Flattering Clothes For Big Stomach | Hide Your Belly Properly

Everyone is worried about their big bellies. Coming from one big girl to another, trust me when I say I know the struggle to find flattering clothes for a big stomach. Especially during this pandemic, it is not easy to look your best. But fret not! I have some amazing outfit ideas ready for you to go through.

As we publish before about dresses for women over 50, now we write about big stomach woman dresses. Thanks to many wonderful ladies out there, I was able to accumulate all the tips and tricks of hiding the belly and looking effortless at the same time.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Dress

Flattering Clothes For Big Stomach

So, the big question is how to hide belly fat? There are many ways to do this, but it is tricky to do that with just clothes. Fret not! I have got your back.

# Don’t Go For Anything Body Con

Choose something that is flowy. Like ruffles on your sleeves’ mid-section, it will be distracting and take the attention away from your stomach.

# Layering Is The Key

Believe it or not, layering clothes on top like a coat will help hide your love handles.

# Vertical Lines

Choosing vertical lines will give you an edge. Please consider vertical lines before you go on the Internet and search for a dress for fat women.

# Pay Attention To Color

When choosing dresses for big bust and tummy, what color you go for makes a world of difference. Having lots of colors and patterns will only draw attention to your stomach.

# Choose Higher Waistlines

Choose something that has an elastic waistband that will sit just above your tummy. That way, the dress can flow on-topic and not click to your stomach.

# Fabric Matters

While finding flattering clothes for big stomachs is already tough apart from the dress style, the fabric can also be an important factor. Thin Knit fabric is very clingy, so try to avoid that.

Fabrics like Georgette and cotton; those who are thin would look fabulous.

12 Best Flattering Clothes For Big Stomach

If you are 50 and overweight and frantically searching for fat people’s clothes on the Internet, give it rest. I have already done the work for you; go through some options and choose the best one.

There are many plus-size women rocking swimsuits and other things that we don’t consider as flattering clothes for big stomachs. To be honest, it is a matter of choice. But if you choose to be very textbook, then these are the suggestion that might help you long term.

Here are some outfit ideas that are believed to be flattering clothes for big stomach.

1. Accentuate What You Like The Most

Flattering Clothes For Big Stomach
Flattering Clothes For Big Stomach | Hide Your Belly Properly

Try to accentuate the parts of your body that you want to show off. This will distract people from looking at your stomach and divide that attention elsewhere. A pretty handy trick when it comes to plus size fashion. So examples for that could be a flowy top with some high rise jeans. And some platform shoes will give you that long-leg looks with some balance.

2. Wear Shapewear Aka Spanx

Shape wear are pretty trendy nowadays. Thanks to the Kardashians, who made it more acceptable.

3. Choose The Right Lingerie

Pay attention to the lingerie you are wearing. Sometimes the wrong size of bra can make you look even bigger than you are. So it is a comprehensive effort that can make you look like the best version of yourself.

4. Wrap Dresses

Flattering Clothes For Big Stomach ,Wrap dresses

A wrap dress with a synched waistline but not on top of the belly but slightly higher than the waistline would make you pop like a champagne bottle. Any formal events would be perfect for this outfit. Wrap dresses make you look elegant In every way, and if you synch it with a belt above the waistline, then the stomach won’t be popping.

5.Plain Flowy Blouse

Plain flowy blouse,dresses for big bust and tummy

A plain colored flowy blouse with leggings or high waisted jeans is another fantastic option. As the blouse won’t be hugging your body, all the love handles and stomach rolls won’t be visible. And leggings are the perfect choice for you to show off that booty.

6.Midi Dresses

Midi dresses for big stomach

Sleeveless midi dress with a higher waistline is like a dream of summer. Pair up a plus size thigh high boots with a loose midi dress. A fur coat on top in winter times will look stunning. Midi dresses, in general, will give you that midwest vibes. A sunny summer day and picnic in the park with your lover in a midi dress sounds like quite a plan.

7.Jackets and Fur

Jackets and Fur for fat women

You can pair up any short dress or midi dress with a coat or jacket on top. Jackets made out of jeans go perfectly with a flower pattern. Plus, it gives you the advantage of layering. Layering helps you to hide all your belly fat and insecurities. Fur coats itself screams class so, why the heck not!

8.Long Slit Dresses

A long flower pattern dress with ruffles above the waistline and a slit on the side makes it a bit scandalous. Some might say big girls can’t take chances. I say you go, girl!

9.All Black

black dress for big stomach

All black is always a great idea. Black is such a color that will hide any of your insecurities so good that you will never choose any other color. Black clothing does not let light reflect from all the wrong and right places. So, it creates an illusion of a slimmer appearance.

10.Appropriate Accessories

Use ornaments on top of your choice of dress to distract from your belly. A gorgeous neckpiece and some silver Bangles can be distracting. And to tie the whole outfit in a knot, accessories are important.

11.Flare jeans

plus size flare jeans

Plus-size flare jeans are also an excellent option to consider. In the 90s’ we saw flare jeans to rise to its glory, and they are back again! A lovely plain blouse would look stunning with plus-size flare jeans.


Pair up a long skirt for women with a flowy floral-patterned blouse. Chose dark colors to avoid reflecting lights on the wrong areas. Try wearing skirts a little higher on the waist. That way, you can achieve that hourglass body shape with all those curves you are gifted with.

Question That Asks Our Readers

Do you have more questions? Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

1.What to wear to hide your belly but accentuate your butt?

Well, if you accentuate your butt, then a lot of attention will be taken away from your belly. So that’s a good idea in itself. Skirts and high waisted jeans can be your best bet in this situation. A good pair of yoga pants leggings can also do the trick on top of a loose blouse.
A little word of advice posture also matters in this case. If you want a great Instagram photo, stand up in a position where you are a little bit arched.

2.What dresses to wear if your only curve is your stomach?

Some of the ladies are not blessed in some areas but unfortunately, have a big belly. In that case, you don’t have anything to distract people away from your stomach. But what you can do is avoid tight clothing and wear something that has vertical lines. Or wear clothes of a higher waistline.

3. How do I hide my stomach in a tight dress without wearing Spanx or another shapewear?

This is very tricky. Here you have cut down a lot of your options. Tight clothing will never forgive you. No matter how hard you try to hide that belly, it’s almost impossible. But I guess you are possible options are to choose one color and vertical stripes. Layering something loose on top may also give you some edge.

4.I have a noticeable belly. How can I wear oversized tops without looking bigger than I am?

Wearing oversized tops is the key to look slimmer than you are. But it is like a double-edged sword. What you can do in this case is to wear good quality shapewear. And choose some pattern that goes with your overall vibe. Attract more attention to the other parts of your body that you are comfortable with.

Final Verdict

I know that finding flattering clothes for big stomach is a challenging task indeed. I have tried to gather all the pieces of information that will help you on this journey. Remember that, above everything, we have to love who we are and embrace ourselves. Yes, a cute dress might give you a little bit of confidence boost, which is perfectly fine. But don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.


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