Plus Size Business Attire For Women | The Ultimate Guide

Choosing business attire is hard enough. It becomes harder when you have to choose plus size business attire. Being comfortable in your outfit and looking gorgeous at the same time, requires choosing an accurate outfit.

Your work attire says a lot about you. Trust me, appearance matters. Anyone saying otherwise is just lying. Buckle up; it’s time to get ready for work. In our previous articles, we discussed how to dress over 50 and overweight and dresses for women over 50. Today is about plus-size work clothes. Let’s get started with it.

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What is Business Attire?

Before choosing, you have to know what business attire is. In simple words, clothes you wear in a professional setting are considered business attire. However, there is no fixed dress code for this.

Your work environment plays an important role in this. If you work in a casual environment, strictly professional attire will be frowned upon. Similarly, If you work in a strictly corporate environment, a casual outfit won’t work.

Plus Size Business Attire Ideas for Women

Believe it or not, there are tons of ideas for plus-size office wear. As stated earlier, clothes will vary according to your work environment. The following ideas will cover most of them.

1. Plus Size Flare Jeans for Casual Business Environment

For a casual work environment, you can go for plus size flare jeans. If you’re confused about what top you should combine with your jeans, go for a short-sleeve white t-shirt. Wear different colors of heels.

Make sure you choose high waist jeans. They look good as plus-size office wear.

Plus Size Flare Jeans for Casual Business Environment
plus size flare jeans for business attire

2. Sheath Dress For Plus Size Business Attire

You can spice up your winter work look with a sheath dress and a pair of plus size thigh-high boots. As for the color, you can choose a grey dress. Wear a black sweater. Match your handbag with your dress. Knee-length boots can be a gorgeous work outfit for the winter season.

Sheath Dress For plus Size business Attire

3. Pencils Skirts have no Equal

A pencil skirt works great as a professional outfit for women. They’re a common choice for plus-size work clothes. If your office environment is not too strict, you can choose a burgundy skirt with a blue blouse. The color combination looks really good for anyone.

As for the shoes, choose something of light color.

Pencils Skirts,plus size business attire

4. Pantsuits don’t need second thoughts

Pantsuits are professional. No argument there. Choose a deep color like dark green or dark blue. They’re more appropriate for the office environment.

Pantsuits for plus size business attire
Pantsuits for plus size business attire

5. Suit Comes to Mind When You Say ‘Business’

Suits are strictly professional. You can wear a suit to any corporate environment without thinking twice. Plus size suits will do justice to your curves and make you look professional at the same time.

As for the color, black is your most proper choice. You’ll find different types of plus-size suits. Find one that looks best on you.

Suit for plus size business attire
Suit Comes for plus size business attire

6. Another Sheath Dress Maybe

There are a lot of designs in the sheath dress you can choose from. Black has no equal when it comes to professionalism. Choose a black sheath dress and match your heels with the dress.

Different Sheath Dress for plus size business attire

7. Skirt and Blouse Means Comfort

The skirt is also a proper choice for women’s plus size business casual. For a wintertime outfit, a black dress and a white sweater will be a perfect combination. Take a light color jacket or overcoat with this dress. Match your shoes with your jacket.

Skirt and Blouse for plus size business attire
Skirt and Blouse for plus size business attire

8. Go with Black-White-Grey Combination

Wear black pants and heels. Carry a black bag. Wear a white shirt. Finish it up with a grey overcoat. As professional as it gets. You can wear it as your interview outfits.

plus size work clothes

9. All Grey Business Woman

Wear a plain grey dress. In a matter of work outfits, grey comes right after black and white. You can wear black heels with your grey dress.

All Grey Business Woman

10. Casual Top and Pants for Summer

For a summer season and a more flexible work environment, you can try this one. A loose top with khaki pants and a blue jacket will be a perfect choice for you. Wear heels that match your jacket.

Casual Top and Pant for Summer as plus size business attire
Casual Top and Pant for Summer as plus size business attire

11. Knee-Length Top with Black Jacket

A printed dress can also be a right plus size business casual if you choose to print sensibly. Pick something that looks standard for a professional setting. Mix it up with a black jacket.

Knee-Length Top with Black Jacket for plus size business attire
.Knee-Length Top with Black Jacket for plus size business attire

12. Knee-length Belted Dress

A knee-length belted dress with pockets will bring a difference to your workwear wardrobe. This is another plus-size business casual. As for the color, choose a dark one.

Knee-length Belted Dress as plus size business attire

13. Navy Blue Midi Dress

If you don’t exaggerate your dress with laces or beads, a midi dress can be just what you need as office wear. A navy blue midi dress will look good as plus-size office wear.

Navy Blue Midi Dress for plus size business attire

Some Pro Tips about Plus Size Business Attires

You have to be extra careful if you wear plus-size outfits. Office environments are sensitive about outfits. Keep in mind the following things-

  • Wear clothes that suit your work environment.
  • Adjust your clothing as your weight changes.
  • Do not wear something too tight or something too loose.
  • Always wear shoes that complement your dress.
  • If you’re not comfortable in your clothes, change them.
  • Be confident regardless of what you choose to wear.
  • Do not select a color that’s inappropriate in your workplace.

Bottom Line

Confidence is beauty. You have to be confident about your body shape and size to look your best. As for choosing clothes for business environments, you know the basics. There are a lot of plus-size business attires to choose from. Which ones you should choose depends on your body shape and your comfort.

Tell which one seemed most appropriate for your work environment. Did you get your desired suggestion from us? What else do you want us to write about?

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