How To Wear Black Pants With Brown Shoes? Best Outfit Idea

Pairing black pants with brown shoes is a courageous choice for men. Many may think that brown shoes don’t go well with black pants. But together, they’ll bring a slaying look to you when you’re going informal.

Black pants and brown shoe combo can be safe for your formal attire as well if you abide by some usual code. Today, I’ll lay out a complete guide on how to style up a pair of brown shoes with black pants.

What should you remember before putting on black pants with brown shoes?

The concept of menswear has evolved significantly in recent days. Nowadays, wearing black pants with brown shoes isn’t a weird thing anymore. However, before trying on this particular combination, you should keep the following essential points in your mind:

  1. Though the black pants and brown shoe combo go well on formal occasions, you should be selective enough when you’re preparing yourself in formal attire.
  2. Combining brown shoes with black pants is all about contrast, and it’s wise to avoid too dark-shaded brown shoes with black pants.
  3. Match the other outfit accessories with your brown shoes instead of matching them with the black pants.
  4. You should glam up the remaining outfit with your black pants, considering the seriousness of the events.

Outfit ideas for black pants-brown shoe combo

Are you wondering what to wear with brown shoes? If black pants are your answer, then you must do your research on different outfit ideas that go with this combo. Let me outline the seven most slaying outfit ideas to glam up black pants and brown shoe combo.

1. Casual Wear For FnF’s Events:

Brown shoes with black pants are well fit for your casual outfit. When you’re attending a party at your friends or family gathering, choose a lighter brown shade for the shoes. Then pair them with dark black pants for good contrast. Match all the other accessories either with the shoes or with the pants. And then you’re ready to rock the party.

Black Pants With Brown Shoes

2. Formal Outfit With Black Pants and brown shoes:

Many of us think that black pants with brown shoes can blunder formal attire. But actually, this combination can go perfectly fine with your occasion if you dress them carefully.

Put on brown belts and a watch matching strictly with your brown leather shoes. Wear light color shirts with darker shaded suits to make a proper contrast. When you’re trying light-shaded shirts, you should go with a black suit-brown shoe combination. With this dress code, you’ll look elegant on your formal occasion.

3. The formal-informal duo:

When you’re going to attend college or university, your clothing sense will matter a huge. You’ll want to put on something that magnifies your personality and appearance. Whereas you may remain in a dilemma between formals and casuals, black pants with brown shoes can be an all-time-going solution.

Choose a combination of black pants, and brown shoes, and wear a contrasting collared shirt. Organize your belt, and wallet, or watch accordingly. You’ll get a good balance of formal attire and casual wear.

The formal-informal duo with black pants brown shoes

4. Regular Work Attire:

Men who are picky about their work outfits are very serious about building a successful career. Hence, wearing the same type of outfit or the same color combo might be a rip-off for them. The ideal footwear for your work attire is black or brown shoes. When you’re going with a pair of brown leather shoes, put on formal black pants as well.

With a light-colored plain shirt, be it white, light blue, or baby pink, take a dark-colored jacket. Brown shoes with a black suit will slay your work outfit admirably. Wear a tie matching or contrasting with your shirt, and you get a new weekly outfit for your work.

5. The cool-dude look with black pants and brown shoes:

To pull off a cool and smart look for a party or hangout, you can rely upon a black and brown combo as your bottom wear. You can wear black trousers with brown loafers, or even go for black jeans and brown boots combo.

Wear a dark-shaded t-shirt or polo with a tinted cap. Matching the other accessories with the prime outfit isn’t mandatory here. Colorful watches, funky belts, or designed caps are good for this casual type of attire.

brown shoes with black pants,

6. Slaying the brown boots:

Brown boots are good for going with your semi-formal or casual outfit. Your black-colored jeans, trousers, or chinos will seem a perfect fit with this footwear. As a top, you may choose full-sleeved t-shirts with a dark-shaded jacket or half/full-length collared shirts.

Some say that brown boots are eye-catchers. But I say that if you’re brave enough to march with the brown boots, you deserve to catch some attention.

7. Going all black with a brown pair of shoes:

Men always look good in black. But pulling off a pair of brown shoes with an all-black outfit is a bit different and quite a strange idea. However, if you do it carefully, you won’t look weird at all. Rather, your appearance will shine around your surroundings.

You can get ready in your all-black but brown shoes for any formal occasion. Choose a brown leather shoe for your black dress pants, a full-sleeved shirt, and a blazer for a formal appearance. Contrarily, you can wear dark brown boots with black jeans, a t-shirt, and a black-shaded jacket for a not-so-formal event. Your accessories should match your black outfit rather than your brown shoes. A black shirt goes well with brown shoes.

Going all black with a brown pair of shoes
How To Wear Black Pants With Brown Shoes | Best Outfit Idea

Occasions To Wear Black Pants-Brown Shoe Combo

Black pants and brown shoes can blend into any occasion you can ever imagine. All you have to do is to select your outfit carefully that goes along with the occasion. You can get ready for any sort of event with black bottoms and brown footwear.

# For formal events:

choose a formal pair of black pants and leather-made brown shoes. Match them with a plain full-sleeved pastel-colored shirt and a dark-shaded jacket. You’ll catch my eye with your outfit.

# For any semi-formal meeting:

wear black chinos or jeans with brown loafers or sneakers. Pull on a trendy shirt or polo with a not-so-formal blazer. You can combine multiple plans.

# Casual meets with your friends or colleagues:

try on black jeans with a pair of brown boots. You can find a vast collection of casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans.

Accessories that go along with black pants-brown shoes combo

Wearing accessories is completely your own choice. Considering that you have to wear at least some of them, you must know the proper code for wearing them to match your outfit. Let’s check out which accessories suit more with the black-brown duo for your bottoms:

  1. Belts are a must for your attire. You must stick to brown belts to match your brown shoes.
  2. You can carry any pocket watch or wear a wristwatch. If you’re wearing leather belts, go with brown ones. If not, you can try a bracelet-styled look.
  3. If you choose to wear a hat, it should be brown-shaded, and lighter than your jacket.
  4. You must wear ties, bows, or squares matching your shirt, or make a total contrast of colors.
  5. Any type of glasses would look fine with your outfit. But if you’re picky about what you’re wearing on your eyes, try to blend them in with your top.
  6. If you choose to wear a bag, it should represent your outfit, at least to some extent. So, try to select a brown one.

Dos and don’ts with black pants-brown shoe combo

You’ll find many bits of advice about what you should do for pairing black pants with brown shoes, and what you shouldn’t. Let’s read out some major ones:

The Dos:

  1. Strictly remember to maintain formal pants with formal loafers or leather shoes. If you wear black trousers with brown formal shoes, you won’t look serious at any event.
  2. When you’re deciding what shoes to wear with jeans, try some loafers or sneakers. Black jeans will look swag with light color brown sneakers.
  3. Accompany your brown shoes and black pants with some light-shaded tops for well contrast. But when putting on a light brown pair, go with a colorful or dark top.
  4. Always choose your brown shoes one scale lighter than the black pants. Too dark brown color won’t carry any significance under the black pants.

The Don’ts:

  1. Don’t buckle a black colored belt when you’re wearing brown shoes with black bottoms. It’ll ruin your attire entirely and degenerate your appearance.
  2. Your socks’ color shouldn’t differ from your brown shoes. Choose light color brown socks to blend in between brown shoes and black pants. But in extreme cases, you can wear black ones as well.

Question That Asks Our Readers

1.Is it alright to wear black pants with a pair of brown shoes?

You can wear brown shoes with black pants but in the right way, of course.

2. What color shirt goes with black pants with a pair of brown shoes?

For your black pants and brown shoes, you can choose white, light-blue, baby pink, or lavender color shirts without hesitation.

3. Is it alright to wear a brown belt with a black pants-brown shoe combo?

Since your shoes should lead all the accessories you’re going to put on, you can equip with a brown belt when wearing black pants and brown shoes.

4. Do black shirts and pants go with a brown belt and shoes?

There’s nothing wrong with combining brown belts and shoes with black shirts and pants, but consider putting some lighter color shoes and accessories with dark-shaded top bottoms.


Black pants with brown shoes are a very tricky outfit pan for men. If not pulled together perfectly, the whole attire can turn out to be a total disaster. Hence, knowing what to wear and avoiding has no other alternatives when you plan to combine a pair of brown shoes and black pants. If you be sensitive enough, you’ll rock in this combination.

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