How to Taper Jeans Professionally? | Step by Step Process

The custom-fit jeans are fun to the next level. You get the perfect fit, and you are able to make any changes you want! Also, a tailor cannot always understand what you want, but you do! And the only way to fulfill your desire for perfectly fitted jeans is to taper your jeans on your own. But do you know how to taper jeans?

If you don’t know, no worries! I am here to take you on a tour of tapering jeans. No matter if you love the blue jeans in the flared bottom or grey jeans in a high-waisted design, no matter what jeans size or jeans weight you have, now, you can taper your jeans at home easily!

Stay tuned to know how you can do it a miracle!

Tools you need for Tapering Jeans

  1. Jeans
  2. Fabric chalk
  3. Sewing pins
  4. Sewing machine
  5. Scissors

Step-by-Step Process of Jeans Taper

Step 1: Predicting the Fabric

Before you taper your jeans, you have to ensure that you are selecting the right size. And so you need to put the jeans inside out. After that, you have to pull the excess fabric and pinch it around the inner area. You have to put emphasis on the calf and the ankle area. In this way, you will get an idea of how much of the fabric you have to narrow down.

How to Taper Jeans, pinch around the inner area of jeans

Step 2: Mark it down

After you have pinched the area from where you have to narrow down your jeans, you have to mark it. For marking, you have to purchase a fabric marker or chalk. Ensure that it is washable and you can wash it after the work is done. Now, with the line of pinching, you have to make a straight line (or you can put dots that you will connect later.) Start from below your knees where the inseam jeans start. And then, go to the bottom of your pants.

How to taper jeans, jeans mark down

Step 3: Pin it up

Now, you have to take sewing pins and pin it. For pinning the fabric of the jeans, you have to follow the line of the dots. This will visibly mark the area and the line that you will narrow. It makes the work easier. Always keep an additional amount of fabric to wear the jeans comfortably. Don’t make the fabric too much tight for you to wear.

Step 4: Sew and sew

Now, you have to take a sewing machine and all you have to do is sew the fabric. For this, again, you have to follow the dotted line. While sewing, make sure you sew till the sewing pin and take out the pin and then continue sewing. After this, you have to cut off the additional fabric that is left after sewing with the help of a scissor. More or less 0.5-inch difference is important between the sewing line and the cutting line.

how to taper jeans, jeans sewing

Step 5: Sew Again

After cutting the fabric, you have to make sure that you do not have any raw edges of the fabric. And so, you have to sew the outer part of the jeans that you have already cut. Otherwise, the exposed part of the jeans will make you uncomfortable when you wear them. Go for zigzag stitches while you are sewing the outer part.

Step 6: Decide Hem Length

Now that you are done with dealing with the narrowing of the jeans, you have to make a new hem. Do you know how to hem pants? I will tell you the method here! Wear your jeans in the right way and you will see that the bottom part of the jeans is wide.

Now, cuff the jeans first. At the place where you have the jeans to end, keep the old hem of your jeans there. For flare jeans, you have to keep the bottom part a little flared. For high waisted jeans, you must keep the hem of the jeans properly fitted.

Step 7: Pinning Cuffs

As you have cuffed your jeans, you have to take some sewing pins again and mark the lines for sewing. Here, you have to use the pins vertically. Keep the pins on an even line for ease of sewing. If you have jeans too long, you have to pin the cuffs carefully.

Step 8: Sew Hem

Now you are done with the cuff. All you need to do now is sew it properly. Take the jeans off first and then go through the pin tops. In a horizontal manner, you have to sew the lines taking out the pins. Remember to take out the pins carefully so that you don’t ruin the jeans while sewing.

how to taper jeans, sewing jeans hem

Step 9: Cut it down

For making the perfect taper pants, you have to put emphasis on cutting down the extra fabric. After sewing, you have to keep a more or less half-inch of fabric below the sewing line. Make a line with the help of fabric chalk there and mark it. Now, you have to cut the excess fabric from the jeans.

Step 10: Stitch the Edges

Now, you are done with your tapered jeans. You have to give emphasis on sewing the edges of jeans now. You might think that the edges will not bother you much but you have to be careful about stitching it because it will make you uncomfortable while wearing. So, stitch the outer portion in zigzag stitches.

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Things to Avoid while Tapering Jeans

  1. Don’t wear the jeans in the right manner while measuring how much to narrow
  2. Don’t forget to use Sewing pins and don’t settle on only fabric chalks
  3. Don’t forget to take out the pins while sewing
  4. Don’t forget to keep a little additional fabric after the sewing line
  5. Don’t avoid the importance of sewing the outer side in a zigzag manner


Now that you already have an idea about how to taper jeans, what are you waiting for? Now, getting perfectly fitted jeans is not tough anymore. The only way to get the perfect fittings and the right size is to taper your jeans at home. And to make that easy, you can follow the steps. You will get your jeans tapered within 30 minutes, I bet!

Let us know how you taper your jeans at home! Also, share your bad experience regarding jeans tapering! 

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