What To Wear To a Pool Party For Men And Women?

When summer’s near, you can only think about what to wear to a pool party. You want something stylish yet not too expensive to ruin with water splashes. Having an eye-catching look with your simplest outfit is the real goal. 

Coordinating everything from your dress to accessories is a challenge. We’ll get to that. But first, let’s start with what you should know before choosing the outfit. 

Things to Know Before Choosing Your Pool Party Outfit 

You can never be too careful when it comes to poolside party attire. Let’s start with some great tips you should know about before choosing your pool party outfit. 

  • You’ll surely get wet, even if you choose not to swim. 
  • Choose a dress depending on the weather.
  • Avoid wearing anything fancy that the water can ruin. 
  • If you choose a simple dress, go heavy on accessories. 
  • Always try to choose something different rather than traditional. 
  • Check twice if the invitation mentions any pool party dress code.

Outfits to Wear to a Pool Party

So many parties are becoming poolside parties nowadays. Even an 80th birthday party can turn into a poolside party. You’ll need the best swimsuits for women over 50 for that party.   

But today, we picked up pool parties in general. We’ve rounded up the best outfits for both men and women to wear to a pool party. This will end any confusion you may have about pool party attire.

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What To Wear To a Pool Party For Women

Don’t forget to wear your best bikini underneath your dress. You’ll likely get a chance to show it off if you decide to swim. As for the dress you’ll wear over your bikini, here are some ideas. 

1. White Sheer Kaftan For Pool Party Outfit

White is a riskless option because it always brings out the best when you’re outside. It’s also a great color choice for poolside party attire. Kaftan is a cover-up you can wear over your best bikini. 

Tasseled sheer kaftans are very trendy right now. You can combine a simple golden necklace and wear flat sandals with this outfit. Take a white medium or large-size handbag to give your look a finishing touch.   

White Sheer Kaftan ,, what to wear to a pool party

2. Printed Shorts with Matching Shirt For Pool Party Outfit

Printed shorts for women have a lot of unique variations. Choose a comfy fabric because the weather is going to be hot. It’s better if you don’t wear any jewelry with this outfit.

As for the shoes, sneakers are your best option. You can wear your favorite two-piece underneath if you plan to remove your shorts and shirt.   

Printed Shorts with Matching Shirt,pool party outfit

3. Short Denim with White Top For Pool Party Outfit

Denim shorts are something you can wear both as a college party outfit and a pool party outfit. All you have to do is combine it with a white shirt. 

Sunglasses are compulsory with this outfit. Short boots and a hat will give your outfit a finishing touch.  

Short Denim with White Top For Pool Party Outfit
Short Denim with White Top For Pool Party Outfit

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4. Go For a Sarong For Pool Party Outfit

Sarong is so perfect for a pool party that you can wear it differently. It’s a cover-up. You can wear it like a skirt or make it a cover-up for your whole body. 

One thing to keep in mind is your undergarments need to be top-class if you go for a sarong. I would recommend choosing a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. Always wear flat sandals with this type of outfit. 

It’s better not to go for jewelry. If you must, choose something bohemian. 

What To Wear To a Pool Party ,Sarong , pool party outfit

5. Swim Dress for Plus Size For Pool Party Outfit

If you’re searching for pool party outfits for plus size, a swim dress is your best option. It’s also a smart choice when you don’t want to be too exposed. Get a floral printed fabric to match the pool scenario. 

Wear bracelets and rings with this one. Go for a pair of matching color semi-heels. There can’t be a better choice than a swimsuit for curvy women.

Swim Dress for Plus Size ,poolside party attire

6. Crop Top and High-waisted Shorts

Pair a crop top with high-waisted shorts for a playful and casual look. Add a pair of platform sandals for a height and glam touch.

7. Athletic One-piece Swimsuit With a Baseball Cap

If you plan on being active in the pool, an athletic one-piece swimsuit paired with a baseball cap is practical and stylish.

What To Wear To a Pool Party For Men 

Men should move on from their traditional clothing for once. There are plenty of scopes to be unique with your dress at a pool party. 

1. Swim Trunks For Pool Party Outfit

The primary outfit to wear to a pool party is swim trunks. You’ll find a lot of variations on swim trunks. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone. 

Wear sunglasses and sandals with your swim trunk. 

Swim Trunks for pool party,poolside party attire

2. Tank Top For Pool Party Outfit

You think about a pool party, and you see tank tops. So many celebrities have made tank tops popular for pool parties. A hat will look splendid with a tank top.

Go for white sandals regardless of what color tank top you selected. Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for a pool party. 

Tank Top For Pool Party Outfit
What To Wear To a Pool Party For Men And Women

3. Printed Shirts For Pool Party Outfit

Printed shirts always give you beach vibes. Moreover, you can be innovative with the prints. Wear swim trunks with printed shirts.

Combine it with your hat and sunglasses. As for the shoes, go for a slip-on.  

Printed Shirts For Pool Party Outfit
What To Wear To a Pool Party For Men And Women

4. Denim Shorts For Pool Party Outfit

Denim shorts work great for men too. Wear a sky blue shirt with your buttons open. Combine it with a white T-shirt underneath.

Don’t wear a hat with this one. Only sunglasses. Wear white sneakers with your denim shorts. 

Denim Shorts , what to wear to a pool party

5. Usual t-shirts For Pool Party Outfit

One thing men have in their favor is they can wear a T-shirt almost everywhere. A white t-shirt with a black swim trunk is a classic pool party outfit.

Wear sneakers or a slip-on. Don’t forget your sunglasses. 

what to wear to a pool party

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear to a pool party if not swimming?

Even if you don’t intend to swim, avoid anything fancy. There’s a high chance you’ll get wet anyway. But you don’t have to wear your best undergarments either. 

What is an ideal swimsuit for a family pool party?

The ideal swimsuit for a family pool party should be comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for all family members. Choose swimsuits that provide adequate coverage and suit individual preferences for a fun time together.

What kind of non-revealing dresses can I wear for a pool party?

You can wear a sundress or a well-covered swim dress. You can also wear cover-ups like sarongs or kaftans if you intend to swim. 

Should I bring a change of clothes to a pool party?

Yes, bringing a change of clothes to a pool party is generally a good idea. While you will be wearing your swimsuit in the pool, it is common to have dry clothes to change into after swimming. This allows you to stay comfortable and dry throughout the rest of the party, especially if you plan to participate in other activities or socialize outside of the pool area. Additionally, changing clothes can be useful if you need to leave the pool party and go somewhere else afterward.

Bottom Line

Everyone’s getting pool party ideas now. You must be prepared for what you’ll wear to a pool party. Bring your A-game to a crowded party to become the center of attention. Don’t be afraid of being a little bold when choosing your outfit. You only need your confidence to pull off the outfit you chose. 

Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We want to know how your outlook turned out at that pool party.  

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