How To Patch Jeans? 11 Easiest Way To Fix Your Ripped Jeans

If you are already running late to your office and see a hole in your pants, what will you do? This is why you must know how to patch jeans!

Patching jeans is not tough. Here, I have come up with different ideas for patching jeans. From temporary to permanent patching methods, you can select anyone you like!

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Things You Need To Know Before Patching a Jeans

  • Before you patch a jeans hole, you have to clean the hole
  • The additional fabric added inside the jeans can be helpful, don’t throw it away
  • Matching all the threads for the patching work is necessary
  • Tape and glue can be only used for temporary solutions
  • It is always better to use a sewing machine or a store-bought denim patches

Gather Your Supplies For Patch Jeans

  • The perfect thread that matches the color of the jeans
  • Jeans colored fabric
  • Store-bought jeans fabric
  • Thick thread for the inside part of the pants
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Fusible
  • Iron and iron board

How to Patch Jeans? 11 Different Ways to Patch Your Jeans

Here, I have mentioned several ways how to fix ripped jeans. Go through them. I know it can help you!

Method 1: Straight Tear

When it comes to straight tears, you should always settle for hand sewing. If you don’t know how to patch jeans, this can help you.

Straight Tear,How to Patch Jeans?
Straight Tear,How to Patch Jeans?

Step By Step Process:

Step-1: Steady it:

First of all, you have to get a fabric mending tape and place it under the tear.

Step-2:Overcast Stitches

Secondly, go through the torn edges and stitch it. An overcast stitch is preferable in this case. Also, don’t forget to get your hands on the perfect thread for the process.

Step-3: Release Excess Fabric

After you are done with patching, you have to take the excess fabric and cut it.

Method 2: Holes on Pants

There are times when you see holes on the pants, which are really tough to eradicate. Here is the process that can help you!

Holes on Pants,jeans patch


Step By Step Process:

Step-1: Mark it

First of all, you have to take chalk and start marking around the hole in a square.

Step-2: Perfect Stitch

Now, you have to look at the picture and make stitches. Go from 1-8 one by one and repeat until the hole is filled up.

Step-3: Inside Stitch

Then you have to make stitches inside of the jeans. Use a tick thread for this in the same sequence, and you are done!

Method 3: Sewing Machine

This method is the most reliable method when you have to patch your jeans. In most cases, this is used to sew a hole in your jeans.

When you are searching for how to patch jeans, this is the best method.

jeans patch by Sewing Machine


Step By Step Process:

Step-1: Clean the Jeans Hole

Firstly, turn the jeans with holes inside out to get your hands on the inside part. Now, clean the jeans hole and take out the torn thread from the hole.

Step-2: Right Fabric and Thread

Then, take a fabric that looks like your jeans. You can also settle for a denim scrap that is of the same color.

Step-3: Loose Stitches

Now, take the patch face down on the hole, and you have to attach it there to stay steady.

Go for running stitched in a loose manner just to keep it there. If you have Fusible, you can rely on that too.

Step-4: Start Stitching

Here, you have to use a thread in the sewing machine that looks like the color of your jeans.

Turn the jeans on the right side and start stitching. Start the stitching process from the face of your denim.

Step-5: Keep Stitching

Now, move your arm and complete the stitching. Go for straight stitches. However, I always prefer the zig-zag stick because it makes the stitch stronger! Join the edges and complete the whole work.

Note: I recommend you to do your stitches according to the fabric weave of your pants.

It will surely not look the same as before, but you can easily make use of your torn jeans in the best possible way!

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Method 4: Store-Bought Add-ons

You can go for a better option when you see that it is not possible to repair the jeans with holes with the same colored fabric or thread.

Store-Bought Add-ons for patch jeans

In the stores, you will get several denim colored patches. Also, denim fabrics are available in the market. You can use them on top of the hole of your pants and remove the hole!

Step By Step Process:

Step-1: Cut the Patch

To know how to fix ripped jeans, you have to know how to cut the patch perfectly. A perfect shaped patch is a must here!

Step-2: Perfect Shape

When you are about to sew a hole, covering the hole can be critical. So, look at the hole and mark the shape of the hole on the denim patch. Now, with a scissor, you have to cut it accordingly.

Step-3: Glue it

You can also use an adhesive for gluing the additional patch with it. If you are running out of time and you want to know how to patch jeans, follow this!

However, if you want a permanent solution, this might not help you.

Step-4: Overlap the Hole

To sew a hole, now, take the patch face up over the hole of your pants. Here, you have to make sure that the additional denim patches can overlap the hole a bit.

Step-5: Size of the Patch

You have to be very sure about the size of the patch. It is better to settle for a little larger patch always.

Step-6: Pre-Heat Iron

Now, pre-heat your iron for iron-on patches for jeans process. Then put your iron on heat and then open on the patch keeping it on the hole.

Step-7: Iron-on Patches for Jeans

Keep the iron heat that is adequate for denim. Here, you have to go for the iron-on patches for jeans method. Iron it. You have to put some pressure on the denim patches if you want to fix it.

If you see holes in your jeans frequently, you must know- how to stretch out jeans.

Method 5: Zig-zag Stitches

If you wonder how to fix ripped jeans, stitches can be the best option.

So, go for zig-zag stitches for covering the edges of the patch. If you have ever done an applique, you know how to do it!

Zig-zag Stitches for patching jeans

If your jeans are too loose, you might want to know how to taper jeans?

Method 6: Net or Lace Fabrics

You can also add additional fabrics. It is better to pick up the decorative one to look interesting.

Step By Step Process:

Step 1: Go for a fabric that looks good. Some lace fabric can do the work!

Step 2: Attach the fabric from inside the hole of your jeans. Before doing that, take proper measurements.

Step 3: Now stitch it. Go for zig-zag or straight stitches, and you are done making cool stuff!

Method 7: Boro or Sashiko Stitches

This is a popular Japanese art which can be one of the outfits. Try this one, and it looks pretty amazing!

Boro or Sashiko Stitches for patch jeans
Boro or Sashiko Stitches for patch jeans

Step By Step Process:

Step 1: Take your jeans, and all you have to do is a little embroidery.

Step 2: Go for scraps. You will find scraps on the old clothing. You can also settle for a splurge on the fabric!

Step 3: Add in inside the hole, and go for straight visible stitches on the upper portion!

Method 8: Layered Zig-Zags

Go for easy machine stitches if you don’t want to do it with your hands!

Layered Zig-Zags
How To Patch Jeans | 10 Easiest Way To Fix Your Ripped Jeans

Step By Step Process:

Step 1: Take the sewing machine and mark the hole.

Step 2: Now attach the jeans with the machine and stitch it.

Step 3: Make zig-zag stitches back and forth! It is simple and easy!

Method 9: One Colored Fabric

If you don’t want it to be extreme but still want it to look trendy, go for one colored fabric.

One Colored Fabric
One Colored Fabric

Step By Step Process:

Step 1: Take a colored fabric for your jeans. If you want it to work perfectly, go for the opposite color. If you have faded jeans, settle for dark-colored fabric and vice-versa.

Step 2: Take the fabric and cover the hole from the inside.

Step 3: Make stitches as you desire, and you are ready! If you do it on both sides of the knee, it will look even better!

Method 10: Make it Ripped

When your jeans are already torn, why don’t you make them ripped jeans? It will save you a lot of money too!

Step By Step Process:

Step 1: If your jeans already have holes, make some other holes!

Step 2: It looks better if you do the holes near the knee.

Step 3: Take some fabric out to make it look you have paid a lot for the artfully ripped jeans!

Method 11: Applique on Jeans

You can do applique on the sides of the torn part. Or you can also add an applique fabric on it!

Step By Step Process:

Step 1: Make appliques on a piece of fabric and cover the hole from inside.

Step 2: Now, you do some appliques on the sides of the torn part of the jeans.

Step 3: Attach the fabric with stitches or glue. Don’t forget to make it look like that applique is done all the way through the hole as a design!

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Question That Asks Our Readers

Do iron-on patches for jeans work?

Yes, when it comes to patching jeans, the iron-on method works. It makes patching easy for you. Here, you will need an iron along with an iron board.
To make the patch permanently, you will need whip-stitches around it.

What do you do if your pants rip at work?

If you want an emergency solution, it is better to take the ripped and loose fabric from the other side.
Take them to the inside of the garment. Then pull the little fibers so that you can lose the thread. For safety, add a tape from the inside.

Why are there holes in my pants?

You might have seen jeans with holes. When you walk, the inner thighs rub together and create friction. As a result, the material wears in that particular spot fast. And so, you get holes in your pants!

Wrap Up

I hope you have got all the ideas on how to patch jeans within this period. All you have to do is keep the fabric and the thread ready.

So that whenever your jeans need to be patched, you can do it without wasting money on new jeans! Let us know which method you follow!

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