How To Wear Leggings Over 50? Rock Out Your Style with Leggings

Are you an over 50 woman who wants to know how to wear leggings? Leggings are an amazingly comfortable and fashionable staple, no matter your age. The right top and accessories can help you express your style and be flattering for any body type. In this blog, I will share my top tips on styling leggings for over 50 women so you can rock the look confidently.

Choosing the Right Leggings

When choosing leggings, consider the fabric quality, stretch, and waistband. Opt for high-quality materials with good stretch for a comfortable fit. Also, select a waistband that suits your preference, whether a high-rise or mid-rise design.

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14 Outfit Ideas About How to Wear Leggings Over 50

As a woman over 50, age should never limit our fashion choices. Leggings are a versatile staple I adore, offering comfort and endless styling options. Here are 14 outfit ideas to help you confidently rock leggings and feel fabulous at any age.

1. Casual Chic

For a relaxed yet stylish look, I pair black leggings with a long, flowy tunic top and layer it with a denim jacket. Ankle boots complete the ensemble, while statement accessories like a chunky necklace or a colorful scarf add that extra flair.

How to Wear Leggings Over 50

2. Athleisure Vibes

Styling leggings for older women involves selecting high-waisted options in neutral colours for a versatile and flattering look. To achieve an effortlessly chic ensemble, I pair them with a loose-fitting, longer-length sweatshirt or hoodie. This combination provides comfort and adds a touch of elegance to the athleisure aesthetic. To complete the outfit, I opt for trendy sneakers or stylish slip-on shoes, adding a fashionable flair.

Fashion for mature women

3. Layered Look

I wear leggings under a knee-length or midi dress to add depth and sophistication to my outfit. A belt cinches my waist, and I layer with a cardigan or a blazer. I compliment the ensemble with ankle boots, loafers, or even elegant sandals depending on the occasion.

Styling leggings for older women

4. Monochrome Magic

I match black leggings with a black tunic or a longline sweater for a sleek and chic monochromatic ensemble. To inject a pop of color, I accessorize with a vibrant scarf or statement shoes that make a bold fashion statement.

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Leggings outfit ideas for women over 50

5. Oversized Sweater

Number 5 on my list of 14 outfit ideas for wearing leggings over 50 is pairing them with a cozy, oversized sweater. This combination offers both comfort and style during the winter months. Opt for neutral or vibrant colors and accessorize with statement booties, cardigans, or chunky scarves for a fashionable touch. Experiment with velvet and faux fur textures to add interest to the look. Embrace the warmth and style of leggings with a cozy sweater this winter!

Age-appropriate leggings looks

6. Longline Blouse

Regarding leggings outfit ideas for women over 50, a flowy, longline blouse in a vibrant print or solid color can effortlessly combine with leggings for a sophisticated and effortless look. This versatile combination not only provides comfort but also allows for easy customization based on personal style preferences.

This combination of a flowy blouse, leggings, and ballet flats creates a well-balanced outfit suitable for various occasions. Whether heading to a casual lunch or a social gathering, this ensemble exudes confidence and showcases the stylish flair of women over 50.

Fashion tips for wearing leggings in your 50s

7. Denim and Leggings

I combine the best of both worlds by wearing my favorite pair of jeans with leggings peeking through at the ankle. A blouse in a complementary color enhances the classic denim look, while ankle boots add a touch of contemporary charm.

Styling leggings for older women

8. Tunic and Leggings

I opt for a versatile, adaptable look with a tunic-length button-down shirt or a plaid tunic paired with leggings. Ankle boots are the perfect footwear choice, effortlessly transitioning the outfit from day to night. You can wear this outfit to a rock concert with over 50 women.

Leggings outfit ideas for women over 50

9. Leather Leggings

For mature women looking to explore fashion options with leggings, incorporating a touch of edginess can be achieved through leather leggings. These versatile pieces instantly add a bold and stylish element to any outfit. I often pair leather leggings with a longer, loose-fitting blouse or chunky sweater to create a well-rounded, flattering look. Depending on the occasion and personal preference, I complete the ensemble with either ankle boots or heels.

Ankle boots are chic and comfortable, while heels elevate the outfit with elegance and allure. By incorporating leather leggings into their wardrobe, mature women can confidently embrace a fashion-forward and edgy style that aligns with their age while staying on-trend.

10. Boho Vibes

I pair patterned leggings with a flowy, bohemian-inspired top to channel my inner bohemian spirit. A fringe vest or statement kimono adds texture and style, while layered necklaces and ankle boots complete the boho vibe. If you want boho, read our recent Bohemian Clothes for Women guide.

Fashion for mature women

11. Classic and Tailored

Leggings with a tailored, slim-fit silhouette are my go-to for a timeless and polished look. I pair them with a crisp white button-down shirt, a blazer, and classic loafers, creating an ensemble that exudes sophistication and confidence.

Leggings outfit ideas for women over 50

12. Long Cardigan

I embrace the comfort and versatility of a long, duster-style cardigan during transitional seasons. I pair it with leggings, a simple tee, and ankle boots for a comfortable yet stylish outfit that is perfect for layering. Read our guide about- How To Wear Ankle Boots Over 50?

How to wear leggings over 50

13. Statement Poncho

I style leggings with a cozy, oversized poncho featuring a bold pattern or color to make a bold fashion statement. Knee-high boots add a touch of elegance, while a wide-brimmed hat adds a chic and boho-inspired touch to the ensemble.

How to wear leggings over 50

14. Activewear Chic

For women over 50 wondering how to wear leggings, stylish options for active days or a casual, sporty look are a great investment. Pair them with a fitted workout top or a loose-fitting hoodie for a comfortable and coordinated ensemble.

how to wear leggings over 70

Complete the outfit with sneakers or slip-on shoes for a trendy touch, and add a sporty jacket to bring a sense of outdoor adventure to the overall look. With these simple styling choices, you can confidently rock leggings while maintaining an active and fashionable lifestyle.

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Do women of all ages wear leggings now?

As a woman who loves leggings, I can confidently say that women of all ages now embrace this trendy garment. Leggings have become a fashion staple that transcends age boundaries.

Can you wear leggings all year round?

When it comes to wearing leggings, they are incredibly versatile and can be worn all year round. In colder months, pair them with cozy sweaters and boots, while in warmer months, opt for lightweight fabrics and pair them with flowy tops or tunics.

Are there specific legging styles that flatter different body types?

Absolutely! Leggings come in various styles and cuts to flatter different body types. High-waisted leggings can provide tummy control and enhance curves, while dark-colored leggings create a slimming effect. Experiment with different styles to find what suits you best.

Can I wear leggings in the summer, or are they only for colder months?

Contrary to popular belief, leggings can indeed be worn in the summer. Look for breathable and lightweight materials like cotton or linen blends. Pair them with loose-fitting tops, tank tops, or breezy tunics for a comfortable and stylish summer look.


With so many style options for wearing leggings, you should have no trouble finding an outfit that makes you look and feel your best. Whether you pair them with long flowy tops, short jumpers, or belts and shoes, you can experience the comfort and stylishness of leggings. You can dress them up with accessories, heels, and other layers to find the right look for any event. With these amazing outfit ideas, you can stay stylish and comfortable with leggings no matter your age.

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