Plus Size Thigh High Boots | How to Rock With Your Thigh High Boots?

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress, and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace.

Fashion is your choice. If you are a little bit plus size, this shouldn’t affect your style, your ways of dressing up. Nowadays, one of the trending fashions is high boots. Some may tell you that you have plus size thigh, but you can’t wear that. But actually, it doesn’t seem odd at all wearing plus-size thigh-high boots.

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Thigh-high boots outfits and knee-high boot outfits have always been very attractive wear for women. So, I am here to help you out with how one should wear high boots instead of having plus size.

Tips for Plus size thigh-high boots:

  1. Wear a skirt that ends little above the knee.
  2. Go for sleek wide calf boots in a neutral shade.
  3. Chunky heels will help you to look slimmer.
  4. Choose perfect skinny jeans.
  5. Dark-colored high waisted jeans with crop top will help you to look fancy.
  6. For a classic retro look, go for knee-high boots outfit.
  7. For a boho look, try women’s thigh-high boots with boho style mini dresses.

How to Rock with Plus size thigh high boots:

1. What about black?

Black is considered the color of elegance. If nothing else is working, just try black. The Black pigment can be worn on any occasion like your concert outfit or office outfit. We recommend you to go with the black colored thigh-high boots or black colored knee-high boots. You can wear this with flattering clothes for big stomach.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots, black outfit with plus size thigh high boots


2.Denim fabric

Denim is the world’s most iconic fabric. It is trendy all over the world, and recently flare jeans have been very popular among women. To know more, watch out Plus size flare jeans. Women’s thigh-high boots go best with the denim dresses as it helps you to look slimmer.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,denim favric,thigh high boots plus size

3. Slit Dress

Slit dress means you made a narrow cut in it. If you are bored with your regular outfit, just make a slit on your regular navy dress, black skirt, white skirt or denim skirt, and others. Plus size can also try over knee boots with slit dresses.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,slit dress,thigh high boots for bigger legs

4. Belted dress

Belted dress with thigh-high boots and knee-high boots looks stunning on plus-sized women. Thigh-high boots for bigger legs also suit if you wear a belted dress.50 and overweight women also wear this one.

Belted dress with thigh high boots,Plus Size Thigh High Boots,thigh high boots for plus size women

5. Off-Shoulder

Recently off-shoulder dresses have become very trendy among girls. It looks very good with the thigh-high boots outfit and knee-high boots outfit.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,off shoulder dress with knee high boots,thigh high boots size 5

6. Shorts

Are you worried about your college party outfit? Just try shorts with thigh-high boots. It will make you look confident. Women with bigger legs can also try thigh-high boots with shorts.


7. Let’s try boho!

To channel out your inner cowgirl, try a bohemian dress with thigh-high boots. Plus-sized women look adorable with thigh-high boots and boho look. Try to choose a bold colour for your outfit.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,boho dress with thigh high boots,Thigh High Boots


Leathers are no more considered as the Menswear. If women with plus size choose a leather outfit, it will give her a cool, classy look.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,thigh high boots for plus size women

9. Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts have added a new era for regular skirts. Pleated skirts can be short or long with pleated all over the skirt. Plus size can try over knee boots with pleated skirts.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,pleated skirt with thigh high boots for plus size women

 10.Midi Dress

Midi is a dress whose hems wind halfway betwixt the ankle and the knee. Spring is the best time for this outfit. A dark colour midi dress with thigh-high boots will be perfect for plus-sized women.

Plus Size Thigh High Boots,midi dress with thigh high boots,thigh high boots plus size

11. Peplum jacket

If you are the one who owns her style, this outfit is for you. A peplum jacket with thigh-high boots for plus size women gives her a confident and bold look.

Peplum jacket with thigh high boots, Plus Size Thigh High Boots

12. Need a feminine look?

Who says that flower printing is not for plus-sized girls? We recommend you to try a floral dress with thigh-high boots or knee-high boots. This outfit will help to bring out your sweet and feminine look.

Floral dress,Plus Size Thigh High Boots

13.Who says you can’t wear a mini skirt?

Thigh-high boots for bigger legs with a mini skirt and a furry coat over it will give you a stunning look. It will be perfect if you want to bring out your back to school look.

mini skirt with plus size boots,Plus Size Thigh High Boots

Faq of Plus size thigh high boots

1.Do any regular people wear thigh boots?

Anyone can wear thigh boots with the perfect outfit. Some may think that it’s girl wear, but actually, men can also wear high boots. There is nothing girlish about it. Moreover, fashion is all about yourself. What people think this shouldn’t affect your own choice.

2. Is the fear of wearing high boots is a rational fear?

Wearing high boots is not a rational feeling. Doctors recommend not to wear it a lot, but you can use it sometimes. High boots can cause foot pain, back pain, leg strain, etc. What you have to do is to be careful and use it wisely.

3. Are high boots acceptable with a wedding dress?

“The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psych myself up.      Usually, it just feels like it works.”— Rihanna
If you want to wear high boots at your wedding, it’s completely your choice. There is nothing inappropriate in fashion. It depends on your wedding style also. For example, if you are going to have a Victorian/Edwardian wedding, you can easily wear boots with your gown.


“I think our bodies are beautiful, and I think to celebrate them and being comfortable in them—no matter what age you are—is important. There shouldn’t be any kind of shame or discomfort around it.” —Jennifer Aniston

Having some extra curves is not a crime. Your plus size can’t be a barrier to your fashion. Plus-size thigh-high boots are no less attractive than regular-size high boots. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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