What To Wear Under Board Shorts? Dos and Don’ts

We all know that; underwear is a must for our daily chores. But is it okay to wear it with board shorts? Well, it entirely depends on your comfort. A short board can help you for a long day on the beach. But you can spend on underwear if you want.

Wearing underwear gives you some advantages, but not wearing it gives you more benefits. We will escort you to inform you of what to wear under board shorts.

What to Wear Under Board Shorts?

What To Wear Under Board Shorts,
Guys Wearing board shorts

Many people go to the beach for surfing purposes. Moreover, some don’t know about swimming and going on a fresh holiday. But the main point is, what would you wear in board shorts?

My answer is not to wear anything under your swimsuit. But if you are uncomfortable with anything under your swimwear, here is a solution.

You can wear compression shorts beneath your board shorts. This compression short gives you support as well as comfort. Why do we wear underwear if it can’t give us extra comfort? You can wear compression shorts during work out also.

You can wear cotton underwear to give extra comfort. Some people like to use boxer or athletic gear as underwear under board shorts. You can find them easily in any sports store or mall. If you want shoes to wear with shorts, you can find them in the same shops.

There is another option for you. You can wear board shorts with attached liners. They come in mesh, polyester, or other materials and fit perfectly. Even they give you extra support, the same as underwear. These types of liners save you from skin irritation.

Why Should We Wear Underwear with Board Shorts?

You have many options to wear beneath board shorts. You can wear compression shorts, boxers, gear, etc.

These compression shorts are designed to solve many problems. If you wear this during a workout, it helps to increase blood circulation. And it saves you from muscle damage. When you dress in board shorts, this will give you comfort for the whole day to go. They work as men’s underwear liners.

While swimming in the water, prevents the folding of your clothes. If you don’t carry a swimsuit, this works to give warmth. This also prevents chafing.

What To Wear Under Board Shorts

Boxers give you extra support when swimming and surfing for a whole day. Your waterproof swim shorts may cause chafing. Boxers protect you from this disgusting condition. You can wear underwear if you have no intention of getting into the water and are too shy to sit in public places without shorts!

This comes in different sizes. Some are above the knee, and some are up to the knee. Using this during hiking, cycling, traveling, etc., gives full-day protection and prevents rubbing between two thighs and knees.

Why Should Not You Wear Underwear with Board Shorts?

Whether you want to wear underwear with board shorts or not is your opinion. But we can show you some causes of why you should not wear underwear.

1. Drying Time:

Some underwear, like boxers not designed for water, take forever to dry. You have to lie in the sun for the right time to dry up your underwear. Even if you have a plan somewhere to go after swimming, that won’t work.

Board shorts are designed with fast drying. But the inner underwear keeps on wetting your shorts.

2. Color:

This is a disconcerting thing. Maybe you have bought your innerwear for some bright colors. But that won’t give you pleasure anymore. After each time of swim, you will notice that the color of your underwear is dim.

The dye reacts with polluted pool water or salty seawater. So, you can choose the dull color of underwear for your next tour.

3. Support:

Underwear doesn’t give the comfort you want. You don’t want to adjust your underwear repeatedly during swimming or surfing. But your underwear makes you do so.

4. Look:

Board shorts and underwear don’t look good together.

What To Wear Under Board Shorts

Finally, you should not wear anything under your board shorts. Because comfort is the only thing you need when you are off to chill on the beach. You will feel free, relaxed, and comfortable. If you want to swim for a whole day, this will help you more.

Board shorts are designed with quick-drying capacity. This can transform itself into natural beachwear. So, it is okay not to wear anything under board shorts. So, now you know what to wear under board shorts and what not to.

Question That Asks Our Readers

2. Is It Okay to Wear Board Shorts as Normal Shorts?

Yes, you can wear board shorts like the usual shorts. Lately, it has been designed for swimming and surfing only. But now it has become a trend. Even the actors, players, and models wear board shorts on the go. All-purpose hybrid shorts are way better. You can wear them in water and in any event like sports, summer parties, or friend hangouts. They are so much more comfortable for a long tour ahead.

3. What Do Surfers Wear Under Board Shorts?

Some surfers wear their regular underwear beneath board shorts. Some consider wearing speedo-type shorts because these have the property to dry quickly. They avoid cotton underwear, boxers, and trunks as they take much time to dry. Some prefer to wear nothing as they have to spend a lot of time underwater, and underwear gives rash and abrasion, resulting from rubbing in the wrong direction.

1. What Is the Best Underwear to Wear Under Your Board Shorts?

A beach day awaits you, and you have a great board short that needs a good companion. Men who dislike going simply with board shorts can choose underwear. The best one is ADIDAS MEN’S SPORT. This short has a quick drying capacity, easily adapts to climate change, and is much more comfortable. You can look for other companies also.


You like surfing a lot. Don’t you? It doesn’t even matter what you wear under your shorts. It is entirely your personal choice, where there are many advantages and disadvantages of underwear under your shorts. You can go either way.

If you still don’t want to be bothered, go through our article on what to wear under board shorts, and you will get your answer.

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