How To Wear A Pashmina? Best Way To Wear That Everyone Love

Having Pashmina clothing in your wardrobe adds elegance to it. It is a symbol of sophistication and superiority. So, if you want your outfit to stand out, you should know everything about how to wear a Pashmina with poise.

Pashmina is the finest and warmest wool existing out there. In ancient times, only royalties could afford this fabric. Thanks to globalization, now people like us can also feel the grace of Pashmina. But yes, we have to pay a fortune for it!

What is a high-quality Pashmina fabric?

The Pashmina clothing can be made of 100% Pashmina wool or a blend of Pashmina and silk. The quality and the price of the Pashmina fabric depend on the Pashmina-silk ratio. Typically, 70% Pashmina and 30% silk ratio is considered as a fine-quality Pashmina fabric.

How to Wear a Pashmina?

Pashmina is an exclusive and versatile piece of clothing. It will always help you to become the fashion diva in a crowd. But sometimes you may wonder how to wear a Pashmina with poise.

The most common form of Pashmina clothing is a Pashmina shawl. However, it can be found as a Pashmina rave, Pashmina scarf, Pashmina stoll, and Pashmina scarf. By using your ingenuity, you can get the best out of your Pashmina clothing.

Here are some of my thoughts you can use to style Pashmina with your outfits.

# Pashmina Shawl:

Take your Pashmina shawl, and drape it around your shoulder. Take one end; toss it over the opposite shoulder. This is a universal style, yet it looks excellent if you are going for a casual look.

How To Wear A Pashmina

# Pashmina Wrap:

You can create a Pashmina wrap in several ways. But the style I am going to suggest is a versatile one. You can wear this wrap in casual outings as well as with your formal dresses like weddings and rehearsal dinners.

Drape the shawl around your shoulder, and make a knot with the ends of the shawl in front of your chest. There you are, with your fabulous Pashmina wrap.

Pashmina Wrap

# The Artistic knot:

Looking for something out of the box? Do the artistic knot with your Pashmina.

Fold your Pashmina stoll lengthways and wrap it around your neck. Make a knot in the middle of the left side and pass the other end through it. Then tighten the knot to get this unique look.

 The Artistic knot,How To Wear A Pashmina

# The French knot

You may have seen this style in old Hollywood movies or on those Chic girls who go to Europe on their vacation!

To do the French knot, fold your Pashmina scarf half lengthways twice, and make a loop around your neck. Tuck the ends through the loop at the other end, and pull them for a cozy fit.

The French knot,How To Wear A Pashmina

# Head Scarf

I don’t know the reason, but there is something about a Pashmina headscarf that screams sophistication. If you want that for yourself, put the Pashmina rave over your head and tie a close knot at the nape of your neck and wrap the loose fabric around your shoulder or neck.

Head Scarf,How To Wear A Pashmina

# Short Pashmina Scarf:

Pashmina square scarves are always in trend. It is a trouble-free style that anyone can create.

For this look, fold your Pashmina scarf three or four times lengthways and wrap it around your neck. This is also a vintage look, which will give you those Audrey Hepburn vibes.

Short Pashmina Scarf,How To Wear A Pashmina

# Style it with Jackets:

Styling your Pashmina with your Jacket is an intimidating way to wear it. Fold the Pashmina rave and drape it around your shoulder under the collar of the Jacket. You can also do this look with Coats.

Style it with Jackets,How To Wear A Pashmina

# As a Sarong:

Sarongs are very flattering, and Pashmina sarongs will add some extra magnificence to it. To make a sarong out of your Pashmina, fold your Pashmina rave in a triangle shape, and tie it around your waist. You can wear this over pants, long skirts or any dresses.

Sarong,How To Wear A Pashmina

# As a belt:

This is an outfit idea for those who always want to grab the limelight.

To wear it as your belt, fold your Pashmina still three or four times and tie it around your waist. If there is more length left, wrap it again and tuck it to wear your Pashmina as a colorful belt. You can do this style with both your pants and skirts.

belt,How To Wear A Pashmina

# The Waterfall:

If you want to take your Pashmina game to the next level, try this.

Drape the Pashmina shawl around your neck. Take one end to loop it around your neck and take it to the other end crossways of the body, and slip it under the loop at the back of your neck. Spread the fabric on your chest to make a flowy effect like a waterfall. If you were looking for how to wear Pashmina with modishness, this is it.

How To Wear A Pashmina

Wear it as Infinity scarf:

Styling your Pashmina as infinity scarves are very trendy. There are many ways to wear it. So, let’s take a lesson on how to wear an infinity scarf in 3 simple ways.

# Hooded Infinity scarf

Take your Pashmina shawl, wrap your head, and shoulder twice and pull the backside over your head. Here you go, with your hip cool hooded Pashmina style.

Hooded Infinity scarf,How To Wear A Pashmina

# Shoulder wrap

Shoulder wrap looks very stylish with your every day look. Fold your Pashmina once in lengthways and wrap it around the shoulder joint. Push down the top portion to make it look like an off-shoulder wrap. You can also twist it in the middle for this exclusive yet effortless look.

Shoulder wrap,How To Wear A Pashmina

# Layer Loop scarf

It is a 2 minutes infinity scarf look. Take your long Pashmina stoll and loop it over your neck three or four times to create a layered loop. Grab your Pashmina anytime to make this simple but fabulous look.

How do you take care of Pashmina?

  • Wash it with hands using lukewarm water and a natural detergent. Squeeze softly to remove the water.
  • Use a hair conditioner to soften the material if necessary.
  • Do not hang under direct sunlight.
  • While ironing, put your iron on the lowest temperature, cover the Pashmina with another cotton fabric then gently iron it.
  • Fold your Pashmina, wrap it with a Musling cloth, then put in one cupboard.


Pashmina is the most delicate, warmest, and most exquisite wool in the world. In some families, Pashmina attires have passed through generations as heirlooms. If you are not as lucky as they are, get one for yourself. As you know now, how to wear Pashmina with elegance, go and get it. Your inner fashionista is yearning for this!

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