What To Wear To A Beach Wedding? Beach Wedding Outfit

Outfits appropriate for beach weddings differ from normal ones. You can wear almost anything to an indoor wedding. On the other hand, beach wedding attire should be more comfortable.

Let’s explore some appropriate beach wedding dresses to wear.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding?

Dressing appropriately does not only mean picking out the best outfit. Matching shoes, jewelry, purse, or any other accessories is also part of the dress up. You will find 17 awesome beach wedding guest dresses here to get an idea about what to wear.

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1.Solid Colors Are A Solid Choice.

Solid color dresses are always recommended for a beach wedding. If you’re confused about color, you can choose cyan. Cyan looks good on a beach setting.

Wear off-white flat sandals. If you like to accessorize, wear simple off-white jewelry. Wear small loop earrings, a bracelet, and even a waistband. Carry a small purse matched with your shoes and jewelry.

Solid color dresses,What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

2.Yellow Represents The Sun.

A beautiful sunny day on the beach demands a vibrant yellow dress. The off-the-shoulder dress looks excellent with a beach hat. You can wear a pretty necklace matched with your dress.

Go for flat sandals. You can carry a side bag if you feel like it. Don’t wear too much jewelries because your dress is already bold in color.

yellow dress for beach wedding attire,What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

3.Pantsuits Don’t Go Wrong.

A pantsuit is another name for formal beach attire. If you wish to go with a formal look, you can choose a maroon pantsuit. Wear large earrings. Tie your hair into a bun.

Wear high heels, preferably with straps. Don’t wear matching color heels. Choose something plain, like grey or black.

Pantsuits for beach wedding attire

4.Printed Fabrics Are Everywhere.

If you’re choosing a casual beach wedding dress, you can go for printed fabric. You will find beautiful prints on comfortable fabrics like linen, chiffon, and cotton.

Wear a solid color hat. Your dress is beautiful enough to stand out in the crowd, no need for jewelry.

Carry a purse that matches your hat. Wear the same color heels, and you are all set to go.

5.Royal Blue Jumpsuit To Match The Sea.

A jumpsuit is also formal attire for a beach wedding. Royal blue goes with the sea view. Loop earrings with stones look beautiful with blue. You can wear flat sandals or heels according to your comfort.

Carry a blue bag if you like. Tie your hair into a ponytail.

royal blue jumpsuite for beach wedding,beach wedding dresses

6.Be Vibrant.

You can also go for a mixed color maxi. Not every venue looks the same. Inspect the venue and, if appropriate, choose a mixed color dress.

The off-the-shoulder dress will allow you to wear your necklace. Wear a solid color pair of heels with narrow straps. Sunglasses are perfect for this outfit.

Let your hair fly open in the beach air.

7.Bring Out Your Sundress.

A beautiful lacy sundress always looks good on a sunny beach. Wear long pearl earrings. Let your neck be empty. Carry a purse and wear heels that match your dress.

Curl your hair to make it your best outlook ever.

sun dress for beach wedding,beach wedding dresses
What To Wear To A Beach Wedding | Beach Wedding Outfit

8. Dusty Pink And Laces Combination Is To Die For.

If you’re searching for something more elegant, choose a dusty pink lacy dress. You do not need to wear any jewelry with this dress. Carry a small matching handbag. Curl your hair and wear your favorite fragrance.

dusty pink dress for beach wedding

9.A Long Skirt Is A Perfect Beach Dress.

Long skirts look gorgeous in a beach setting. Choose something of solid color like a pink skirt or white skirt. You can wear it with a lacy white blouse.

Don’t wear any necklaces, but you can wear bangles and earrings. Wear flat sandals or heels matched with your blouse.

long skirt for beach wedding attire

10.What About A Color Block Sundress?

If you decide to go with a color block dress, choose a green shade, and mix it with white. It represents the sea. If the neck of the dress is low cut, you can wear a locket.

Wear a matching bracelet. Go with flat casual sandals. Wear a ring if you feel like it.

color block sundress for beach wedding attire

11.Pencil Skirts Do Their Magic As Well.

Pencil skirts look gorgeous if combine it with proper color and a simple blouse. Choose a floral printed short skirt. Combine it with a white blouse.

Wear high heels, and if you want, you can wear some simple pieces of jewelry.

pencil skirts for each wedding attire

12.Go Bohemian.

Bohemian dress-ups are very trendy when it comes to beach weddings. Pick a subtle color. Keep your hair open. Wear long earrings, large finger rings, and flat sandals.

bohemian dress for beach wedding attire

13.Time To Wear Your High Slit Romper Dress

Romper dresses are a bold choice. Pick a multi-color high slit floral dress. Choose a pair of heels that’s completely different in color. Wear a simple bracelet to compliment your dress. Nothing fancy. You don’t want to highlight anything else than your dress.

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

14.Tea-length Maxi Dress.

A burgundy tea length maxi will be different from all. Wear a black hat and match it with black heels. Use burgundy lipstick. Wear small earrings. Sum up all these, and you’ll look like a doll.

15.Who Doesn’t Love Floral Chiffon’s?

Chiffon is the most appropriate fabric to wear as a beach wedding guest dress. Chiffon doesn’t stick to your skin when wet from sweat. You can wear a knee-length and full sleeve dress. As for any accessories, you can wear matching ear tops.

floral chiffon's for beach wedding attire

16. Off-the-Shoulder Chiffon Maxis Are Made For Beaches.

Off-shoulder maxis are great. For comfort, choose chiffon. You can choose low or high slit dress according to your preference. Wear a large and pretty necklace. Use flat casual sandals.

off shoulder chiffon

17.A mixture Of Blue Shades Is The Best.

Choose attire that mixes up shades of blue. There can’t be a better beach wedding dress than this one. Wear matching earrings. Carry a purse of a different color. That should do the trick.

Makeup Tips for Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Choose your makeup according to the situation too. Beach setting requires special care because of sun exposure. Wear long-lasting makeup.

Use sunscreen to avoid tanning. Use sun protective lotion on your exposed skin. Use lipstick that matches your outfit. If your dress is simple, wear heavy eye makeup.

If your dress is a gorgeous one, wear simple and subtle makeup with matching lipstick.

Tips for Beach Wedding Dress up

Beach weddings are different from other indoor ceremonies. Be careful about choosing any clothing or accessories.

Keep the following things in mind-

  • Do not wear black.
  • Remember to check if there’s a dress code.
  • Avoid thick fabrics.
  • Carry an extra outfit if the reception will be held indoors. Read about wedding reception dresses.
  • Adjust according to weather, season, and formality of the ceremony.
  • Avoid fabrics that attract sand.


What to wear to a beach wedding can be pretty confusing. You can’t just wear what you would wear as your concert outfit. There are so many factors to consider before getting ready. Different body shapes and sizes also play an important role while choosing an outfit.

Wedding dresses for short women would be different from wedding dresses for tall women. In the end, it depends on you what type of dress you’ll choose. You can choose casual beach wedding dresses, formal beach attire, semi-formal attire, or any other dress that suits the ceremony.

Tell us what you thought about our suggestions. Your response matters to us. Tell us what we missed and what you want next from us!

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