs? Oh, come on, you cannot stay out of fashion! And to keep a balance between style and health, you should get the right thongs!

Thongs are unsafe sometimes. However, things are changing, and so is the market. Now, several types of thongs of different materials are available in the market. The material of the thongs is vital. 

According to Dr. Shieva Ghofrany and Dr. Jill M. Rabin, if the layers of the thong are made of cotton, it will reduce the risk.

The best thong brand, Everlane and topnotch brands like this are making thongs of breathable material to reduce the risk of vaginal infection.                                                

Helpful Tips for Comfortably Wearing Thongs

  1. Start by wearing it at home
  2. Go for cotton fabric or breathable materials
  3. Always wear the perfect size of thong
  4. You will take time to get familiar with it
  5. If you are a newbie, don’t pick up lace thongs 

FAQs on Women wearing Thongs

Are thongs comfortable?

Are thongs comfortable? There are so many opinions regarding if the thong is comfortable or not. There are women in thongs that find it comfortable where there are also women that don’t like it. I highly agree that you might find it tough to use when you wear it first. But if you try a little, you will soon get accustomed to it. In this case, if your thongs are uncomfortable, go for the thongs made of breathable material!

Can you wear thongs every day?

People often want to wear thongs every day, but in terms of your health, you should not wear them daily. Thongs are made for wearing, especially with thin fabrics and tight outfits. If you wear it every day, you might catch into some vaginal infection. Also, you might face thong wedgie as thongs are tight and a little uncomfortable.

Does a thong make your bum look bigger?

Yes, if you are wearing a thong, your butt might look a little bigger. When you are wearing a thong, you bum stays wholly exposed. And this makes your bum look more prominent.

Parcel Up

What makes you look good can never be bad for you! And thongs are just like that. If you are the one who is asking- why do women wear thongs, I hope you have already got your answer!

From making the panty lines invisible to make your butt look fuller or look more beautiful, thongs can be your best friend. All you need to do is get the right-size thong you and wear it! If you are ready to surprise your man with something surprising or you want to look your best in the next college party outfit, thongs can be the right choice!

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