How to Wear a Pocket Watch 2024? Ultimate Guide

Who says pocket watches are not in style anymore? Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders has rebought the pocket watch fashion trend! And now, all you need to know is how to wear a pocket watch!

Before you try it yourself and fail, I am here to help you out! As pocket watches are worn with vests, suits, jackets, pants, and suspenders, I will highlight all the outfit styles. And thus, I will tell you what outfit will look best with the pocket watch!

Stay tuned, and have fun!

Guidelines for Choosing Pocket Watch

  1. Wearing a pocket watch with a wristwatch is redundant, don’t do it
  2. Left-handed people must keep the clock in the right vest pocket and vice versa
  3. If you have a coin pocket, put your watch in that
  4. Don’t wear a double-Albert pocket watch with everything
  5. Don’t wear suspenders and pocket watch if you are wearing a belt
  6. Not all pocket watch sizes are perfect for all occasion, keep the thin ones for the formal occasions

Ideal occasions to wear your pocket watch?

A pocket watch is a thing of nostalgia; no one will disagree. When the trend of the pocket watch was on peak, specifically before 1675, people used to wear this around their neck.

How to wear your pocket watch,pocket watch
pocket watch

However, things changed in 1675 when King Charles II introduced the men with a waistcoat design, which is watch-friendly.

To know more about pocket watches, you can go for the History of Pocket Watch. More than how to wear a pocket watch, people want to know where to wear a pocket watch.

  • Old pocket watches were worn with a traditional outfit and for conventional occasions.
  • You can wear a skeleton pocket watch at weddings or to any prevailing party.
  • These days, you are also free to wear these with formalwear and casual wear.
  • However, while wearing them in the formal and casual occasions, you have to maintain some dress code! School or college party is perfect for pocket watches too.
  • Also, if you are up for dating or an ideal birthday outfit, you can try pocket watch.

How to wear a pocket watch in today’s styles?

No matter you are wearing the pocket watch in today’s style of the traditional manner, pocket watches are always called “The Classic.” As I have already said, once people used to wrap the pocket watch around their neck, now things have changed. You can now wear them with vests, pants, suspenders, suits, and jeans too!

  1. For this, you have to get a chain first. Pocket watch chains are available in both thin and thick designs. If you don’t like chains, you can rely on the straps or fobs too!
  2. While including the men’s pocket watches in your outfit, you have to make sure that the chain is inserted correctly. The chain will pass through a buttonhole.
  3. And after that, it will drape in the pocket of the other side. Otherwise, it will be clipped to the pocket of the opposite side.
  4. You can also loop the chain around any of your buttons after you pass it through the hole. In this case, you can use decorative pocket watches fobs. 
  5. Also, go through the pocket watch sizes. The thin pocket watches are great for formal occasions where the thicker ones are perfect for everyday use.

How to wear a pocket watch with a vest

Wearing a pocket watch with a vest is very common. When you plan to wear a pocket watch vest, you can go for a traditional approach.

  1. In this case, the best chains are single style pocket watch chain or T-bar chain.
  2. Before you jump in, you have to fasten the chain. In this case, you will also need to ensure that the chain is visible and looks good!
  3. Use only one buttonhole for inserting the pocket watch chain and then, all you have to do is pass the chain through the buttonhole.
  4. On the other end, you have to receive the chain and insert it in the pocket.
  5. The pocket must be exactly opposite to the buttonhole you have selected! Insert the watch in a different pocket, and you are done!

Tips: If you are up for the basic vest, you can try both single-Albert and double-Albert chains.

How to wear a pocket watch with a vest,vest with pocket watch
pocket watch

In the asymmetric vests, you should always settle for Single-Albert chains. With a pocket watch vest, try to go for t-bars or both ring chains.

Go for a monochromic outfit if you want to grab the attention of the crowd!

How to wear suspenders with a pocket watch?

How to wear a pocket watch with suspenders? Wearing a pocket watch with suspender is not very common. When you are wearing suspenders, it is sure that you are not wearing any belt. All you have to do is pin the pocket watch exactly at the belt loop where the suspender ends.

Now, take the chain and put the suspender in the side pocket. You can also use your coin pocket for if you are wearing the men’s pocket watches with suspenders. Try this look in any casual wedding to flaunt the way you want!

How to wear suspenders with a pocket watch,pocket watch with suspenders.


How to wear a pocket watch with jeans?

Wearing a pocket watch with waistcoats and suits can be conventional go, but if you want to create a funky yet casual look, try these with your jeans! Yes, who doesn’t love jeans! You might ask me how to wear a pocket watch with jeans as this is not a formalwear. But trust me, you can!

  • You can go for a vest on top of your dress shirt and wear a jean. Go for a skinny jean and baggy grandad collar shirt or straight-legged denim with a formal shirt. Now, the chains of the pocket watch through the buttonhole of the waistcoat first. Then, place your pocket watch in the opposite pocket. 

In some trousers or jeans, you will find another pocket on top of the regular side pockets. These are precisely made for the pocket watches and so, use it!

How to wear a pocket watch with jeans,pocket watch with jeans
  • Either way, you can go for the belt loop watch too! Pin your pocket watch in one of the belts looks over the side pocket. Now, put your pocket watch in the coin pocket or the side pocket! 

How to wear a pocket watch with a suit?

  • One of the most popular pocket watch outfits is wearing it with a suit! People often ask how to wear a pocket watch with a suit. In the case of suit, you have to add the pocket clock with the waistcoat of the three-piece suit. All you have to do is clip the chain to any of the buttonholes. Now, you have to slip the clock in the pocket. Try to settle for the lower buttonholes. Look at David Beckham to know how it works!
How to wear a pocket watch with a suit,pocket watch with suit
  • If the chain of the watch is smaller, then try to use your pants. You have to use the belt loop here. Add the chain of the pocket clock with the belt first. Now, put the clock in the side pocket! If you have a golden pocket watch, get suits of warm brown colors. A skeleton pocket watch with a warm brown suit looks fantastic. Grey, green, and blue suits look perfect with a silver pocket clock!

If you are in search of the best pocket watch brand for the right pocket clock with your suit, look for your watch in the ShoppeWatch!

FAQs on how to Wear a Pocket Watch

How do you wear a pocket watch with a two-piece suit?

You might love two-piece of the suit. Here, you have to take your pocket watch and place the chain through the buttonhole of the jacket. Now, you have to put the pocket clock inside the interior pocket of your jacket. This must be placed on the same side! 

Can a male wear a pocket watch as a necklace?

Yes, a male can wear a pocket watch as a necklace. You can choose different sorts of chains and fobs. Otherwise, you can settle for a necklace chain. You can also try to add the pocket watch with a ribbon. If you don’t wear vests or suits or you wear pants that have no pockets, go for the necklace pocket watch!

Is it acceptable to wear a wrist band and a pocket watch at the same time?

If you think that if it’s wrong or not to wear a pocket watch and wrist band together, then it’s not wrong. However, if you think about the perfection of the outfit, then you should not wear it that way. It will be redundant if you wear the same thing twice! What’s the use of wearing two watches?


If you want to spice up the date with your partner or you want all the attention at the wedding you are attending; a pocket watch can be your best friend. I have talked in-depth about how to wear a pocket watch. All you have to do now is grab your favorite vest, jacket or pant and wear it the way you want!

Let us know how you wear your favorite pocket clock, and how do you style it up! Also, share your feelings about our mentioned styles for wearing pocket watches!

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