How to Stretch Out Jeans Without Spoiling Them?

You might like baggy jeans or straight-fit jeans but you do not always get the perfect fit in the shops. No matter if you are going for blue jeans or grey jeans, the jeans must make you feel comfortable. And if the jeans are too tight, the best way to go for it to stretch out your jeans to make them lose. But do you know how to stretch out jeans?

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To loosen up your favorite jeans a little, I have come up with the best ideas. All you need to do is follow them and get the perfect-shaped jeans for your hangout!

Have faith in me and go through the methods; you will never regret it!

Step-by-Step Process of Stretching out Jeans

# Spray Water Bottle

The best way to loosen up your favorite jeans a little is lukewarm water. There’s nothing that water cannot fix, they say. And with lukewarm water, you can stretch jeans the way you want.

How to Stretch Out Jeans: spray water on jeans
Spray Water Bottle on jeans
  1. If your jean is shrunk down, put lukewarm water in a spray bottle and spray it
  2. After that, keep your jeans laid on a flat base and then all you have to do is pull your jeans
  3. Go through the legs of your jeans first
  4. One by one, pull the whole jeans with your hands and stretch jeans out
  5. Go for a little more water and repeat the process

# Hot Water Wash

If you are searching about how to stretch jeans, this method is the most powerful on the list. As I have already said, water can fix everything, hot water can be better than any other thing when you are talking about shrink jeans, trust me.

  1. Get your denim and settle for a standard wash cycle
  2. You have to go through the hottest settings to make the fibres of the jeans lose
  3. Wash it and you will get your jeans perfect for your size
  4. However, avoid using any sort of softener for the denim fabric when you use hot water

# Elastic as the Savior

Just like you cannot carry too much jeans weight, you cannot go for too loose or too tight jeans too. There are times when you will see that the waistband is a little loose and cannot get you’re a perfect fit. If you want to shrink jeans, this is where you can use elastic!

  1. Go to the fabric shop and buy a six-inch elastic piece
  2. Take a sew and sew the elastic inside the waistband of the denim
  3. Before sewing, you can take the measurements if required
  4. You can use a sewing machine for this purpose too
  5. And wear your jeans with the perfect shoes and bags, it won’t be loose anymore
how to stretch out jeans,stretch jeans

Just like the way you stretch your jeans, you might want to know how to tighten it. For tightening jeans, you must know how to take in jeans.

# Take a Shower

You might feel a little weird seeing this technique for shrink jeans when it comes to telling you how to stretch jeans. But this is how it goes! If you have jeans that are basically tight-fitting, you can try this method for stretch denim.

  1. First of all, switch on the warm water and fill your bathtub with it
  2. Now, wear your tight-fitting jeans and then get inside the tub
  3. Sit down in the tub in a way that the whole jeans gets in a touch of warm water
  4. Slowly but surely, the fabric and the thread will loosen a bit
  5. After you are done, take off your jeans and hang dry it

# Squats, squats, and squats

You never should settle for the wrong jeans length. Yes, if you are here to loosen up your jeans a little, squats can do it in your favor! On the other hand, this can help you with some workout along with stretch denim.

  1. First of all, get out your snug fit jean from the closet and wear it
  2. Go to a roomy place for working out
  3. Now, try to do squats wearing your jeans
  4. Keep doing it for one to five minutes according to your energy
  5. It will be a little tough as the jean is too tight
  6. However, keep doing it and you will slowly loosen the jeans a little
  7. You can also try other workouts that include movement for your legs too

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# Heat it up

In the case of tight-fitting jeans, you can never make it loosen for a lifetime. If you are worried about how to stretch jeans, warm or hot water is the best solution. But, if using water is a little annoying for you and you are in a hurry, you can heat it up too.

You can use a hairdryer or iron for this purpose. However, don’t settle for the cloth irons as these can make your jeans tighter.

  1. Take the jeans and lay them on the floor
  2. Take your hairdryer or iron out and heat it up
  3. If you are using an iron, hat it up to the highest
  4. If you are using the dryer, try to keep the airflow and heat to the highest
  5. Remember that highest settings might make your hair burn but not your clothes
  6. Now heat up the places you think is tight
  7. And there you go, your jeans it ready for the most awaited hangout

If you want to know how to stretch out jeans in this method for a better result, you can stretch jeans by pulling it to make it loose a little. After heating it with a dryer or iron, you have to pull it on the sides with your hands. This will make the fabric a little loose and easily wearable.

# Stuffed up Jeans

No matter if you are wearing suspenders with jeans or you are settling for a dress shirt with jeans, you cannot go for too-tight jeans. 

If you want to know how to stretch out jeans, and you have time, you can try stuffing your jeans to make it a little loose.

  1. Take out your snug fit jeans and make it lay on the floor
  2. Now take some products for stuffing up the jeans
  3. In this case, pillows and bottles might work great
  4. Take the legs and thighs of the jeans and stuff it up with the gears you have
  5. Now take your dryer and stretch denim with your hands
  6. Keep this for about 30 minutes
  7. Take out the stuff after the period and wear it comfortably

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All I hope is everybody fits in their jeans perfectly. Jeans should never be too tight or too loose, jeans must always be the perfect fit. And if you are not getting the perfect fit, you can get it done by yourself. If you have too-tight jeans, you should know how to stretch out jeans.

On the other hand, if you have too loose jeans, you must know how to taper jeans. Go through the easy processes I have mentioned and only in 30 minutes or less, you will be ready with your desired denim!

Let us know how to stretch jeans when it’s too tight. Share your methods and we will share it with the world!

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