What Kind of Shoes To Wear With Leggings?

Leggings are the most comforting wearable for everyone. But it is challenging to wear according to your whole dress-up. The tricky part is how to wear leggings and what kind of shoes to wear with leggings.

Leggings are a part of fashion for the past several centuries. They are made up of various materials and are used for multiple reasons. From earlier times, leggings have been updated, transformed, and adapted several times, but still, it’s there steadily.

If you also love to wear leggings but do not have a clear understanding of it like what kind of shoes to wear with leggings or what would be the dress with leggings. Here is the detailed guide that will make things clear.

How Leggings Make an Impact On Fashion

Leggings impact fashion in a quite significant way. It completely alters the whole person’s style of wearing a dress with leggings. Outfits with leggings give a quite elegant look and make a person look decent and stylish.

Leggings are now trendy with oversized t-shirts, long sweaters, miniskirts, plaid skirts, short shorts, and short dresses. Dressing in leggings will give a new style to your style and outfit.


What kind of shoes to wear with leggings is the most common question. Leggings are now a casual trend to wear with almost anything you want. Setting outfits with leggings is the easiest task. You can easily pair it with anything you want.

But think about footwear. As everything looks great with jeans, leggings are not the same. Leggings are a bit tricky thing. Do not believe that there is any rocket science here. There is a method to hold it.


As leggings are the most comfortable wearable, it’s versatile too. Leggings are not only ideal for wearing in gyms, but they are also suitable for several other outfits too. This includes casual, ensembles, smart casual, and athleisure.

Mainly, your footwear is essential in how your leggings get perceived. What kind of shoes to wear with leggings is a fundamental question to ask before getting dressed up.

Here are the 15 best ideas about the shoes to wear with leggings.

1. Over Knee Boots with leggings:

Over The Knee Boots with leggings
Over Knee Boots with leggings

In the winter season, the best pair of leggings is over-the-knee boots. This look is not just classy but beautiful too. In this regard, you should not just rely on your skinny black jeans; wear a pair of leggings also. It will be more comfortable than jeans and fit better under your boots. This pair of leggings and boots is accurate for you to shine.

2. Ankle Boots with Leggings:

Ankle Boots with Leggings
Ankle Boots with Leggings

Another of the recommended shoes to wear with leggings is ankle boots. It is an affectionate combination. It will be the right outfit with crop tops, plaid shirts, or anything that suits well. It will be your stylish look wearing ankle boots with leggings in dark color.

3. Heels with Leggings:

Heels with Leggings

Wearing heels with leggings may seem a bit diced. But if you have printed leggings, like floral print, animal motifs, and jeggings, so it will be a great option to wear. You can wear a simple top with printed leggings and your heels as footwear. You are ready to shine!

4. Sneakers with Leggings:

Sneakers with Leggings
Sneakers with Leggings

Sneakers are the most worn shoes. Women’s fashion legging also looks impressive with sneakers. All it will be the most comforting outfit. You can wear a crop top, a regular blazer, and black leather sneakers. To attain a fresh look, get yourself a crossbody bag, a white shirt, and a contrasting pair of sneakers. Here you go!

5. Combat Boots with Leggings:

Combat Boots with Leggings
Combat Boots with Leggings

Combat boots are ideal choice shoes to wear with leggings. It is the potential to alter the entire instinct of your look. You can give your outfit florals, ruffles, pastels, or any other feminine touch. To provide a finishing touch, get yourself a short skirt.

6. Loafers with Leggings:

Loafers with Leggings
Loafers with Leggings

Loafers are of the best shoes to wear with leggings. But assure you to remember that all the flat shoes like sneakers will be an accurate match with leggings if they are plain and bold in color. Bright black, dark blue, and other color will suit the leggings quite well.

7. Gym Shoes with Leggings:

Gym Shoes with Leggings
Gym Shoes with Leggings

The people who love to do the gym should get gym shoes with leggings. If you want to replace your gym tracks, then leggings are the perfect option. But don’t get the one having camel toe. It will not look good.

8. Sandals with Leggings:

Sandals with Leggings
Sandals with Leggings

Women’s fashion leggings give quite stylish with sandals. For being comfortable, wear block heels and a casual top with dark color leggings. You can also go for gladiator sandals and tie it over your leggings. Wearing oversized sunglasses will make you look, diva!

9. Oxford Shoes with Leggings:

Oxford Shoes with Leggings
Oxford Shoes with Leggings

If you think that wearing leggings is quite casual so, boost your outfit with some accessories and good-looking shoes. Kitten heels or oxford shoes are the best shoes to wear with leggings. It will give you a stylish and decent look.

10. Converse Shoes with Leggings:

Converse Shoes with Leggings
Converse Shoes with Leggings

Another of the best shoes to wear with leggings is white color converse shoes. This legging-style idea is not at hype. Everyone likes this style the most. It is exclusive to wear it with your casual go-to outfit. A simple light color shirt with dark leggings and white Converse shoes will be the perfect outfit to hold a whole day and shine.

11. Ballet Flats with Leggings:

Ballet Flats with Leggings
Ballet Flats with Leggings

Ballet shoes are another excellent option to wear with leggings. You should praise its simple and slim looking design. Wearing leggings for work along with ballet shoes will be casual along with chic design. Wear a crop top with a jacket, or a shirt with a scarf, or anything you like.

12. Slides with Leggings:

Slides with Leggings
Slides with Leggings

Wearing slides with leggings is the effortless look you can attain. A simple t-shirt with leggings and slides will be an effortless but stylish look you can have. If you do not want to do much, and still want to look classy, get this style done.

13. Boots with Leggings:

Boots with Leggings
Boots with Leggings

Leggings and boots are the ideal matches. We all know that fitting our boots with jeans is quite tricky. You can match your leggings and boots with each other. You can get leather, fancy, or printed leggings and wear simple boots to boost your style.

14. Wedges with Leggings:

Wedges with Leggings
Wedges with Leggings

If you are one of the curvy girls, so wear summer leggings with wedges. By this, you will get a perfect night out, girl. Wear a stylish top and a mini skirt for a completely classy look.

15. Biker Shoes with Leggings:

Biker Shoes with Leggings
Biker Shoes with Leggings

You can wear your leggings with biker shoes for a sporty and chic look. Get yourself a stylish blouse along with a casual make. This will make you look like a sporty diva!


Matching shoes with your outfit is one of the tricky things we all need to do. In the same way, you have to consider what shoes to wear with leggings.

Initially, consider the color of your leggings. Contrast the color of a legging with the color of shoes. Keep in mind not to wear a sharply contrasting color. It will not look good. Wear one with a different soft color. It will give a classy look.

Another essential thing to consider is the complete outfit you are wearing. If you wear a mini skirt, shoes will be the perfect match. here you cannot wear sandals or wedges.

What shoes to wear with leggings is a crucial question to ask. It will maintain your style and makes you classier.


If you are a beginner to wear leggings, so follow the below-mentioned tips to make yourself look classy.

  • Wear proper fit leggings.
  • Assure to wear dark-colored leggings.
  • Wear solid-colored leggings.
  • Wear long tops or sweaters that are always recommended with leggings.
  • Always wear the right and accurate fitting underwear with leggings.
  • Layering your top with leggings will balance it properly.

Question That Asks Our Readers

1. What are leggings?

Actually, in past Leggings was a wide range of wearable to cover legs. From the year 1960, it refers to the elastic close-fitting wearable get worn over the legs mostly by women.

2. Are Leggings comfortable?

Yes, leggings are incredibly comfortable to wear the whole year whenever you want. It is an excellent option to wear in place of your pants. You can get thicker legging for warmness during winter and regular leggings for wearing in summer.

3. Are leggings out of style now?

No, leggings can never become out of style. It is a comfortable option to wear anywhere and anytime. So several people want it and wearing it. Several alterations and modifications are getting done to it according to fashion.


Initially, you have to properly focus on what kind of shoes to wear with leggings. It will create your outfit look elegant. For maintaining your style you have to match shoes with your leggings. Above mentioned ideas can assist you in this regard.

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