Bohemian Magic: 15 Bohemian Outfit Ideas For Plus-Size Women

Are you ready to get creative with your style and break out of the traditional fashion boundaries? As a plus-size woman who loves the boho look, I’ve faced many challenges in finding the perfect pieces that suit my size and style.

Through lots of trial and error, I’ve figured out some amazing bohemian outfit ideas for plus size that make me look and feel confident, stylish, and one-of-a-kind.

In this blog post, I will share my most successful looks with you so that you can create your own stylish and unique boho wardrobe. Read our recent post about Bohemian Clothes for Women.

Bohemian Outfit Ideas for Plus Size

Bohemian Outfit Ideas for Plus Size

As a plus-size fashion enthusiast, style knows no size. Embracing our curves and celebrating our bodies is an important step towards self-love and confidence. If you’re a fan of bohemian fashion like me, you’ll be thrilled to explore these 15 fabulous outfit ideas that perfectly capture the essence of boho chic. So, let’s dive in and get ready to rock some stunning bohemian looks!

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1. Multicolored striped tribal print dress with Heels

As a plus-size woman, I always look for stylish pieces that flatter my figure. And I’ve recently discovered that dressing in bohemian styles is a great way to inject life and personality into my wardrobe. For days when I want to make a statement, I love to combine bold colors and bold prints, such as a colorful striped tribal print dress. Then, I pair it with black heels and a long statement neckless for a polished bohemian look perfect for summer days spent with friends.

Multicolored striped tribal print dress with Heels

2. Peachy Queen Dress in Berry with Bride Block Heel

Embrace your feminine side with a Peachy Queen dress in a beautiful berry shade. This flowy and flattering dress will make you feel like royalty. Pair it with some block heels that offer both style and comfort. This ensemble is perfect for a summer wedding or a romantic date night.

Peachy Queen Dress in Berry with Bride Block Heel

3. Bohemian Poncho, Hippie Style Top

A bohemian poncho or a hippie-style top is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for a relaxed and laid-back boho vibe. Pair it with your favorite jeans or leggings for a comfortable and chic look. Add earthy accessories like feather earrings or a beaded headband to enhance the bohemian feel.

Bohemian Poncho, Hippie Style Top

4. Venus Print Dress with Hat and Sunglass

Number 4 on my 15 Bohemian outfit ideas for plus size is the Venus print dress with a hat and sunglasses. This is a fun, bold style that makes a statement.

I recently purchased the Venus print dress, and let me tell you, I felt fantastic wearing it. This dress is perfect for warm, sunny days as its light and airy fabric keeps you cool while the bold print adds a stylish flair. The capped sleeves also provide additional comfort, and the empire waist construction helps to flatter the figure. Completing the look with a bold fedora hat, wide-brimmed sunhat, and statement sunglasses makes for a fun and fashionable Bohemian look. 

5. Off-the-Shoulder Top and Wide-Leg Pants

Try an off-the-shoulder top paired with wide-leg pants for a bohemian outfit with a touch of allure. This combination flatters your curves and creates a fashionable and comfortable look. Accessorize with a chunky boho bracelet and strappy sandals to complete the chic vibe.

Off-the-Shoulder Top and Wide-Leg Pants

6. Printed Kimono and Jeans

A printed kimono can instantly transform a simple outfit into a bohemian masterpiece. Enhance your outfit with vibrant color and a boho charm by layering it over a classic tee and jeans. Remember to add some statement earrings and a pair of ankle boots for a complete bohemian look.

Printed Kimono and Jeans

7. Crochet Top and Denim Shorts

Crochet is a boho staple that adds texture and a vintage vibe to your outfit. Opt for a crochet top and pair it with denim shorts for a cute and casual summer look. Accessorize with a floppy hat and some bohemian-inspired jewelry to complete the ensemble.

Crochet Top and Denim Shorts

8. Peasant Blouse and Flowy Skirt

Number 8 on my list is the Peasant Blouse and Flowy Skirt. This is a great look for plus-size ladies looking to make a statement. The loose, feminine peasant blouse is key for this outfit – choose one with a cute print or embroidery for added flair. From there, go with a flowy skirt. You can pick a solid color or pattern depending on your style.

Peasant Blouse and Flowy Skirt

9. Embroidered Tunic and Leggings

For a boho look that’s comfortable and stylish, reach for an embroidered tunic and a pair of leggings. This combination allows you to move freely while still looking fashionable. Add some dangly earrings and a stack of bangles for a bohemian touch.

Embroidered Tunic and Leggings

10. Fringe Vest and Skinny Jeans

If you want to add a touch of bohemian flair to your everyday outfits, a fringe vest is the way to go. Layer it over a simple top and pair it with skinny jeans to create a balanced and trendy look. Complete the outfit with ankle boots and a floppy hat for a boho-chic vibe.

Fringe Vest and Skinny Jeans

11. Printed Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

Opt for a printed maxi skirt and crop top for a bohemian outfit that screams summer. This combination is perfect for those who love to showcase their curves while keeping them stylish and comfortable. Next, slip into some strappy sandals, and remember to accessorize with a stack of bangles and a long pendant necklace.

Printed Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

12. Hat and Flowy Tunic

Number 12 on my list is Hat and Flowy Tunic. What I love about this outfit is that it’s easy, lightweight, and chic. It’s a classic boho look that’s fashionable and comfortable. A flowy tunic is a great way to ramp up a plain outfit. Plus, it hides any lumps or bumps, which is often an issue for larger sizes. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat and stylish sunglasses to complete the look. 

 Hat and Flowy Tunic

13. Printed Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a fantastic choice for plus-size individuals, offering comfort and style in one piece. Opt for a printed wide-leg jumpsuit to embrace the bohemian aesthetic. This ensemble is effortlessly chic and requires minimal effort to put together. Pair it with some wedge sandals and statement earrings for a complete look.

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Printed Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

14. Tiered Maxi Skirt and Denim Jacket

Combine the elegance of a tiered maxi skirt with the casual coolness of a denim jacket for a bohemian look with an edge. This outfit is perfect for transitioning between seasons or a casual day out. Add a floppy hat and some ankle boots to complete the boho vibe.

Tiered Maxi Skirt and Denim Jacket

15. Embellished Kaftan with wide-leg pants

Last on my list of bohemian outfit ideas for plus-size ladies is an embellished kaftan with wide-leg pants. This look adds intricate details to the base, an ornate kaftan paired with classic trousers. It perfectly combines traditional and modern fashion, making it a timeless and elegant outfit for any occasion.

I recently had the opportunity to wear this outfit for a family wedding, which made me feel beautiful! 

Embellished Kaftan with wide-leg pants

Styling Tips for Plus Size Bohemian Fashion

When embracing plus-size bohemian fashion, a few styling tips can help you create flattering and fabulous looks. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you explore the world of boho chic:

  1. Opt for flowy fabrics that drape nicely.
  2. Define your waist with belts or cinched garments.
  3. Layer different textures and lengths for depth.
  4. Embrace bold prints and patterns.
  5. Accessorize with statement jewelry and hats.
  6. Choose comfortable footwear like sandals or ankle boots.
  7. Balance proportions with fitted and flowy pieces.
  8. Most importantly, wear your outfits with confidence!

What are the best bohemian-style fashion brands?

Here are some of the best bohemian-style fashion brands:

  1. Free People
  2. Spell & The Gypsy Collective
  3. Anthropologie
  4. Urban Outfitters
  5. Johnny Was
  6. For Love & Lemons
  7. Reformation
  8. Jen’s Pirate Booty

These brands provide an array of bohemian-style clothing and accessories to allow you to create the ultimate, free-flowing, and eclectic bohemian look.


What is modern bohemian style?

Modern bohemian style, or boho-chic or boho-modern, is a contemporary take on the traditional bohemian fashion aesthetic. It combines elements of free-spirited bohemianism with modern influences, creating a fresh and eclectic look.

What aesthetic is bohemian?

The bohemian aesthetic is known for its free-spirited and eclectic style. It draws inspiration from various sources, including the hippie counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, folk and ethnic influences, and a love for nature and artistic expression. 

How to look like a bohemian?

To achieve a bohemian look:

1. Opt for flowy and layered clothing in earthy and natural tones.
2. Incorporate boho prints and patterns, accessorize with statement jewelry, and choose footwear like sandals or ankle boots.
3. Embrace a carefree and relaxed attitude to embody the bohemian aesthetic truly.

What are some must-have wardrobe essentials for a bohemian-inspired look?

A few key essentials can help you achieve that free-spirited and eclectic look when building a wardrobe inspired by the bohemian style. Here are some must-have wardrobe essentials for a bohemian-inspired look:

1. Flowy maxi dress
2. Fringed vest or kimono
3. Wide-leg pants
4. Embroidered tops or blouses
5. Floppy hats
6. Statement jewelry like stacked rings or layered necklaces
7. Ankle boots or sandals


There are many trendy boho outfits for plus-size ladies. You can find good options if you do some research and are willing to get creative. There are a variety of colors, prints, fabrics, and accessories that you can use to create the perfect bohemian outfit for any occasion. Mix and match different pieces or try something outside your typical style. No matter what you wear, have fun and enjoy your unique fashion look.

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