How to Draw Ripped Jeans? Easy Step by Step Process

Ripped jeans are a popular fashion statement that has been around for years. They have seen a huge resurgence in recent years, largely because of how they look with so many different clothing styles. There are many ways you can create the ripped effect on your jeans,  today we will be discussing how to draw ripped jeans. Let’s get started!

How to Draw Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a fashion trend that is hard to draw. I don’t know how you feel about ripped jeans, but they’re the hottest trend in fashion right now. It’s not easy to get them right though.

Check out this tutorial on how to draw a pair of ripped jeans using simple shapes and lines! This is an extremely detailed step-by-step guide that will help you create your own cool-looking jean design.

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Step 1: Draw a Basic Shape on the Paper

Draw a Basic Shape of jenas on the Paper, how to draw ripped jeans
jeans drawing

First of all, we need to sketch out the shape of ripped jeans. To do so, use light and smooth lines for sketching purposes. Or you can start your drawing with a rectangle or circle for the base of your pants.

There are two options. You may opt for one or the other, depending on your taste. If you’re drawing denim, a circle should work well. If you’re drawing a different type of pants, a rectangle should do just fine.

Now let’s draw the actual shape of these denim pants!

First, draw a straight line that has some small bends at the top. Then, draw another line below it. It should be near where you want your knee to be.

Step 2: Draw Lines on the Jeans to Show Where the Crotch is

You can make the lines on your jeans more jagged and ripped to show where they are tattered, torn, or worn. Next, draw a few more long, jagged lines down both legs of the jeans. Make it look like there are some holes in the knees of each leg as well.

Step 3: Draw the Belts and Pockets

Draw the belts and pockets on your favorite jeans. For each belt loop, make a line. It should begin at the pants’ middle and extend to their top. Next to the line you already created, draw a small one next to it. This line should be shorter than the first one. Then below this new line, draw a jagged line that is shorter than both lines. If you want, draw a few thin lines coming out of the pocket stitching for the well.

Try to make the loops small if you are drawing skinny pants. They should fit snugly around the waistband. If you have baggier pants with more oversized pockets, draw wider belt loops. These should be farther away from the body. Don’t forget to draw the seams on the top of your drawing, too!

Step 4: Make Some Holes in the Clothes

Make Some Holes in the Clothes
Make Some Holes in the Clothes

Now it’s time to draw the central part of the ripped jean drawing. That is the hole in jeans. You can make different types of shapes of the hole like circles, ovals, and many more. But it will be better to use some narrow shapes for the hole.

Step 5: Make a Drawing of the Buttons.

Draw a drawing of the cuffs and buttonholes. Your jeans need buttons or string to keep them closed. Put the cuffs in the right place on your drawing of jeans. This will make them fit. According to your drawing, the buttonholes should also be the correct size and shape, but you can leave them empty inside.

Step 6: Add some Shading Around the Lines You Drew

When you have finished drawing on jeans, add shading. Look at the diagram to see where the light is coming from and how it hits your jeans drawing. Light often comes from above on real clothes. But there are shadows at the top too.

Draw them like that on your drawing of jeans. You can use black or very dark brown to make the shadows. If you want, draw some small folds and creases on your drawing of jeans too. These will be where the fabric bends and stretches as people move around in them! Again, the shading helps bring them out.

When drawing these lines, don’t curve them like waves, or they’ll look odd. Instead, do lots of tiny lines that almost join in a line, not a jagged shape! Remember drawing in the seams of your jeans? Add some shading to them too.

You can use the same color for this as you used before or a darker variant if you think it will look better. For example, If you are drawing on the light-colored side, make sure to shade them with a slightly darker color.

Step 7: Now, Color in Your Drawing!

 Color the jeans Drawing
Color the jeans Drawing

The last step is to color the ripped jeans drawing and add some denim appeal to complete the look. There are many different colors of jeans that you could draw.

A very simple drawing is to draw ripped jeans in one color. You can choose a color that looks good with your drawing, or you can choose black. It’s easy and it looks great when you do it right!

Different colors are all up to you! There are so many ways you can go with drawing ripped jeans. If you’re feeling creative, you can even add some other designs to drawing on the jeans! For example, drawing flowers or diamonds on the bottom of your jeans can make them look cool. We hope you found the answer to your question ‘how to draw ripped jeans’.

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Some Relatable Questions That Asks Our Readers

Why are ripped jeans popular?

Ripped jeans are popular because they look great. Even today, the popularity of ripped jeans remains very high. You might be wondering why we see people wearing these more and more. Well, many famous people (like celebrities) often wear them in public. Distressed jeans are very flattering for thin people. They can wear it to make their bodies look skinnier or to show off their muscles better. Some people even go to a tailor and have their jeans purposely ripped to achieve this desired look.

What shirts look good with ripped jeans?

Ripped jeans are very popular this season, but they can be hard to wear with a dress. The type of shirt that looks best depends on where the rips are, the length of the rips, and what color it is.

For a long-length shirt (three-quarter), logo tees and plain white shirts look great with ripped jeans. For short sleeves, skate tees, or swingy shirts would go well with distressed jeans. You can wear other things, like jackets. Accessories are essential too, like jewelry and scarves!

Tips: White buttons and stripes in plaid will make your jeans look preppy. If you do not like the preppy vibe, then choose a darker color.


Drawing on jeans is a great way to express yourself, but it can be challenging to develop an idea. I hope this article has shown you step by step how to draw ripped jeans. If you have any questions about how to draw ripped pants or jeans, feel free to ask below in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to add your own ripped jeans drawings.

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