Best Jeans For Beer Belly | Stylish Way To Hide Belly Fat

Having a beer belly is easy. But seeing yourself in the mirror in this shape daily can be heartbreaking. And when you realize that your old favorite outfits are not fitting anymore, all you do is hide! However, you can be slightly relieved if you get the best jeans for beer belly! 

When discussing beer belly, you might think excessive beer is the reason. But the primary reason behind beer belly is calories from sugary beverages, alcohol, or too much food. 

If you are addicted to alcohol, your body burns alcohol, and the fats remain the same. So, the fat gets stored. All you need to do is get rid of the fat to be more confident. 

Another way to encourage your confidence is to get the right pants for a beer belly. I will tell you how to wear the right jeans, not only pants. Check out my top picks to look in the mirror and be happy!  

Top Ten Best Jeans For Beer Belly 

Check these best jeans for beer belly that you can wear anywhere. I will let you know the best deal, but picking the right one is your choice! 

1. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Comfort Flex Waist Jean

These regular-fit jeans can be the best bet if you have a beer belly. If you want the best pants for a big-belly man, these button closure jeans can be ideal. 

As there is a button on the front, it can cover up a part of your belly and make you look slim! 

As this is made of 98% cotton, comfort is ensured. On the other hand, to give you a little stretchiness, there is spandex included. 

So, if you get this, even if you have a beer belly, you will have no issues regarding movement. 

Five different pockets are included in the best jeans for tummy control by Wrangler. These are to hide your fat entirely and give a trendy outlook. 

A zipper is also added to make it convenient. People who wear jeans regularly can pick this up as this has good quality making. 


  • Cotton ensures comfort 
  • Flexible and stretchable 
  • Includes button closure 
  • Hides belly fat 
  • Reasonable in price 


  • Sizes are confusing 
  • The legs are a little wide. 

2. Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Men that are fond of slim-fit jeans can find them perfect. Finding the right slim-fit jeans for men with a beer belly is difficult. However, this can be perfect if you go for a darker wash. 

The primary material is cotton so that you will be comfortable in both summer and winter. The elasticity is kept too low to provide a better fitment. 

However, if you wear it for some days, you will move your legs comfortably. 

These best jeans for tummy control are designed to keep your belly out of the pants. The pants will start from below the waistline. 

It has a snug fit on your back and your thighs. So your legs look properly shaped. There are always complications regarding the jean’s weight. This one is lightweight to give your relief.  


  • It has a snug fit 
  • It doesn’t shrink much. 
  • Perfect sizing available 
  • Lightweight and comfy 
  • Different colors available 


  • It takes time to provide flexibility 
  • Not for people that wear pants above belly button 

3. Wrangler Men’s Relaxed Fit Jean

These jeans are named for a relaxed fit, and it does their job perfectly. Whenever you want a casual wearing to match your outfit, pick this up. 

Several colors are available for Wrangler’s best men’s jeans for a potbelly. You can choose from fades to darker wash. 

The basic construction material, cotton, will keep you comfortable throughout the day. It will also not be too snug for you to bear. 

I always tell you to go for the button closure as this is the best pick for large stomach men. 

Interestingly, this jean includes a flex waistband so that you don’t have any issues moving with flexibility. 

So, if comfort is your priority, get one of these jeans. Back pockets, a watch, and front scoop pockets are included for a fashionable outlook! 


  • It has a comfortable fit 
  • Includes flex waistband 
  • Not too snug to move 
  • Available colors to choose from 
  • Trendy pockets added 


  • Shrinks over time 

4. Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular-Fit-Jeans

These best pants for big-belly men in Levi’s regular fit will also give you a casual outlook. Whenever you are out grocery shopping or hang out with your friends, it can be your best friend. 

The colors available make you choose the right one. If you are too big or too tall, let me tell you that this is available for big and tall men. 

When it comes to sleeping in a pant, not all the brands will promise you comfort. 

But with Levi’s best jeans for beer belly, you will get that comfort too. It is made of 100% cotton, so you will never feel uncomfortable. 

Along with the button closure for your beer belly, the zipper fly makes your work easier. 

This is specially manufactured for the beer belly and big men. And so this has additional room on the thighs along with the seat. 

It has straight legs and will sit on your waist to give you additional comfort. 


  • Ultimate comfort is ensured
  • Has extra room 
  • Machine-washable 
  • Specially designed for beer belly 
  • Button closure with zipper fly  


  • Has short pockets 
  • Thin material 

5. Wrangler Men’s 0936 Cowboy Cut Jean

When it comes to the cowboy look, cowboy jeans can be amazing. The Slim fit ensures that you get the 90s cool look. 

This one has so many colors that you will buy more than one, trust me! The available sizes are also impressive. Check the length properly and know more about it; check out- how long should jeans be! 

This is also made with 100% cotton to ensure you never feel disturbed while moving. On the other hand, as this has a slim fit, the jeans’ breathability is also certified. 

Pockets on the back and front make you look more relaxed. With the watch pocket, there are a total of five pockets. 

If your jeans usually go through wear and tear, you must pick up this one as heavy-duty material. 

It has a slim fit design to make your legs look properly shaped and your belly small. You can wash it in the machine, which will last for years! 


  • Comfortable and breathable material 
  • It has a slim-fit design 
  • Cool pockets included
  • High withstanding capability 
  • Machine-washable facility added 


  • A little tight on the back 
  • Snug front pockets 

6. Levi’s Men’s 511-slim Fit Jeans

Lovers of slim-fit jeans can never ignore the charm of these best men’s jeans. 

Here comfort is ensured by the primary material like cotton; you also get a snug fit for flexibility. It includes a zipper closure, which is fantastic for the beer belly. 

These best jeans for beer belly can keep your legs slim, and you will look thinner if you are a bit overweight. If you like to wear pants below the waist, you must pick them up. 

You can use it and wash it in the machine! You need these Levi’s jeans if you have a chubby thigh area and a chubby belly. 

It gives you a perfect fit on the thighs along with your back! However, there is always a chance of picking up the wrong size. 

For this, you must learn how to taper jeans to get the right fit for pants for a big belly.


  • Cotton for comfort 
  • High flexibility 
  • Machine-washable 
  • Snug fit on thighs and back 
  • Several colors available 


  • Complicated fitment 
  • Only perfect for below-waist wear 

7. Wrangler Men’s Classic Regular Fit Jean

The best men’s jeans for potbelly are regular-fit jeans. Also, straight legs can make your belly and legs look almost equal. 

So, it will give you an excellent shape. But in terms of these Wrangler jeans, you don’t only get the right fit but also get comfortability! 

As this one is made of pure cotton, you can always wear it. It will not make your comfortable life pissed. 

On the contrary, you can select it for hardware jobs. Wear this and go through wear and tear. I bet this will come back like new! 

With the five pockets, you can store anything. Also, it helps your beer belly look a little smaller. With zipper closure, there is a button for closure too! 


  • Breathable cotton used for comfort 
  • Good for heavy-duty work 
  • It sits precisely at the waist. 
  • Includes several pockets 
  • Different colors available 


  • Deep-cut pockets can be annoying. 
  • A little baggy 

8. Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans

These jeans will remind you of the 90s; I assure you that. These best pants for big-belly men have a straight fit and straight legs. 

The best part of straight legs is they make your beer belly look petite. As a result, you can hide it and look better! 

I love that these jeans are not too tight but not too loose. In cases where you wear a snug fit, it might bother your movements. 

And in the vice-versa situation, you might hate looking fatter. But these jeans can give your thighs a regular fit! 

Wash it in the machine and use it! It will sit on your waist when you wear it. It has a button closure for your perfection! 


  • Has a regular fit 
  • Comfortable around the thighs 
  • Straight legs hide belly 
  • It starts from the exact waist. 


  • Unclear size chart 

9. Wrangler Authentics 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean

With 100% cotton, you will never escape your comfort zone with these best men’s jeans! Among various colors and sizes, all you need to do is pick up the perfect one for you. 

Breathable cotton makes it easier to wear on both casual and office days. 

The material used here is durable, and you can use for many years. The zipper-fly facility will make your work easier. 

And the button closure will be easy to use and hide your fat! 

The front, watch, and back pockets allow you to store stuff. But these can help you in creating dimensions to hide your chubby belly. You can wash these pants in the machine too! 


  • Breathable cotton material 
  • Several pockets included 
  • Designed for both office and casual days 
  • Button closure and zip[per-fly facility 


  • A little tight (you must get a size loose for you to fit)  

10. Cinch Men’s White Label Relaxed Fit Jean

If you wear faded or light-washed jeans, your eyes will stick here once you see them! However, the best jeans for tummy control should always be darker in the shade. 

More than the darker finish, light-washed jeans are available here. And if you have a beer belly. You might need the perfect relaxed fit for you! 

With this relaxed fit, you will not feel discomfort in movement. The waist is relaxed along with the hips. 

The back of the jeans is made for comfortable seating. The thighs are relaxed. Also, the legs are straight to balance the beer belly and the legs. 

These jeans are good in quality, from the zipper closure to the double-stitched sides. The jeans are a little heavy but aren’t that what jeans are supposed to be? 


  • It comes with a relaxed waist and back.
  • Includes relaxed thighs 
  • Straight legs for balance 
  • Double-stitch for security 


  • Too heavy 

Things To Consider Before Buy Jeans For Beer Belly 


For beer belly, the perfect type of jeans is a snug fit. It will hide your belly fat by covering the tummy. 

Also, you can get the best jeans for tummy control in a regular fit. As I have always said, never pick up baggy jeans. 

Instead, invest in something that has a regular and comfortable fit. It will give an illusion of perfect shape, giving you the utmost comfort. 


When it comes to the rise of the best men’s jeans had a potbelly, it is better to keep the rise low. 

Low-rise jeans will stay under the belly button and give your belly relief. So your belly will not remain under any pressure. 

As beer belly jeans, you can pick up the medium-rise or the ones that correctly sit on the belly button. Naturally, you can move better in such sizes. 


The best men’s jeans for potbelly should be dark-colored. Darker washed jeans can hide the tummy fat better than the other pants for a big belly. 

Whitewashed or any light color will highlight your body’s fat part and make you look even thicker. Go for the black, dark blue, navy, grey, or such colors. 


I never recommend jeans with patterns, at least not for chubby men. Simple designs are way better if you wear them correctly. 

Go for plain jeans. I know there will still be people that like printed beer belly jeans. In this case, select the smaller prints. 

You can check out the pinstripes too! But if you want the best jeans for short men with a beer belly, it is better that you avoid patterns.  

Pair Up 

This is the most critical issue when you deal with beer belly pants for a big belly. The regular fit t-shirts look better with beer belly jeans. 

Never pick up the snug-fit t-shirts. When it comes to a dress shirt with jeans, wear a regular fit.

Suspenders with jeans will also look amazing if you wear a shirt. And in the winter, layer up with cool jackets and add some glam! 

Pick up a pair of casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans. Or you can settle for the formal oxford shoes too!

FAQs on Beer Belly Jeans

Should I wear my pants over my belly? 

Men with beer belly often ask about the right waist position for wearing pants. 

It is always better for jeans if you wear them on the waist or the waistline. 

It keeps your stomach inside the pants. As a result, your belly does not move much when you move. 

How do I keep my pants up with a big stomach? 

Go for the right bet. Tuck in your shirt perfectly and keep it neat. Wear the belt and make it the right fit. 

Never keep the belt too loose or too tight. You can wear suspenders to keep the pants in place. 

What pants should I wear if I have a beer belly?

Low-rise pants are the best deal, along with a regular-fit shirt or t-shirt. Layering up with a jacket can make you feel confident. 

Go for regular straight-legged pants to avoid showing off more of your beer belly. Never pick up the baggy pants.  

What jeans to wear if I have a big stomach?

Select jeans that fit your waist correctly. Wear a pair of jeans with a bit of spandex, which will give it a little more stretch. If you dislike the spandex, go for your regular denim.

Final Verdict

So, you have already learned all the basics of picking the right jeans for a bigger stomach. 

You must go through each product’s positive and negative aspects and pick one for you. 

I have mentioned all the jeans I love on the list of the best jeans for beer belly. And I am sure they won’t disappoint you. 

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section which one you loved the most! 

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