What Are Some Best Shoes to Wear With Jeans?

Selecting the right shoes to wear with jeans can be frustrating, especially if you are not so good with specific fashion trends. Certain outfits are quite easy to pair while others can be challenging. However, this guide will help you pick the best shoes to wear with jeans.

There are a variety of shoes and Jean types available on the market today. My goal is to help you learn what pairs with what on different occasions. There are also some crucial things you have to keep in mind before you buy these shoes. Let’s start off on different occasions.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

Select Your Occasion

When you want to pair the right shoes with your jeans, you need to start by knowing the event. Is it a cocktail party, a night out with the guys, or do you need a simple weekend look? Each event will call for a specific Style. Let’s look at some different events and what they call for.

1. Casual Occasion Shoes

Casual Occasion Shoes
Casual Occasion Shoes

When you hear about casual events, jeans are the first outfit that comes to mind. However, informal doesn’t necessarily mean a careless look but rather tries to make the most of that low-key look. Select any jean style and match it with other casual outfits to give you that beautiful relaxed look.

The best shoes for that casual outfit would be anything comfortable and relaxed. The best casual shoes for men with jeans are boots or sneakers.

2. Shoes For Semi Casual Occasion With Jeans

When it comes to semi-relaxed, pairing jeans well can be a great option. You can make some sharp outfits with casual ones. For example, a T-shirt plus a blazer with your jeans can give you that smart casual appearance.

Shoes For Semi Casual Occasion With Jeans
Shoes For Semi Casual Occasion With Jeans

You can complete your look with some stylish shoes. You can choose loafers or chukka boots for a perfect casual appearance. If you intend to wear sneakers, then your outfit must be polished so that you don’t get more of a casual look.

3. Semi-Formal Occasion

For semi-formal occasions getting the right outfits can be quite tricky. One wrong item can drag down the entire look to a lower level. For example, you may get the right clothes and pair them with black leather sneakers, and that will automatically change the whole concept.

Semi-Formal Occasion
Semi-Formal Occasion

To get a semi-formal look, you can wear a vest or suit jacket, or a shirt with a blazer. Pair them with some classic jeans with Derby shoes, oxfords, or even loafers. This will give you a tremendous semi-formal look.

4. Dressy

Dressy looks are effortless to achieve. Pair your wash jeans with some excellent footwear. You can choose between suede shoes or even leather shoes. The other outfit can be a collared shirt with a blazer, and you’ll have achieved the perfect dressy look.

The Right Shoes To Wear With Jeans

There are different types of jeans, such as ripped, faded, and skinny, among others. Some of these jeans won’t pair well with specific footwear. Below I will take you through different shoes and what types of jeans they are best paired with.

Dress shoes with jeans

Dress shoes with jeans
Dress shoes with jeans

You got it right dress shoes do pair well with specific jeans. There are many dress shoes, and although it’s not impossible to wear with jeans, it’s a little tricky for some. Dress shoes that go with jeans include oxfords, brogues, derbies, loafers, and monk straps. Let’s take a look at them.

Brogues With Jeans 

If you want that for a more elegant look, then the Brogues are your shoes. They can be worn with jeans only if they are either skinny jeans or any straight-leg jeans. The reason is simple; these types of jeans don’t cover up the designs and patterns of the shoes.

Brogues With Jeans
Brogues With Jeans 

You can choose brown colored brogues because they match perfectly with denim. They are also a perfect fit with jeans of dark shades like black ones.

Loafers with Jeans

Loafers with Jeans
Loafers with Jeans

Loafers are slip-on, and they fit if you want a relaxed, comfortable look. They blend perfectly with jeans and other dressier outfits. You can even wear them for work and still look professional.

Monk Strap Shoes with Jeans

Monk Strap Shoes with Jeans
Monk Strap Shoes with Jeans

Their belt buckle identifies Monk Strap shoes. These dressy shoes are a perfect alternative to lace-up shoes. They are grateful for formal occasions, and you can pair them with your jeans.

Derby shoes with Jeans

Derby shoes with Jeans, What Are Some Best Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Some people tend to mistake a Derby for an Oxford shoe. The difference is that Derby shoes have lacing on the outside, and you can notice it right away. Also, the lacing will give you an informal look, and this makes them perfect for wearing with jeans.

Oxford shoes with Jeans

Oxford shoes are a perfect description of formal and elegant footwear. However, not all oxfords will pair well with jeans. If the design is sleek, then that means the shoe is too formal, and it won’t be suitable to wear them with jeans.

Oxford shoes with Jeans
Oxford shoes with Jeans

Casual Shoes with Jeans

From sneakers to trainers, various causal footwear will pair well with most types of jeans. Let’s take a look at some of these best-looking casual shoes and how they go with jeans.

Jeans and Sneakers

Jeans and Sneakers
Jeans and Sneakers

You can never go wrong with sneakers. Sneakers are the right shoe with jeans and they go with just about any type of jeans. Ever maligned bootcut sneakers won’t go well with some jeans.


If you are wondering what shoes to wear with jeans, another footwear to rock with jeans and boots. With the right outfits, you can get a great casual look. You can choose from Chelsea to chukka boots to achieve a smart casual appearance. Remember, boots with jeans are a natural fit because they are both ruggedly refined.

Formal Shoes with Jeans

Which are the formal shoes that go with jeans? Some of these formal shoes include plain toe whole cuts as well as anything that is patent. These shoes shouldn’t be reserved for only tuxedos and suits. When pairing them with jeans, make sure that you wear them with slim-fit dark wash jeans.

Moccasins with Jeans

Moccasins are a comfortable staple that most men love to wear. So how do you wear them with jeans? Although they are a little similar to slippers that don’t make them slippers. Moccasins come close to boat shoes and loafers, although the difference is that they are made with soft material.

Depending on the type of jeans, you can rock your moccasins with them. You can achieve a casual, semi-formal under semi-casual look with your shoes. They are lightweight therefore you will get a more comfortable and relaxed look when you pair them with jeans.

Espadrilles with Jeans

These shoes are lightweight, and they are very versatile. Espadrilles can go well with almost all types of jeans. They will freshen up your style and give you a great casual look.

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Select Your Ideal Jeans

Like I mentioned before, jeans come in different types. They also come in different colors and styles. When selecting your footwear, you should pair them with the right jeans. Below are the different types of jeans you can choose from.

# Slim-fit Jeans

These come with a low to medium rise and are usually tapered at the waist. Slim-fit jeans can be ideal for dressy occasions. You can always pair them with boots or even sneakers.

# Regular (classic) jeans

These jeans are cut at the natural waist. They consist of straight thigh legs. These jeans are perfect for various body types since the cut comes in several Styles.

# Relaxed jeans

These jeans come with a highrise, and they are usually more extensive in the legs. They are ideal for any athletic or Husky man.

# Loose-fit jeans

These types of jeans sit low on the waist. They are baggy around the thighs and the butt.

# Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans come with a lower rise, slim legs, and slim thighs. They are perfect for any casual look.

# Straight-leg jeans

These jeans are straight on the thigh, legs, and hip.

# Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut Jeans come with a wide leg. They are specifically designed for men who love to wear boots.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Pairing shoes with jeans will depend on some factors. You don’t have to buy any shoes and expect them to pair well with your jeans. Below I will focus on five factors that you should keep in mind before you make a purchase.

1. Occasion

Before you buy just any shoes to pair with your jeans, you need to know the occasion you will wear them. The best thing to do is to understand the various events that you always go to. Choose wisely and know what pairs with what before you buy the shoes.

2. Material

Different types of shoes come in different kinds of materials. Material Matters when it comes to shoes you want to pair with jeans. The different materials can also determine when you can wear the shoes.

For example, leather and suede material shoes can be worn at any time of the year. Others may be perfect for other seasons, so Choose Wisely.

3. Fit and Color

When choosing shoes to pair with jeans, go for shoes that will fit you perfectly. You don’t want to wear shoes that your legs keep slipping out of, especially when you are wearing skinny or straight jeans.

Aside from the fit, the color of the shoes is also another essential factor you should keep in mind. Most dress shoes come in either black or brown in color. However, Casual shoes come in various colors. Choose shoes with colors you can wear in different environments and those you can blend well with your jeans. Try not to go overboard with the colors.

4. Lacing

When it comes to lacing, closed-lacing shoes will appear too dressy. They will not pair well with your jeans, regardless of the type. Open-lacing shoes, on the other hand, are more versatile. You can wear them with jeans for different events.

5. Soles

When wearing jeans, you will need footwear, which will complete a relaxed look. You need to go in comfortable shoes. Also, shoes that have a darker shade can blend well with your jeans.

What makes these shoes the best to wear with jeans?

There are plenty of shoes that can go with jeans. From the various options, I was able to show you which shows can go well with jeans. There is not just one type of shoe that can go with jeans.

I also took into account several things that can determine the quality of the shoes: the designs, styles, comfort, and many more things. Also, by reading customer reviews, I was able to come up with these shoes. You can also get more information on the right summer outfits with jeans here.

What Shoes Don’t Go With Jeans?

When picking shoes to wear for jeans, you need to be very careful; the wrong shoe can drag down your look. The shoes that go with jeans would also depend on the type of jeans themselves. For example, you can’t wear sneakers with bootcut Jeans. Athletic shoes will also look awkward with some jeans.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to pair the right shoes with the right jeans.


What shoes do not fit well with jeans? 

Closed-lacing shoes, the most overly formal shoes, among others. Some shoes do not go well with some types of jeans. 

What shoes go with blue jeans? And how much do jeans weigh? 

You can wear either black or brown shoes with blue jeans. Make sure there is a subtle and no overpowering contrast of colors. Basically, jeans weigh less than 12 ounces. But you can find some jeans between 12-16 ounces.

Is it okay to wear black shoes with light blue jeans?

Yes, it is okay to wear black shoes with blue jeans.

Can we wear sports shoes with jeans?

The type of jeans will determine whether it’s ok or not. You can wear some sports shoes with Jeans, although plain sneakers and boots are the best choices.


They say, never underestimate the power of a shoe. That is why it is crucial to find the right footwear to match your jeans. Finding the best shoes to wear with jeans shouldn’t be hard anymore. With this guide, I hope you will find it easy to pair your shoes with the right jeans on your own. Whether you want to wear grey jeans or suspenders with jeans, I’m sure you can get the right shoes.

From the different events to the type of jeans, I hope your decisions will no longer be difficult. For more details about the best footwear, you can follow Giuseppe Zanotti, the best footwear fashion designer.

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