What To Do With Old Shoes Except Throw Them Away

Repeating shoes in the Met Gala is a no-no. The same thing goes for our everyday life! No one wants to repeat the same shoe for functions. When you have a rack full of shoes, do you know what to do with old shoes?

Don’t worry; I will take you to a tour of DIY. You can do so many things with your old shoes. If you don’t believe me, keep on reading!

What To Do With Old Shoes – 15 Amazing DIY Ideas

We all have old shoes that are of no use. But I love to reuse them and make interesting crafts and useful items. If you want to reprocess the old shoes and make something out of it, go through the ideas!

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1.Paint it up

If you want to go to the shoe recycling process, you have to clean the shoes properly first. If you want to clean your canvas shoes properly, go for how to clean canvas shoes.

The best way is to add some pearls with your shoes to give it a new look. On the other hand, you can also use colors to give the shoe a funky appearance. Glitters and additional accessories can make a change!

What To Do With Old Shoes,Paint old shoes


2.Cover with Jeans

If you have the old slippers, you can turn them into trendy shoes. When people ask me about what to do with old shoes, I always say that slippers can be turned into amazing stuff! All you need to do is cut your old jeans and with fabric glue, attach it with your old slippers the way you want!

Slippers Cover with Jeans,What To Do With Old Shoes


3.Flowers and Plants

The best way to reuse the old shoes is to put plants are flowers inside them. Get your old boots and add some soil. Now put your plant inside. Keep it in the sunlight and water it every day.

Flowers and Plants into old shoes


4.Pin Cushion

You can use the old cut baby shoes and make it a pincushion. Get a sponge inside it and you are done!

Pin Cushion in old shoes



One of the most shoe recycling ideas is using them as bookends. You can color your old shoes and keep them as the bookends in the living room. Heavy shoes can hold the books pretty well!

old shoes use for bookends


6.Wall Decor

In a world where people rave about what to do with old shoes, home décor can be the key. Wall décor can be done in a very creative way if you want. Spend this quarantine in reusing your shoes to make something interesting!

old Shoes use for wall decor


7.DIY Mirror

If you are bored with your old mirror, get your favorite shoes and DIY it! Around the circle of your mirror, attach the shoes one by one. Try to keep the most of the part of the shoe into the body of the mirror. Attach it with a glue and drill machine!

use old shoe for diy mirror,What To Do With Old


8.Wine Glass

Use your old heels and stilettos as a wine holder. Do you throw your shoes because you don’t know Make it a wine holder! Clean it and use some glitters if necessary!

old shoes use as wine holder


9.Makeup Brush Holder

If you want to glam up the vanity by shoe recycling, try something new. Clean the old shoes up; put some pearls inside if you can. Now, put your makeup brushes inside it!

old shoes use as makeup brash holder

10.Key Holder

Stuff your shoes with something and then paint it to look beautiful. Not add some holding pins and attach them to the living room. It will hold all your keys!

What To Do With Old Shoes , old shoes use as key holder


11.Bird Nesting Home

If you are confused about what to do with old shoes, you must know you can make someone’s home! Make a DIY bird nesting home. Make a frame with wood and then attach the shoe like this. Don’t forget to add some leaves and twigs and you are done!

old shoes use as bird nesting home


12.Vintage Lamp

You can attach your favorite old boot with the stand of your lamp. It will make the lamp look vintage!

old shoes use as vintage lamp


13.Tissue Stand

Color your high boots that are old. Make it look antique. Attach them with glue. Now add a stick to keep the tissue. The boots will hold the stick and the tissue!

tissue holder diy by old shoes

14.Jewelry Stand

Get a sponge, cut hole. Now get it inside your old shoe. Add the pieces of jewelry and hang it on the wall.



15.Get the Leather

If you have old shoes made of leather, cut out the leather. You can make a phone cover, design a notebook, or simply make accessories with the leather. And if you don’t have time to recycle, you can simply donate shoes!

FAQs on What to do with Old Shoes

  1. How to clean shoes before reuse?

    Before you use your shoe to make anything new, you have to emphasize cleaning shoes. For cleaning, you can use a leather conditioner.

    Make sure you go for a thin layer. This will help your shoes shine. Leave the shoe polish overnight and see the results. You must use the right cleaner for the material of your shoes. Go for how to clean white leather shoes to know the proper cleaning method.

  2. What kind of paint can you use on shoes?

    For shoes, stick to the leather paints for leather shoes. If you want to paint other shoes, try the spray paints. This works great for vinyl shoes.

    You will also get some acrylic paints for leather shoes. Go for a brush if you want a précised application. If you plan to donate shoes, you can also paint them up to look better. And then, you can donate shoes without any confusion!

  3. What kind of glue is used for reusing old shoes?

    Try fabric glues to attach accessories to the old shoes. This works for fabric shoes. You can also rely on the popular Gorilla glue, Gear Aid Freesole, or any other adhesive. Boot-fix glues are great for the boots.

Wrap Up

In a world where we buy shoes so many times a year, the shoes get old soon. When there is an option to throw them away, settle for a way where you can recycle them. I have mentioned the incredible DIYs above.

If you are confused about what to do with old shoes, go through the mentioned methods. Make something new from the old! How do you reuse your shoes? Share with us!

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