Plus Size Flare Jeans: How to Style With Plus Size Flare Jeans

Do you remember the old navy plus-size jeans? Those are out of style now. But what never went out of style are the plus-size flare jeans! Yes, flare jeans for plus-size people have always been the trend no matter what comes by. But women always worry about how to style with plus-size flare jeans.

Plus size flare jeans are not like regular jeans, so, styling these might seem a little confusing. However, I am here to tell you what you should wear and what you should do with the plus-size flare jeans! Stay tuned!

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Before You Start With Plus Size Flare Jeans

  • First of all, settle for perfect-fitting jeans
  • High-waisted flared jeans must be your first choice
  • Go for tank tops for everyday outings
  • Settle on full sleeve top for formal and official meetings
  • Tuck-in t-shirts, shirts, and tops to look better
  • Avoid flats and pair plus-size flare pants with heels
  • Go for jackets or kimonos to hide if you have too many curves in the back

Outfit Styling with Plus Size Flare Jeans

1. Go Simple with Plus Size Flare Jeans

Plus size jeans along with plus size dress pants are getting popular day by day. And when you don’t understand what to wear, go for simple outfits like this one! This simple t-shirt with flared jeans looks incredible. If you are very picky about how to style with plus-size flare jeans, the best idea is to settle for simple tees.

T-shirts of neutral color like black, off-white, nude, etc. look great with flared jeans. Wear these dark blue flared plus size jeans with an off-white t-shirt. Add some jewelry to add glam! You are ready to go out!

Go Simple with Plus Size Flare Jeans
Go Simple with Plus Size Flare Jeans

2. Go, Black with Plus Size Flare Jeans

When it came to confusion about dark blue jeans and faded jeans, you can pick up black jeans! If you can pair up your black jeans carefully, you can flaunt the road with all your glam. In a world full of blue jeans, women’s plus-size jeans in black will surely make a difference in your personality!

The dull look of black and white is not trendy anymore! So, turn yourself towards the grey or ash colors. Go for a light grey t-shirt and wear it with black jeans. You can win the show if you tuck the t-shirt in!

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How to Style With Plus Size Flare Jeans,Go, Black with Plus Size Flare Jeans
Go, Black with Plus Size Flare Jeans

3. Patterns all over

Old navy plus size jeans are now not in style. What you can settle for are plus size pants! If you are a person that loves the pattern, let me tell you, patterns look great with plus size flare pants. All you need to do is go with the right pattern. Check or stripes are fantastic for wearing in all seasons.

You can rely on the stripes if you want. Go for vertical or horizontal stripes. Wear a full-sleeved t-shirt and make yourself feel comfortable. Pick up light blue jeans and tuck in the t-shirt. Here, keep in mind that the jeans length will be a little longer than average. Go out with your friends!

How to Style With Plus Size Flare Jeans,old navy plus size flare jeans, stripes full sleeved t-shirt,


4.Blue-blue Situation

The blue-blue situation is incredible if you can pull it off entirely. Before you get in, you must know how to wear flare jeans! You can go for different shades of blue! Go for a light blue matching outfit. Select light blue jeans and settle for a blouse t-shirt that is light and a little faded.

Women’s plus size jeans look best in blue. And another shade of blue can create an incredible combination. You can make it look impressive if you make a knot on the front of the blouse shirt. Now wear the flare jeans in a little dark color that will create dimensions! Simple earrings will suit perfectly with this outfit!

blouse shirt with flare jeans,Blue flare jeans


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5.Printed Knots

Lovers of printed shirts always look cool! And with flare jeans, you can make it look like the models. Wear a printed shirt that makes you look trendy. On the other hand, you can try this silk printed shirt with amazing light blue jeans!

Tie a knot on the front and make it look appealing. Select a color from the printed shirt and take a bag of the same color. Wear shoes of identical color and have fun! Along with plus size jeans, you can wear this top with plus size dress pants too!

printed shirt,flare jeans


6.Jeans on Jeans

If you love jeans on jeans, try this look! This jean is a bit different than the regular flare jeans. If you are a fan of the old navy plus size jeans, these flare jeans will create a massive difference in your appearance. 

These jazz plus-size bell bottoms will look beautiful on chubby girls. They say bell bottoms are the best jeans for curvy women! In this case, try to keep the bell-bottom part on the lower bottom to look a little slim.

Plus size high-waisted jeans in this design will be perfect for you. Here, you can try out a bullet top, or a padded top will look incredible. High waisted jeans with crop top also look fantastic! Layer it with a glitter jacket that can add glam to the light blue color all over! 

jazz plus size bell bottoms,


7.Romper Jeans

Rompers are great, and when it is made of jeans, you can just rock the stage. A faded jeans romper will look incredible if you pair it with a nice shirt. A white shirt can be the perfect match for the faded plus-size jeans she has worn!

Plus size high-waisted jeans in faded color will be the right jeans if you go for straps over the white shirt. This will give you a vintage look with a little hint of the trend!

 faded plus size flare jeans


8.Pink Blue Combination

People of any body shape will look great in this outfit. However, if you are chubby and you have an hourglass-shaped body, you will look the best in this. All you have to do is get a beautiful dark pink shirt that has net sleeved.

Get wide-legged pants for you first. Settle on a space blue or Yale blue plus size jeans to make the color pop properly. This is the perfect summer outfit with jeans for you!

plus size flare jeans with pink shirt.

9.Less Flare but Flare

If you are concerned that too-flared jeans will not look great, you can rely on fewer-flare jeans. Yes, the jeans that are flared on the bottom but not too much are what you are craving!

These jeans go right with every chubby woman out there. From less chubby to fat, every person can wear them comfortably. Here, don’t forget to pick up a blouse or top that has full sleeves.

If you are searching for women’s plus size jeans for the first time, you can try out these jeans. Tight fit on the upper part, these jeans will look best if you keep the waistline high and covered with waist belt. Wear a black belt with black shoes that suit you!

plus size flare jeans, jeans for chubby women


10.Pleated High-Waisted Flare Jeans

Pleated jeans are the hot favorite of people these days. And these are said to be the best jeans for curvy women now! So, if you are a person that cannot avoid the trend, you must pick it up over any other flared jeans. These flared jean is made in a way that the pleated part starts at the knee till the bottom.

This top with beautiful sleeves will make you even more gorgeous. Go for a white top as faded jeans look great with white. Also, don’t forget to add a waist belt!

,flare jeans,plus size women dress


11.Bell Bottom from Thigh

Bell bottom is a trendy type of jeans that are trending now. But what about these plus-size bell bottoms where the design starts in the thighs? Thick-thigh women will be glad to know that they can wear plus-size high-waisted jeans and make them look slim too! Yes, with these jeans, you can do it!

White-colored top or any other bright color like yellow, orange, or purple will look great with this! Try this one by tucking in the top! You have to remember that these jeans weigh a little more than regular jeans. However, these look better than the regular ones too!

,flare jeans with top


12.Flared with Buttons

People who love plus size flare jeans but it is summer and want to show off a little skin will look the best with this denim. Stretch flare jeans plus size models are seen flaunting these jeans nowadays! Black, white, burgundy, or maroon top can make you look prettier!

This denim is flared at the bottom with an unstitched part with show buttons. In most cases, plus-size jeans are high-waisted, so, you don’t need to worry about looking fat!

If you are chubby and you want to get the perfect jeans for you, go to The Best Jeans for Plus-Size Women. Pick up whatever you like and style it up according to your style!

flare jeans,plus size flare jeans,


13.Kim Kardashian’s Favorite

Yes, no one can carry it the way she does! The Kardashian sister Kim is known for her favorite flare jeans! Audiences have seen her wearing plus-size dress pants to plus-size flare pants! She often pairs up her favorite top with this!

And these boyfriend jeans in flare design gives you an antique feeling. She paired it with a grey shirt. She tied a knot and kept the shirt full-sleeved! Also, she wore grey shoes to look good! And in this case, you have to be sure about what shoes to wear with jeans!

Kardashian sister Kim,flare jeans


Experts Ans: Question that asks Our Readers

1. What are the best jeans for plus size?

For plus-size people, it is best to settle for high waisted jeans. On the other hand, flare jeans are great for chubby people because they can easily hide additional fat. Flare jeans are mostly available in the high-waisted design. So, you do not have issues regarding being fat. The plus-size bell bottoms along with stretch flare jeans plus size will also look great!

2. What do you wear flare jeans?

If you are settling for flare jeans, you will surely look good in full-sleeved tops. However, you will also look good in white, black, grey, nude, and other bright colors. Tank tops along with kimonos are perfect for flared jeans. The classic button-down and off-shoulders also look great. However, the best thing you can do is tuck in your shirt, t-shirt, or top.

3. What do you wear with bell-bottom jeans?

One of the most popular flare jeans for chubby women is plus-size bell bottoms. These look the best if you try to wear them with tank tops. However, simple tees will also look great if you tuck them in. Go for a blouse, or you can wear a bullet top too. Wear a jacket if it is required.

Final Verdict

So, you already got an idea of how to style with plus-size flare jeans. Go through the styles I have mentioned and try to wear them at home. If you feel that the look suits you, wear it outside. Here, you have to keep in mind that every outfit idea will not suit you.

For formal sessions, go for simple plus-size flare pants ideas, and for casual outings, settle on colorful and bright outfits. Me, I love wearing romper jeans along with plus-size bell bottoms. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below!

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