How To Wear Flare Jeans? Flare Jeans Outfit Idea

Flare Jeans outfits are back in fashion. Did they ever leave? Well, interestingly, bell-bottom jeans never left our wardrobes for a good reason. Here we will let you know what flared jeans are in style now and how you can dress up. Every trendsetting lady is accustomed to the always commendable flare jeans outfits.

Flare jeans give an illusion of long legs, and thus, it is the most favorite jeans for short women. From the cute 90s-conscious college-girl to the always-slaying glam girl, everyone could get the best out of a flare jeans outfit. 

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If you are clueless about how to wear flare jeans, then find out more hot-in-town ideas to make your style statement this year!

How To Wear Flare Jeans

# The Bold Bike Look With Flare Jeans

The Bold Bike Look With Flare Jeans
The Bold Bike Look With Flare Jeans

This look wins the hour on both day and night. Incorporate your bell-bottom jeans with a plain white or a light color shirt and leather biker’s jacket. To add a pop of color to the blue, white, and black look carry a cherry red wristlet or half-moon.

# The Retro 90s Outfit With Flare Jeans

Flare Jeans Outfit Idea
Flare Jeans Outfit

This hippie chick look remains faithful for eternity. Keep it simple yet catchy. Pair your high-waisted bell-bottom jeans with a light linen shirt or a typical retro 90s shirt with cap sleeves round-necked T-shirt. Pulling out a 90s look with high-waisted flare pants is surely a bold approach. This look will buy you glances and appreciation!

# Romantic Pastel Touch With Flare Jeans

Flare Jeans Outfit Idea
Flare Jeans Outfit Idea

There is an array of pastel shades welcomed for flare jeans. A strapless lavender or moss sweetheart combined with flare jeans puts you on the front line of trendsetters. You can keep the makeup light and the jeans tight. It is accurate for a glitzy girls’ night out!

# Outstand with a Boyfriend Coat 

When it is the flare jeans we talk about then the variety of saggy, boy-friend coats is endless. English Actress, Felicity Jones, played with a snowy white overall and that look was admired by everyone. Other than leather you can also go for flared denim overalls. You can go for a strong red or a deep black leather jacket that hugs you on a cold night. Flared jeans and coat take you to the classic entrance of fashion.

# Flirty Night Combination With Flare Jeans

Girls wear flare jeans with a crop top
Flare Jeans With Boyfriend Coat

The avant-garde participation of flare jeans in making your precious nights comfy and exciting is commendable. Celebrate your anniversary your lover in on a crisp night in high-waisted bell-bottom jeans. Pair your flare jeans with a fancy lacy top or an off-shoulder silk top. Finish the look with chunky heels which will look right under the hems of your flare jeans.

# Effortless Office Appearance With Flare Jeans

Flare jeans outfit
Flare Jeans With Boyfriend Coat

The professional environment of office also welcomes the perfectly camouflaging flare jeans. Many might think of flare jeans as a casual or chick look which would be a misfit in a protected professional environment. Wrong! You can be professional and sassy both at the same time.

Partner your flare jeans with a classic button-down shirt like Heidi Klum, a Veteran model, was spotted slaying. You can also pair your high-waisted flare jeans with a collared shirt like the former model Claudia Schiffer, was spotted doing. Giving a presentation in that outfit is not a bad idea at all!

# Vintage Look Pulled Together

vintage look with flare jeans
vintage look with flare jeans

A plain halter-neck monochrome shirt or a strappy ruffled dress with plain flare jeans by Levi’s would give you the Tumblr vintage look. When we consider vintage flare jeans, the make-up favors us in every way. Be it the bright vermillion or cherry red lip color will give you a Bella-Hadid look. To complete her look you can add black round shades with a tight bun.

# Paired with Casual Knitted Sweater

Flare Jeans with Casual Knitted Sweater
Flare Jeans with Casual Knitted Sweater

Ashley Tisdale couldn’t have done it better. Like her, you can flaunt your perfectly knitted soft sweater with flare jeans. Flare jeans are a part of winter and you can make the most of it. Add block heels of a dark color to add warmth to the atmosphere. You can pull off this look anywhere from university gatherings to a night out with friends.

# Classic Striped Tee Adds Sobriety With Flare Jeans

how to wear flare jeans, Flare jeans outfit idea
Flare jeans outfit idea

Sober and a sassy chick look both at the same time; how? If it is possible for Karlie Kloss, it is possible for you too. A dark-colored, decently pleated crop tee with stripes paired with a light shade high-waisted flare from Calvin Klein pants is a winner. This look is multidirectional. You can carry it anywhere from a grocery store to your university. The shoes to wear with flared jeans here can be peep-toes and even ankle boots.

# Radiate Tomboy Vibes With Flare Jeans

Radiate Tomboy Vibes With Flare Jeans
Radiate Tomboy Vibes With Flare Jeans

Many, like the spotlight-stealing tomboys, dare to exhibit themselves in the unique style flawlessly. Love Island’s star Samira Mighty was checked wearing a flannel shirt with flare jeans. The most tomboyish look ever! A beret and strappy platform sandals did the rest of the job. Tomboy outfit ideas with flare jeans are too many to resist!

# Break the Ice with Faux Fur

how to wear flare jeans

The luxury feels that faux furs provide you are irreplaceable. There are so many styles that can be pulled off with faux furs. Only Poppy Devevingne had the stamina to present herself boldly dressed in faux fur paired with flare jeans. Perfect for luxurious events in winter!

# Classy Street-style Complete Denim Look

Street style is not a style but a category of hundreds of styles. Your style is equally reflected as long as you are comfortable and confident. This is what celebrities do! A choker-neck top paired with flare jeans and minimal jewelry is enough to give your statement. Moreover, you can pair boyfriend or office shirts with your flare jeans. Or do what Victoria Beckham did. Pair a deep V-neck T-shirt tucked in your flare jeans for an irresistibly tempting look.  

# Vibe with Animal Prints

flare jeans outfit idea
flare jeans outfit idea

The cheetah and leopard prints resonate with every article. The famous style icon and MTV presenter, Alexa Chung, paired a furry leopard-printed jacket with flare jeans. You can pick any animal print and style it with your flared jeans to steal the show.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Flare Jeans?

4 Shoes You Can Wear With Flare Jeans
1. Sneakers With Flare Jeans
2. Ankle Boots look well with flare jeans
3. Chunky Heels also go well with flare jeans
4. You can also wear flat sandals with your flare jeans

What tops to wear with flare jeans?

1. Boyfriend Coat and a Shirt
2. You can wear light linen shirt with your Flare Jeans
3. Leather Biker Jacket and a plain white shirt goes well with Flare Jeans.
4. Off-shoulder Top and a flare of jeans make you different.
If you like tom boy style, then you can wear a checked flannel shirt.


The most exhilarating feature of bell-bottom jeans is you don’t have to worry about how to wear flare jeans. Pair your flare jeans with anything; you are ready to rock it. We are sure we have helped you decide how to wear flare jeans. Happy Slaying!

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