How to Choose Shorts For Big Thighs – Best Shorts For Thick Thighs

“Thick thighs and pretty eyes” may sound great in the captions of your Instagram. But is it so easy to pull off your best shorts for big thighs? Being a big thigh woman, I have seen the struggle of wearing shorts every summer. But that doesn’t mean we won’t wear shorts.

And on that note, you can flaunt your big thighs even with the perfect pair of shorts. All you need to do is be a little careful about your outfit and walk confidently!

Here, I will talk about the seven best ideas for wearing shorts! Stay tuned if you want to walk the beach in your shorts on the next sunny day! 

Our Recommendation

belted shorts for big thigh

1. Belted Shorts

Dark Colored Shorts

2.Dark Colored Shorts

shorts for big thigh

3.A-Line Shorts

plus size Baggy Shorts

4.Baggy Shorts

best shorts for big thighs

5.High Waisted Shorts

shorts for big thigh

6.Cut Off Shorts

Choosing the Right Shorts for Big Thighs 

1. Belted Shorts – Best Shorts For Thick Thighs

When you have big thighs, but you still love wearing shorts, the best idea is to settle for belted shorts. I know you are planning to go for slim-fit women’s shorts, but it will make you look your thighs ever thicker. So, the best option you can settle for is belted shorts.

best shorts for big thighs

In most cases, if you settle for a belted short, keep the belt clean and slick. Never settle for a too ornamented belt. Too many accessories will make your thighs look even more significant. Also, when wearing belted shorts, you must settle for one-colored shorts. The thighs will look thick if you go for the colorful women’s shorts. These belted shorts are also known as shorts for thick thighs.

Does that mean you will go colorless? Of course, not! So, if you are wearing one-colored belted shorts, try to keep the top colorful. Go for a multi-colored crop top if you have a flat stomach. If you have a fat belly, you can settle for vibrant off-shoulders! You can wear dress shirts with jean shorts too!

2. Dark Colored Shorts – Shorts For Big Thigh

Colors are fun. But do women with thick thighs look good in every color? If you are one of the women with thick thighs and body parts, colors may also make you look terrible. I have always liked colorful outfits. But when it comes to my thick legs, I always go wrong if I go for colors! Then what’s the best way to stay colorful yet make your thighs look slim?

Yes, you guessed right. When I get into a dilemma, I wear dark colors. There are so many times when I got out wearing a dark complexion, and my friends didn’t praise me that I was looking slim! So, yes, dark color is the key! You can hide your fat under dark colors.

Dark Colored Shorts, shorts for big thigh
Dark Colored Shorts

When it comes to shorts for big thighs, I love black and coffee browns to hide my thick thighs. Also, the dark olive green and maroon are great for hiding the fatty upper legs. No one will tell you you have thick thighs if you wear gloomy-toned shorts! Wear a light-colored top or high garments to pair it up and look trendy! If you are looking for shorts for thick thighs, then this one is the best pair of shorts for thick thighs.

Pair up your black shorts with a mustard yellow top or maroon shorts with a white t-shirt. You will look like a piece of art!

3. A-Line Shorts- Best Shorts For Thick Thigh

shorts for big thigh,A-Line Shorts
A-Line Shorts

Are you a person who thinks that A-Line Shorts are not in trend anymore? Girl, think again! A-line shorts can never go out of style for people with big thighs! When women with big legs suffer from hiding their extra fat, A-line shorts can be the best way to cover it up!

How do A-line shorts hide fat? I used to wear straight shorts in the beginning. However, when I got my hands on A-line shorts by the best short brand American Eagle, I saw myself in the mirror and thought that there is a change! And guess what! A-line shorts are just the right shorts for big thighs! The shorts made my legs look thinner! Both sides of the A-line style shorts are flared, and so, the big thigh usually gets hidden.

When choosing A-line shorts, go for the one with a long-flared design. Jean shorts for big thighs look great when you turn your head towards A-line babies. You can wear a beautiful top and tuck in. A-line shorts look great if you tuck them in. Also, you can wear a crop top and layer it up with cool jackets!

4. Baggy Shorts – Shorts For Big Thigh

There are different types of shorts. But the best shorts for big thighs will always be baggy shorts! No matter what, the first thing that can save you from the thick legs is a loose outfit. And what does this baggy outfit denotes? There are boyfriend jeans out there. These are often called baggy jeans too. Shorts that are not skin tight are the best choice for you. I used to wear skin-tight shorts. Soon, I recognized that it made my thigh more visible. This used to highlight my thighs and make them look bigger. 

plus size Baggy Shorts
Baggy Shorts

But thanks to baggy shorts, this took my heart away! Whether you wear a tight or oversized top, baggy shorts will go right with it. Also, this will cover up the fat and will make the whole appearance look slimmer. Dark color baggy shorts and any one-colored baggy shorts look fabulous, whether you have thick thighs or not. Baggy Shorts are also known as the best shorts for thick thighs.

You can wear baggy jeans, and shorts too. If you don’t have any, DIY your baggy shorts, get your used oversized jeans, and cut them measuring the thigh area. To make it look good, fold the lower part of the legs of your shorts, and you are ready with the girl-next-door look!

5. High Waisted Shorts

What are the best types of shorts for girls with big thighs? What’s the best way to hide your fat thighs and waistline? Yes, HIGH WAISTED pants! The best shorts for big thighs are high-waisted shorts. The exciting part about high-waisted shorts is it is tight on the upper waist. 

As a result, the lower part of your body automatically looks thin. Even if your thighs are big and thick, it holds your body so perfectly that the thick thighs are not visible at all!

best shorts for big thighs, High Waisted Shorts
High Waisted Shorts

I wear high-waisted shorts for big thighs with t-shirts and tops. Don’t wear a crop top with high-waisted shorts. If you are wearing t-shirts or tops, tuck it in. It gives a sleek appearance. For summers, sleeveless tops look great with high-waisted shorts.

Wear any colored high-waisted shorts outfits or jean shorts for big thighs to flaunt. I have never seen high-waisted jeans going out of style! So, style it up with your favorite top and get the crowd’s attention!

6.Shorts Bermuda

Girls with big thighs look at Kendall Jenner, flaunting Bermuda shorts. Do you still feel like this is not the fashion of this age? I never really liked these MOM SHORTS when I was slim. Once, seeing my big thighs, one of my friends suggested to I to wear this. And till then, I am in love with Bermuda shorts. 

People often ask questions regarding shorts. So, how short can shorts be? Or how long can shorts be? The shorts are shorts! Shorts are named after SHORTS because they are shorter than regular pants. However, if you have big thighs, the equation might change.

Shorts Bermuda,best shorts for big thighs
Shorts Bermuda

For big thigh women, I would highly recommend going for the perfect length of shorts that look flattering. For Bermuda shorts, you have to go for shorts that quickly cover up where you have fatness in the thighs. Go for a little longer length than the regular shorts. Also, keep it a little higher than the three-quarter pants! Yes, Bermuda shorts are in the middle ground of these both!

Go to your favorite rock band’s t-shirt. You can go for a colorful tank top and fun! Or a simple black t-shirt like this Kardashian girl will make you look stunning!

7. Pleated Skirt Shorts

They say that pleated skirt shorts are made for the big thighs women! I completely agree with this! I have seen big thighs women flaunting their pleated skirt shorts in the summer. The best part is the flared part of the skirt keeps your thick legs away from being highlighted!

Pleated Skirt Shorts,best shorts for big thighs
Pleated Skirt Shorts

Wear these flattering shorts for big thighs with simple shirts. Regular tops will look good too. Wear a belt if you want. Tuck your shirt in because it will show the full pleated skirt properly. On the other hand, if you are going for belts, remember not to select thick belts. The slim belts look better if you are a little chubby.

Considerations Before Choosing Shorts

  • Before you go for shorts, think about the perfect length of your shorts
  • Big thighs women should settle for a little extended shorts
  • Women with thick thighs must select flared shorts
  • If you don’t have a flat tummy, avoid showing your stomach
  • If you have a flat belly, you can wear a crop top with shorts
  • Tuck-in your shirt or top with high waisted shorts
  • Use slim belts for shorts if you have thick thighs
  • Go for longer shorts and fold it on the lower part if needed

How Women Shorts should fit: Perfect Fit for Shorts 

Shorts must fit your body perfectly. When it comes to choosing the right shorts, different women react differently. If you have thick thighs, shorts should not be too baggy and not too tight. If you want flattering shorts for big thighs, too-tight shorts look a little offensive and make you look fat.

On the other hand, the stomach of the shorts must be a perfect fit. Do not settle for loose women shorts on your belly. Also, the height of the shorts is significant. 

When you are selecting the height of the shorts for the thick-thigh women, you must go for the shorts that are not too long and not too short. The perfect fit will also cover up the fatty area and adequately works as shorts!

Pro Tips for Styling Shirts

  • Never go for larger belts
  • Always go for shorts that are one colored
  • Keep the shorts simple and go for fewer designs
  • Avoid vibrant shorts
  • Don’t use too many accessories with the shorts
  • Fold the lower part
  • Tuck-in your t-shirt, tops or shirts

FAQs on Shorts for Big Things

Can I wear shorts if I have big thighs?

Yes, even if you have big thighs, you can wear shorts. There are no such rules and regulations for wearing shorts for women. However, the most important fact here is looking flawless. And to look flawless wearing shorts on big thighs, you must keep an eye on the perfect length and fit.

How do you make your thighs look smaller in shorts?

If you want to make the thighs look smaller in shorts, you have to select the right height of the shorts. Go for the shorts that are a little longer than the regular shorts.
It easily conceals the chubby area properly, giving you a hint of wearing shorts too! Also, keep the waistline high so that it gives you a taller façade.

How do you keep your thighs from chafing when wearing shorts?

The most common question regarding shorts is how you can prevent your thighs from chafing. So, if you are not so fond of short shorts, go for longer running shorts. Lubricants may also help you. You can use talcum powder to keep this away. Also, try to keep your skin dry!

How should high-waisted shorts fit?

When you are going for high-waisted shorts, you should never make the shorts too tight. Too tight shorts will reveal the big thighs you have.

In this case, go for high-waisted shorts and tuck the shirt or top in. Also, don’t forget to add a belt to look cool. Always wear a wide belt to keep the body look slimmer!

How to know if my thighs are too big to wear short shorts?

If you have too big thighs but still want to wear short shorts, try to go for the high-waisted shorts outfits. These are great for bigger thighs. Even if your shorts are too short, the high-waistline will give a vision of an extended thigh area. It will make your legs look thinner. 

Also, you can wear pleated shorts or skirt shorts as they are short shorts that make your thighs look skinny.

Wrap Up

I have thick thighs, and I know your pain! But that doesn’t mean you will never wear shorts. Shorts are outfits that are always on-trend. All you need to do is go through some basic rules and modifications for wearing this hyped-up outfit. Go through the shorts for big thighs we have mentioned here! And I know you will never regret wearing shorts this whole summer!

Go for them and also let us know which outfit idea looked the best on you! Also, share your own thigh thighs shorts idea with us!


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