How To Tie an Infinity Scarf – The Most Fashionable Way

Infinity scarves are one of the most versatile options for scarf style you can go for. It is available in several sizes, colors, and variants. Also, there are several ways to tie an infinity scarf in a fashionable way which we will discuss in this article.

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There is even an excellent history for scarves that includes classical styling and it’s designed.

If you don’t know what infinity scarf is, so it’s merely a big loop of fabric. You can also say it a circle scarf. It is not like a traditional cold scarf. But actually, it gets into a ring shape scarf around the neck. These circular or infinity scarves usually are of 40 inches to 82 inches long. The longer the scarf you choose, the more styles you can make.

The best part about the infinity scarves is that it can get styled in any way possible. There is quite a significant number of ways to style them. It could be the reason it’s called infinity scarves.

As there are countless ways to tie infinity scarf, here I am mentioning the best out of it.


How to tie an infinity scarf, below mentioned points would clear this quickly.

1. Vintage Style Circle Scarf:

Whether you have a small infinity scarf or large, you can comfortably wear this old circle style upon your blouse or tee. Don’t wrap or twist around it. Just allow it to settle on your shoulders like a simple scarf.

How To Tie an Infinity Scarf,tying an infinity scarf,Vintage Style Circle Scarf
Vintage Style Circle Scarf

2. Hood Infinity Scarf:

Another of the different ways to wear an infinity scarf is this hood style. Infinity scarf allows you to wear it in any way you want, even like a snood. There are various ways to hold this hood style too. How to tie a short scarf also gets solved within this. For this, put it on your shoulders and then pull its back part over your head just like a hood.

Hood Infinity Scarf
Hood Infinity Scarf

3. Loop Layered Scarf:

This is one of the different ways to wear an infinity scarf. If you have a long scarf, so loop the scarf around the neck two or three times. It depends on your choice. For this, you can get yourself one of your winter infinity scarves. It will give you quite a classy look.

Loop Layered Scarf,ways to tie an infinity scarf
Loop Layered Scarf

4. Vest Style Infinity Scarf:

For vest style, you should choose one from larger looped scarves. Holding this style is easy. You have to wear it regularly and then get it on the front side from the back. You can wear a belt for a more stylish look. This is merely wrapping your scarf around your body. I suggest you choose any of your winter infinity scarves for this style.

Vest Style Infinity Scarf

5. Shoulder Wrap Style:

How to put on a scarf get solved by the mentioned styles. One more of the different ways to wear an infinity scarf is merely wrapping it around the shoulders. You must wear your infinity scarf and spread it over your shoulders and arms for this style.

To create a more different effect, you can twist it. It will give you a bow-like shape.

How To Tie an Infinity Scarf,wearing an infinity scarf,Shoulder Wrap Style

6.Flower Style Infinity Scarf:

This is another stylish infinity scarf idea. For this flower look, you have to loop the scarf around your head, twist the end of the scarf until it gets tightened. The scarf will get rolled and tucked so it will look like a flower. Just tuck it according to your preference. There is nothing wrong with it.

Flower Style Infinity Scarf

7. Infinity Scarf as Shrug:

One other way to wear an infinity scarf is like a shrug.  Wearing an infinity scarf like a shrug is pretty simple. You will require a sizable looped scarf. Wear it in a usual way around your neck and spread it all over your back. It will seem to be a shrug.

Infinity Scarf as Shrug
Infinity Scarf as Shrug

8. Skirt Style with Infinity Scarf:

As the cheap infinity scarves are quite flexible, you can also create a skirt with your scarf. But get a larger size and light in weight scarf for this. For this, you have to wear your scarf and take your hands out of it. Then spread it all around your body. Here you get done!

Skirt Style with Infinity Scarf
Skirt Style with Infinity Scarf

9. Halter Top Infinity Scarf Style:

Another infinity scarf ideas is this halter top. Your halter can be draped or fit over you. This depends on your size. To create this style, wear it in a crossbody shape and spread it evenly on your chest. Hey, you have done voila!

Halter Top Infinity Scarf Style,

10.Turtle Neck Style with Infinity Scarf:

This is one of the unique infinity scarves ideas, the turtle neck. For this, you have to loop your scarf around the neck two times and then pull one of the loops downside. Do this so that the upper loop gets fit around your neck. Voila, you are done!

Turtle Neck Style with Infinity Scarf

11. Infinity Scarf As Shoulder Dress:

Get one of your cheap infinity scarves in a larger size and create your one-shoulder dress. For this, step inside your scarf. Pull its ends at the front and backside. Then pin or tie the ends with each other over one of your shoulders. you are ready to shine!

Infinity Scarf As Shoulder Dress

12.Knot Style Infinity Scarf:

Get another of your cheap infinity scarves and create this simple look. You can easily create this style with your small-size infinity scarf. You have to loop your scarf around the neck and tie a knot at the bottom side and you are done.

Knot Style Infinity Scarf

13. The Bow Style Infinity Scarf:

These will be other classy scarves ideas you can wear. To create this look, hold both of the scarf sides together. Then fold the scarf in half around your neck and tie it in a bow and at one angle side. It is another chic style for wearing a headscarf. You will get a classy look after wearing the scarf in bow style.

The Bow Style Infinity Scarf

Tying an infinity scarf can get done in thousands of different ways. All you have to keep in mind is the way you look good. You should know how to tie a scarf around your neck if you specifically want to wear it in the neck. There are colossal scarf-tying ideas you can find. Just know your style and wear it accordingly.

Things to Know While Choosing Your Style:

As you know that infinity scarf tying ideas are quite versatile. But still, you are needed to know something while choosing your style.

Firstly, choose your scarf idea according to the season. It will make you chic. While choosing your scarf idea, you must consider the size of your infinity scarf. It will make you clear what style you can wear.

Create hair scarves styles when you are wearing something suitable for that. It is essential because the hair scarf’s styles will not suit and look good with everything you wear. Keeping such points in mind will make your presentation pleasing and classy.

Secondly, one should know how to tie a scarf women style ultimately. This will become easier for you to wear your scarf. You will not be hurdled if you know how to wear a circle scarf style you want to wear.

All the above-listed infinity scarf styling ideas will help you in choosing your style.

Tips for Wearing Infinity Scarf:

Elevate Your Style:

A fashion designer Alison Deyette said that fabric and color are the two most essential things while choosing an infinity scarf. Keep in mind that your scarf will be your presentation. Always choose the color, texture, and style that enhances your look.

Consider the Season:

How to wrap a scarf also depends on the season going. Always adjust your scarf from summer to winter by choosing several textures and colors. Select thick fabric in the winter season and lighter like cotton and silk in the summer season.

Question That Asks Our Readers About Infinity Scarf:

Q1. Are infinity scarves not in style?

Infinity scarves can never go out of style. But the particular form of scarves can be in and out of fashion. Creating fashionable styles of infinity scarves will always make you stylish and classy.

Q2. Why is it said to be to an infinity scarf?

It is called an infinity scarf because it has a big continuous loop. It quickly gets into the neck, just like a ring. It’s quite versatile that makes styling easy.

Q3. Is there any difference between a snood and an infinity scarf?

Yes, there is a bit difference between a snood and an infinity scarf. A snood is a tubular scarf similar to a large cowl. An infinity scarf is a looped scarf that gets settled around the neck. A snood is identical to an infinity scarf but not an infinity scarf.


How to tie an infinity scarf makes you stand out among others. It will elevate your whole style and make you look more stylish. There are countless ways to tie an infinity scarf, so choose when and shine. My mentioned ideas can help you more.

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