4 Stylish Way To Wear Suspenders With Jeans

Fashion is a continuously evolving element. It changes rapidly and transforms itself so often that it can be hard to keep up. Men women have struggled to keep pace with it. However, it is not an impossible task.

We always have looked at people wearing suspenders and wondered whether how to wear suspenders with jeans? They look cool, and we wish we knew how to wear them and not look weird. Admit it that many of us have never dared to experiment with them. 

Let us first learn about suspenders to help you with the trouble.

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How To Wear Suspenders With Jeans

The pairing of jeans and suspenders never gets old. It is an outfit that is both interesting and classical and one that never goes out of fashion. But how to wear suspenders with jeans stylishly? Here are a few recommendations you might want to try.

Modern and Aesthetic Way To Wear Suspenders

Modern and Aesthetic Way To Wear Suspenders, How To Wear Suspenders With Jeans
Modern and Aesthetic Way To Wear Suspenders

A black pair of jeans look stylish with suspenders for men. The color of the suspenders may vary depending on your mood. It can be white or grey but try to keep it light. You can throw in a white T-shirt to go with the flow. Combining all this will create a perfect contrast and give you a modern and aesthetic look.

# Semi-Casual Way To Wear Suspenders With jeans

How To Wear Suspenders With Jeans,Semi-Casual Way To Wear Suspenders With jeans
Semi-Casual Way To Wear Suspenders With jeans

If you have blue jeans, then how to wear suspenders? Well, it is simple. Sandy or light-yellow colored suspenders are optimal for this, but any color works just fine. A long-sleeved shirt suits best with this type of combination. We recommend a navy denim shirt with grey colored suspenders. If you are up for something more, we suggest you wear a bow tie and suspender outfit.

# Casual and Charming

Casual and Charming way to wear suspenders
Casual and Charming

You can also try stone-washed jeans with suspenders. The color of the suspenders can be pale yellow or tan. Try on a white shirt to go with this. However, rugged jeans also go well if you do not own stone-washed ones. This will help give you a laid-back appearance and a casual yet charming look.

# Radiant Vibe With Jeans and Suspenders

Radiant Vibe With Jeans and Suspenders
Radiant Vibe With Jeans and Suspenders

What to wear with grey jeans? Any light-colored jeans and dark-colored suspenders will give you a radiant vibe. The shirt or T-shirt you choose should also be the same color as the suspenders.

Now that you know how to wear suspenders with jeans, then it’s time for shopping. We recommend buying from J J Suspenders as they put quality fabrics and materials into their products and are easily the best suspenders brand. 

Tips For Beginner

  • Always try to wear button-hole suspenders with jeans rather than clip-on ones. The reason is that clip-on suspenders risk the chance of coming off if you are doing some lifting or heavy manual work. Also, they do not look fashionable and seem more of a bad design. Choose Levi’s for your place to buy jeans as they are the best jeans brand.
  • When you choose to wear suspenders with jeans, do not wear a belt too. Many people make this mistake and tend to look ridiculous. Suspenders and belts serve the same function of keeping your jeans up so they do not fall to the ground. So, avoid belts when wearing suspenders
  • Keep into account the length of the suspenders. It is a good practice to ensure that the suspenders are adjustable so that you can change the length of the suspenders based on your preference. 
  • If you are want to wear suspenders with jeans, make sure you have leather suspenders. These look great with a pair of jeans. You can try out skinny jeans or even straight-cut ones.
  • It is fashionable to wear a jacket or waistcoat along with it. Some people do not like the idea of showing off their suspenders and want to wear them like underwear. This is perfectly fine as long as you match the jacket or waistcoat with the jeans.
  • Try to ensure that the width of your suspenders is the same as the width of your belt. A typical size is 1.25 inches or 1.5 inches wide. 
  • If you are bored with solid-colored suspenders, you can wear printed ones. This will highlight the suspenders more, and people will notice your outfit more.

Suspenders have their advantages over belts. Other than physical benefits, they prove to have other ones too. For the advantages of suspenders, you can refer to this.


1. What are suspenders?

Suspenders, also known as braces, are straps worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers. They are typically made of fabric or leather. You can wear them in an “X”, “Y” or “H” shape, depending on what suits and comforts you.

2. How do you attach suspenders?

Suspenders can be attached to your jeans or trousers via various attachments. The most common ones are Button-hole and Belt clip (clip-on).

3. Are suspenders better than belts?

Yes. Belts usually cause your shirts to bunch up and might cause discomfort at the waist. Suspenders leave your shirts as they are and are more comfortable.  


To create a fashion statement, one should never fear trying things that most people would not. Suspenders can be tricky, but if done right, they can make you stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, now you might have a fair idea of how to wear suspenders with jeans and show the world you can.

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