Summer Clothes For Pear Shaped Body | Pear Shape Dress

Everybody shape is unique and looks better with a specific type of clothes. For instance, sundresses look gorgeous on a pear-shaped body. If you’re struggling to find summer clothes for pear-shaped body, look no further. 

There are a vast number of women with pear-shaped bodies. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have a pear-shaped body. I will introduce you to some fantastic summer dresses for that gorgeous body of yours. But first, let’s find out what a pear-shaped body is.  

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What’s a Pear-Shaped Body?

A pear-shaped body is when you have a wider hip area compared to your waist, bust, and shoulders. The pear shape is also known as a triangular frame. A pear shape body will have narrow shoulders, arms, and bust with a defined waist that makes the torso look like a pear.   

Don’t know if you have a pear-shaped body or not? Try comparing yourself with celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jenifer Lopez, and Beyoncé are celebrities with a pear-shaped body.  

Dressing Tips for Pear-Shaped Body

There are some advantages to having a pear-shaped body. Some specific clothing styles suit this body shape well. However, you’ll also have to avoid particular clothing styles, but we’ll get to that later. 

Now let’s see what you can wear to make your dress compliment your pear-shaped body. 

  • A-line clothes are the most suitable as pear-shaped body outfit.
  • Choose open necklines.
  • Highlight your upper body part.
  • Make sure to wear clothes that balance your body shape.
  • Choose darker colours for the bottom and lighter shades for the top part.
  • A belt around your waist is always an accessory with a pear-shaped summer outfit.

Summer Dresses for Pear-Shaped Body

Choosing any dress for a pear-shaped body isn’t easy. You have to visualize what looks good on you and what will not. To ease your work, I will give you some ideas about what to choose for the lower and upper part of your pear-shaped body. 

Clothing Ideas For Your Upper Body Part

With this particular body shape, the motive is to draw the eyes upwards and make your body shape appear beautifully. 

1.A Top With an Open Neckline For Pear Shape Body

An open neckline will draw attention towards your collar bones. You can try a square or V-neck top to highlight your beauty bones. 

An open-neck top can go with various types of summer dresses for a pear shape. You can combine it with skirts or pants according to your comfort.  

A top with an open neckline
open neckline top

2.Try a Peplum Top For Pear Shape Body

A peplum top will highlight your narrow waist. You can choose a long sleeve top to add more layers to your upper body part. Apparently, beauty bones aren’t the only things to draw attention to your upper body part. 

If you decide to go with a soft and comfortable fabric, peplum tops are super cozy as a pear-shaped summer outfit.

girls wear peplum top, summer clothes for pear shaped body
girls wear peplum top

3.Boat Neck Top For Pear Shape Body

With a pear-shaped body, comes narrow shoulders. A boat neck top will make your shoulders look broad. Making your hip area look thinner than usual.

Boat neck tops are appropriate as office wear for the pear-shaped body too. As long as you choose a standard colour, you’re all set.  

girls wear Boat Neck Top, summer dresses
Boat Neck Top

Clothing Ideas For Your Lower Body Part

While choosing lower part clothes for a pear-shaped body, the motive is to make your hip look narrower. 

1.Straight Jeans For Pear Shape Body

The best jeans for the pear-shaped body are the straight ones. These jeans are curve-conscious and look gorgeous on pear-shaped bodies. And jeans have no competition when it comes to a pear-shaped summer outfit. 

girls wear Straight Jeans as summer clothes for pear shaped body
girls wear Straight Jeans

2.High-waist Skirts For Pear Shape Body

High-waist skirts will define your narrow waist, making the attention away from the wide hip area. A skirt also hides your hip with its layered design. 

One of the most wanted summer dresses for a pear-shaped body is a high waist skirt. 

High-waist skirts for pear shape body
High-waist skirts for pear shape body

3.Boot Cut Pants For Pear Shape Body

Another smart decision for your pear-shaped body is a pair of boot cut pants. If you go with a high-waist boot cut pant, it’s even better. 

Make sure your pants aren’t too tight. Loosen up around your thighs, hips, and knees. 

Boot Cut Pants jeans for pear shape girl
Boot Cut Pants jeans for pear shape girl

Dresses For Pear-Shaped Body

Keeping the basic rules in mind, you can choose any type of dress you want. Remember to highlight your upper body, make your shoulders look broad and make your hip look narrower. 

1.A-line Dress For Pear Shape Body

A-line dresses make room around your hip that makes your hip look narrow. Instead of a dress that clings to your hip, choose something roomier. 

The flow of an A-line dress is a perfect choice for your pear-shaped summer outfit. 

A-line Dress For Pear Shape Body
A-line Dress For Pear Shape Body

2.Off-the-Shoulder Dresses For Pear Shape Body

The primary benefit of choosing an off-shoulder dress is it makes your shoulder look wide and highlights your beauty bones. It’s a good idea to draw attention away from your hip area.

Off-shoulders dresses are also appropriate for any summer occasions. They’re comfortable and make you look gorgeous regardless of your body shape. 

Off-the-Shoulder Dresses For Pear Shape Body
Off-the-Shoulder Dresses For Pear Shape Body

3.Flare Dress For Pear Shape Body

Flare dress is another smart option for a pear-shaped body. It covers your hip with the flare and defines your narrow waist. A flared dress will always be roomier around your hip and thighs, making it a perfect choice for pear shaped bodies. 

Flare Dress For Pear Shape Body
Flare Dress For Pear Shape Body

What to Avoid While dressing for a pear-shaped body?

  • Low-waist jeans, pants, and skirts
  • Narrow sleeves tops
  • A dress that clings to your hips
  • Tight bottoms
  • Dresses having details around the hip area
  • Unstructured sleeves 

Bottom Line

Now you know all the rules about summer clothes for a pear-shaped body. There’s nothing to worry about. Most females have a pear-shaped body. You need to relax and choose the right clothing style. Everything else will fall into place naturally.

Once you’ve decided your dress, you can match your shoes, accessories, bag and jewellery. The primary concern is to select the clothing that fits and complements your body shape.  

Have any questions? We’re eager to know. Don’t forget to tell us your opinions. 

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