How To Wear A Square Scarf? The Ultimate Guide

Scarves have been a part of bold fashion statements for ages. From traditional to modern chick outfits, an appropriate scarf styling can complete the look for you and make you stand out for any occasion.

There are different kinds of scarves in the market; square scarves are the most famous among them. For uptown fashionistas, a silk scarf is an accessory and a collectible. Do you have any idea about How to wear a square scarf?

No worries! Today we’re gonna walk you through all the ways you can put on a square scarf to look all polished and sassy at the same time. Let’s level up your game of dressing up with the silky sophistication of a square scarf.

Here are a few Tips to keep in mind while wearing a scarf:

  1. Different sizes of square scarfs are available; try to get the medium sizes to start with the styling.
  2. Silk scarfs are the best to do styling because of their flowy texture. But frankly, any material will do the job. So, don’t hesitate to start with anything you have in your wardrobe.
  3. Be careful when you use any pinned accessory in your silk scarf. It may damage the material if you are not careful.
  4. Do not forget to untie the knots at the end of the day.  Otherwise, the knots may cause permanent creased marks.
  5. Spray your favorite perfume on the scarf before folding; it will keep you smelling good all day!

How To Wear A Square Scarf?

1)The Basic Fold:

There are many ways to tie a scarf, this one is one of the most popular ways all of them. This fold is the starting point of three easy ways of putting on the square scarf. They are not only simple for everyday use but also look effortless with any casual outfit.

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  • Lay down your square scarf on a surface
  • Folds two sides to form triangles and lay as they touch the tips
  • Fold each triangle to create a rectangle and align as they reach side by side.
  • Fold from the half to pack it up, as shown in the last photo.
The Basic Fold of square scarf

Now you can use this folded scarf as an oblong style scarf to hang around the neck casually as the below photo:

wear a square scarf

2) Simple Loop around Neck:

Place a basic folded scarf around your neck with the two corners facing down. Take one of the corners and twist it around your neck. Adjust the length of each side.

wear a square scarf

3) Simple Neck Tie Knot:

Place a basic folded scarf around your neck with the two corners facing down. Take the edges and make a knot, take one of the sides and face it up to hide the knot behind the tie.

wear a square scarf

4) Loop Tie Knot:

Fold your square scarf in the basic fold style. Now drape it around like the above-mentioned simple loop around the neck. Make a simple knot and tighten it according to your comfort level. Bring the top flap in front and hide the knot underneath it.

how to wear small square scarf

5) Weave Knot Tie:

Take your square scarf and fold it in the basic style shown above. Drape it around your neck. Take one side of the folded scarf and twist it around your neck. Now take the other side of the scarf and put it inside the loop around the neck to make a knot. Take the other side of the scarf and braid it inside the previous knot.

6) Bow Knot:

Take a basic folded square scarf and drape it around your neck.

  • Put the two sides of the scarf inside an elastic or rubber band.
  • Take the elastic to the point where you want to form the bow below your neck.
  • Now create a number 8 with the elastic band, keeping the sides in the upper loop 8.
  • In the lower loop of 8, insert one corner of the scarf tail.
  • Pull the tail through the loop to form a bow side.
  • Repeat the same with the other side of the scarf. Fluff out the bow and you are done!
how to wear small square scarf

Bored with the basic fold tie styles? Do you want to be a master of how to tie a scarf? Ready to have some more fun? Let’s try the triangle fold and a few more dressy options.

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7) The Classic Bib Tie:

Fold your square scarf diagonally to form a triangle. Place the triangle at the front side and take the corners around the neck. Knot the corners behind your neck.

how to wear small square scarf

8) The Cowgirl Style:

Fold your scarf diagonally in a triangle. Place the long triangle on your chest. Drape the sides of the scarf around your neck. Pull the two sides down until the scarf touches your chin or according to your comfort. Loosely knot the tails in front. You can double-knot it to secure it more tightly.

how to wear square scarf on head

9) The Side Knot Style or Triangle Paris Tie:

Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle diagonally. Place the triangle side facing you and drape the sides around your neck. Take the corners of the tails and form a knot at one side of your neck scarf. Tie a double knot to secure it.

ways to wear a square scarf

10) The Triangle Tie:

Fold the scarf in half diagonally in a triangle. Place the triangle on your back and pull the sides down your shoulder in front of your chest. Tie the two sides in a knot on your chest and secure it with a double knot to keep in place.

How to wear a square scarf

11) The Side Shoulder Wrap:

Follow the same steps as the triangle tie. Now take the knot and rearrange the positioning on one side of your shoulder. Place the triangle of the scarf on your other shoulder. Loose the knot if needed to give a casual vibe.

how to wear a square scarf as a shawl

Here are a few more styles to try with everyday casual outfits:

12) The Kimono Style:

Take two parallel corners of the scarf and tie them together. Repeat it with the other two corners of the scarf. Put your arms through the holes created by the knots.  Rearrange the scarf and knots to put it like a kimono.

how to wear a square scarf as a shawl

13) The Waist Wrap:

You can fold the scarf in the basic fold or roll it as you wish. Then wrap it around your waist and tuck in to secure the wrap. You can knot the corners in a side or use safety pins or other accessory pins to more secure attachments. It will simply enhance the overall look by working as a waist belt but more casual.

ways to wear a square scarf

How to make an infinity scarf using a square scarf?

Infinity scarves have been in Fashion for a while. But you don’t need to buy a new infinity one for that purpose. You can easily drape a square scarf as an infinity one. Fold your scarf in the basic fold, make sure you take a big-size scarf that will be able to make a long loop.

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Now take the corners of each folded side and tie a double knot. Now make a number 8 using the long loop and put each loop of 8 around your neck. Tada! There is your infinity scarf ready to rock the fashion floor! Here you will find more about How to tie an infinity scarf?

square scarf


Can I wear a square scarf in warmer weather?

Absolutely! Opt for lightweight fabrics and styles like the necktie statement or bandana style to stay comfortable while adding a touch of flair to your look.

How do I choose the right square scarf for my outfit?

Consider the color palette and patterns of your outfit. Choose a scarf that complements or contrasts with your ensemble to create a harmonious look.

Can men pull off wearing a square scarf?

Certainly! Men can achieve a dapper look by opting for styles like the triangle fold pocket square or the twisted choker, adding a touch of sophistication to their outfits.

What’s the best way to tie a square scarf in a hurry?

The classic fold and the necktie statement are quick and easy options that still look polished and stylish, making them perfect for those rushed mornings.


There is no certain rule in the fashion game, tie your scarf as you wish! The styles we have stated here are just a starting point to guide you on How to wear a square scarf through the endless possibilities. Brace your inner creative soul and explore the whole new world of styling! Happy scarfing!

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