15 Outfit Ideas to Wear in Nashville over 50 Women

Have you ever wondered what to wear in Nashville as a woman over 50? With the vibrant city of Nashville offering so many things to do – from nightlife hotspots to country music attractions – it can be tricky to know what to wear.

Whether you’re looking to explore the lively downtown area or attend the weekend country music festival, I’m here to help you navigate what to wear in Nashville to stay fashionable and comfortable.

Understanding Nashville’s Style Culture

Nashville’s style culture uniquely blends Southern charm, bohemian influences, and rock ‘n’ roll edge. From flowing maxi dresses and floral prints to boho-chic details and edgy leather jackets, the city’s fashion scene captures the spirit of its vibrant music culture.

It’s a place where tradition meets artistic expression, creating a fashion landscape that is diverse, eclectic, and undeniably cool.

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15 Outfit Ideas about What to Wear in Nashville over 50 Women

As a woman over 50, age should never limit our sense of style and fashion. With its vibrant music scene and southern charm, Nashville provides the perfect backdrop for showcasing our unique fashion choices.

Whether you’re exploring trendy neighbourhoods or enjoying live music, here are 15 outfit ideas to inspire your wardrobe in Nashville.

1. Boho Chic

I love pairing a flowy maxi dress with a denim jacket for a relaxed and bohemian look for women over 50. To add a touch of elegance, I opt for ankle boots and accessorize them with a wide-brimmed hat and statement jewellery.

What to Wear in Nashville over 50 Women

2. Classic Denim

When deciding what to wear in Nashville over 50, women can’t go wrong with a well-fitted pair of truly timeless jeans. I suggest pairing the jeans with a crisp white button-down shirt and a tailored blazer to create a chic and sophisticated look.

Opt for comfortable yet stylish options like loafers or low-heeled ankle boots for the finishing touch. This ensemble exudes confidence and embraces the fashion-forward sensibilities of Nashville, making it an ideal choice for women over 50 in the city.

Fashion for mature women in Nashville

3. Southern Charm 

Number 3 on my list for women over 50 in Nashville is a versatile Floral Print Midi Dress. Layer it with a cardigan and ballet flats for a formal look or a denim jacket and booties for a casual vibe. For a stylish and comfortable ensemble, complete the outfit with delicate gold jewelry and a woven tote bag.

Fashion for mature women in Nashville

4. Casual Cool

Nashville has a laid-back vibe, making a casual outfit a perfect choice. I combine skinny jeans with a graphic tee and a leather jacket. Sneakers or ankle boots are my go-to footwear for this effortlessly cool look.

Stylish outfits for women over 50 in Nashville

5. Western-inspired

Regarding stylish outfits for women over 50 in Nashville, I’ve discovered a fantastic way to pay homage to the city’s Western heritage. One of my go-to ensembles is pairing a denim shirt with a suede or leather skirt, which exudes a chic and timeless vibe.

To truly embrace the Nashville spirit, I complete the look with a pair of trendy cowboy boots and a statement belt that adds a touch of authenticity. And for that extra flair, I often opt for a bandana or a stylish hat to complete the Western-inspired ensemble. It’s a perfect combination that showcases my personal style and celebrates the rich culture of Nashville.

Chic and comfortable attire for women over 50 in Nashville

6. Music Festival Vibe

Nashville’s music scene is legendary, and capturing that festival vibe is always exciting. I chose a flowy peasant top, distressed denim shorts, and ankle boots. Layering with a fringed kimono or lightweight duster adds a boho flair.

Chic and comfortable attire for women over 50 in Nashville

7. Effortlessly Stylish

For women over 50 in Nashville, finding comfortable attire that doesn’t compromise style is a top priority. A great outfit choice that combines both elements effortlessly is a pair of wide-leg trousers complemented by a soft and flowing silk blouse. This ensemble provides freedom of movement and creates a sophisticated and timeless look.

I opt for block-heeled sandals that offer stability while maintaining a fashionable edge to enhance overall comfort. To add a touch of personality, I love accessorizing with a statement necklace or a pair of chunky earrings, which effortlessly elevate the outfit.

This comfortable yet stylish attire allows women to navigate the vibrant streets of Nashville with confidence and ease, embracing their individual style and the city’s unique charm.

Age-appropriate clothing in Nashville for women over 50

8. Country Concert Ready

I combine a plaid shirt with skinny jeans and classic cowboy boots when attending a country concert. Layering with a leather or denim vest and accessorizing with a fringe bag completes the perfect country-inspired outfit.

9. Urban Chic

I chose a tailored jumpsuit paired with a cropped leather jacket for a chic urban look. Sneakers or ankle boots give a comfortable yet stylish touch. Accessorizing with a crossbody bag and a fedora hat adds a trendy urban flair.

Age-appropriate clothing in Nashville for women over 50

10. Artsy Ensemble

Nashville’s vibrant art scene inspires me to experiment with colors and patterns. I combine a colorful midi skirt with a solid-colored blouse and block heels. I add a statement necklace or a bold scarf to elevate the outfit.

Chic and comfortable attire for women over 50 in Nashville

11. Edgy Rocker

Number 11 on my list is a classic Nashville look: black skinny jeans, graphic tee, leather moto jacket, ankle boots, and silver jewelry. This versatile and edgy outfit is perfect for 50+ women who want to embrace downtown-chic vibes without breaking the bank. Feel confident and stylish, whether it’s a night out or exploring the city.

Chic and comfortable attire for women over 50 in Nashville

12. Relaxed Bohemian

Nashville’s laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a relaxed bohemian look. I wear a loose-fitting tunic dress with leggings and sandals. Layering with a lightweight kimono or a long cardigan adds a boho-inspired touch.

Chic and comfortable attire for women over 50 in Nashville

13. Sophisticated Casual

Fashion for mature women in Nashville effortlessly combines comfort and style. Embracing a casual yet fashionable approach, one can easily create a standout look. Opting for dark-wash jeans paired with a flowy blouse strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and sophistication.

To add a touch of flair, I recommend complementing the ensemble with a pair of chic wedge sandals.

To complete the outfit, accessorize with a structured handbag and statement sunglasses, which instantly elevate the look to a polished and fashion-forward level.

This fashion-forward combination is an excellent choice for mature women in Nashville who seek to express their personal style while staying comfortable and embracing the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

What to Wear in Nashville over 50 Women

14. Retro Glam

Nashville’s nostalgic vibe calls for a touch of retro glam. I pair a high-waisted A-line skirt with a tucked-in blouse and block-heeled pumps. Cat-eye sunglasses and a vintage-inspired handbag complete the glamorous ensemble.

What to Wear in Nashville over 50

15. Sporty Chic

I opt for a sporty chic look to explore Nashville’s outdoor activities. Leggings or joggers paired with a fitted tank top and a zip-up hoodie create a stylish outfit. Finishing the look with sneakers and a baseball cap adds a sporty touch.

What to Wear in Nashville over 50 Women

Nashville Style Tips for Women Over 50

Here are some short and concise Nashville-style tips for women over 50:

  • Embrace the power of denim with a well-fitted pair of jeans and a chic denim jacket.
  • Add a southern charm to your wardrobe with vibrant floral prints and flowy dresses.
  • Don’t avoid statement accessories like bold hats, oversized sunglasses, and statement jewelry.
  • Opt for comfortable yet stylish footwear like cowboy boots or trendy sneakers.
  • Layer your outfits with lightweight cardigans or stylish vests for a touch of sophistication.


What should I wear for a night out in Nashville?

As someone who loves exploring Nashville’s vibrant nightlife, I understand the importance of dressing appropriately for a night out in this city. Nashville has a diverse range of venues, from honky-tonks to trendy bars and upscale restaurants. For a night out, I suggest embracing a stylish yet comfortable ensemble. A great option is a flattering pair of jeans paired with a fashionable blouse or a stylish dress that suits your personal style.

Are there any specific fashion trends for women over 50 in Nashville?

Nashville’s fashion scene celebrates individuality and embraces diversity, so there are no strict rules or specific trends for women over 50. However, I have noticed that Nashville women of all ages appreciate classic and timeless pieces.

Can I wear cowboy boots in Nashville without looking out of place?

Absolutely! Cowboy boots are not only accepted but celebrated in Nashville’s fashion culture. They are an iconic symbol of the city’s Western heritage and music scene. Whether you’re attending a country music concert, exploring the honky-tonks on Broadway, or simply strolling around town, wearing cowboy boots can add a touch of authenticity and style to your outfit.

How can I incorporate Nashville’s bohemian style into my outfits?

Nashville’s bohemian style is all about embracing a laid-back and free-spirited aesthetic. To incorporate this vibe into your outfits, you can start by incorporating flowy and feminine pieces into your wardrobe. Consider wearing maxi dresses or skirts with floral prints, embroidered details, or fringe accents. Layering lightweight kimonos or cardigans can add a boho touch to your look.


These 15 outfit ideas I have covered should provide some inspiration on what to wear in Nashville, no matter your age. Whether you prefer a casual, bohemian look, something with wilder energy, or something a bit more sophisticated, there is something for everyone on this list.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces – who said you couldn’t wear a statement necklace with your trusty skinny jeans and white sneaks?

Ultimately, the goal is to look and feel good wearing whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in. After all, there is no better way to explore the vibrant jazz scene and tour Nashville’s historic landmarks.

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